Let’s Laugh at That — April 19 2018

Today — April 19 2018 — Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of its rebirth as a modern nation in 1948. Gateway News cartoonist Barry de Jager captures something of the miraculous story of this unique nation that features so prominently in the narrative of the Bible, and which not only survives but thrives against huge odds.


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Giant lion of Judah on its way to Israel

The Lion of Judah bronze sculpture.

Originally published in Charisma News

Jeff Anderson, president of Leadership Inc, announced that a massive 509kg, 3.3m long lion sculpture has now been completed by Eagle Bronze in Lander, Wyoming, and is ready to ship to Israel. The No. 1 life-size (105%) bronze statue called the Lion of Judah will be shipped by air to Jerusalem as a gift of love from American Christians to the Jewish people, in honour of the 70th anniversary of the modern state of Israel, which is being celebrated this year. Anderson reports that sufficient funds have now been raised to make this historic gift possible, in collaboration with the sculptor.

Eagle Bronze, one of the largest art foundries in the world, also cast New York’s Bull of Wall Street bronze sculpture. Monte and Beverly Paddleford, Christian owners of the famous art foundry, expect Greiner’s Lion of Judah statue to become an instant tourist attraction like the iconic New York stock market bull.

Many Christians and Christian organisations across the US partnered with Leadership Inc and the Kerrville, Texas sculptor, Max Greiner Jr and his wife, Sherry, to donate this significant fine-art gift to Israel. The first Christian organisations to financially support this symbolic effort were Dodi Yavoh and The Coming King Foundation.

The monumental Lion of Judah sculpture will be installed in the ancient city of David: Jerusalem.

The precise location will be determined by the mayor, city architect and city art committee in Jerusalem. Artist/architect Max Greiner Jr has been in contact with these officials for the last four weeks. In addition, the president and prime minister of Israel have also been notified of the Christian gift, along with US White House officials.

The majestic lion statue will symbolise the friendship between the USA and Israel, much like the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbour that was given to the US by France at the turn of the century. The male lion symbolises Israel, the Hebrew people, King David, Jerusalem and the coming Jewish Messiah. All “born-again” Christians believe the God-man, Jesus Christ, fulfilled all of the ancient Jewish prophecies recorded in the Torah and Tanakh, which Gentiles now call the Old Testament of the Bible.

The 66-year-old internationally collected American artist, Max Greiner Jr started work on the massive lion sculpture in 2006. The original sculpture was carved out of foam, after which clay was added. Then moulds were made. The “artist copy” (#ac) bronze casting was finally cast by Eagle Bronze in October of 2017.

Greiner has exhibited his #ac lion sculpture on his special art display trailer at numerous locations across the US. The giant lion statue was first featured at the Billy Graham evangelistic event in Waco, Texas, at Baylor Stadium to thousands of people. Next, the prophetic sculpture was exhibited at the global prophetic conference in Dallas, hosted by Mike and Cindy Jacobs. Then, the majestic bronze was displayed at the Heidi Baker conference in Kerrville, followed by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities Convention in Dallas. The lion sculpture was most recently exhibited to thousands of media professionals at the National Religious Broadcasters Association Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Once the No. 1 bronze casting from Greiner’s signed and numbered life-size edition is installed in Israel, the Greiners will donate the life-size “ac” bronze casting to The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden on interstate highway 10 in Kerrville, Texas. The Coming King Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) art museum, is currently raising funds to build a massive 10 commandments base for Greiner’s #ac lion sculpture in the Texas hill country. The Greiners hope to find good homes for Max’s other copyrighted Lion of Judah life-size statues and his other smaller lion sculptures. This Kerrville spiritual art garden, located at the same latitude as Israel, is the only place on earth where all of Greiner’s monumental Christian sculptures can be viewed together.

Let’s Laugh at That — April 13 2018


Gateway News cartoonist Barry de Jager says this week’s cartoon took shape in his mind as he was reading an article about how Open Doors used to smuggle bibles into closed countries by road.

Happy Easter from Gateway News

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Let’s Laugh at That — March 22 2018

Cartoon by Barry de Jager. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

It’s Time!

Gateway News will be joining many South Africans on a sportsfield at Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town on Saturday to pray for our beautiful nation. Maybe see you there.

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Let’s Laugh at That — March 15 2018


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Let’s Laugh at That — Gateway News Cartoon Corner: February 16 2018

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Let’s Laugh at That — Gateway News Cartoon Corner: November 20 2017

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