Finding God at Fest again

Jesus College Choir, Cambridge

Verena Salzwedel is a retired teacher and has attended the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown for many years. She is always intrigued by the amazing range of God-given talents employed at the biggest arts festival in the southern hemisphere. And this year she found God intentionally on display in various genres. She reports on what she discovered — and what you can still get to experience.

Yes, it’s amazing time again – the biggest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere – on show in Grahamstown from June 28 to July 8 2018.

To quote the chairman of the National Arts Festival board : …”we hope you have an inspiring time once more.”

Last year, we gave you a mid-fest report on what we found to be inspiring in the best spiritual sense of the word.

This year, to help you to plan to get there, we share some ideas of forthcoming shows gleaned from the programme (refer page nos.), which is available online at To book tickets, you can phone 086 000 2004 or book online.

Some suggestions :
Choral music lovers will appreciate the renowned choir of Jesus College , Cambridge in Choral Connections (p89). They will also sing in the Festival Eucharist at the cathedral, as part of Spiritfest.

Of course, there are many events pointing towards God at Spiritfest. Check out the details on p239-240 of the festival programme: worship, meditation, prayer, music. For example A Feather on the Breath of God (p100) is a special classical music concert celebrating compositions by women through the ages. In the midst of the potential for input overload during Fest, find 40 minutes of peace in the Be Still and Know programme of meditative music ( p240)

If you want to rejoice at the incredible musical talent the Creator has given to some and how they have developed it and share it, then see if you can still get tickets for Classic Blast with the KZN Youth Orchestra ( p227) , the Festival Gala Concert ( p90) and Souldiers of the Drum by the Kearnsey College Choir ( p233). If you want your faith refreshed, The Creed a capella group, is a must (p234)

Creative Workshops
If you would like to further some of your own creative talent ( yes, you do have some !), sign up for one or more of these workshops or lectures ( pp 125-131) e.g. Breaking through barriers ( a photography workshop)

‘The Little Prince’.

The Little Prince, ( p79) an African adaptation of the famous story is suitable for the family. Use the opportunity to have discussions about man’s search for meaning in life. A poignant production of Ernest Hemingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea ( p180) should be worthwhile, as would Jam every other Day ( p173) a drama which aims to help one “discover the joy of a large family and an unconventional life.” A sobering look at the problem of migration is presented in When Swallows Cry ( p190)

For a bit of light relief there’s comedy . Much of it has age restrictions and cautionary symbols, but Abu Pays His Debts (p203) is advertised as suitable for all ages and encourages “respect for peoples’ feelings.” At R20, tickets are very affordable.

‘Possible Impossibilities’

What’s ongoing
Visual art exhibitions and installations run throughout the festival. 40 Stones in the Wall, ( p241) at festival for the 5th time and fresh from a debut exhibition as part of the prestigious First Thursdays in Cape Town, is a collective of drawings, paintings ,sculpture, photographs, fabric art and lithographic prints – a group exhibition by “a collective of young artists from across the country who explore the relationship between faith and artistic practice.”

Find it in the Cory Room, next to the Long Table in High Street. Another venue is at Fort Selwyn, just outside the monument and Franli Meintjies is also doing a solo exhibition titled Possible Impossibilities at Carinus Art Centre ( p246) If you are inspired to worship by being in nature, then Palettes in Nature ( p245) and Beauty in the Details (p241) should be worth a visit.

And then , of course, there’s dance, film, talks and all that jazz. You can go on your own treasure hunt, right to the outer edge of the fringe. This was just to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Reformation musical relives Luther times

Martin Luther, an iconic Christian leader, who changed the course of history, asked a haunting question we as Christians still ask ourselves today: Have I done enough to please God?

The answer to this question took him on a unique path on which he discovered that God is all about grace and that grace cannot be bought, it is a gift. This year Christians all over the world celebrate an unforgettable piece of history, the Reformation, led by Luther. Add Life Productions, known for a list of successful musicals in Afrikaans, also put the spotlight firmly on the Reformation with their original musical, Houtkruis: Die Musical. This show stopping theatre production is back on stage for only four concerts — to again highlight the reformation period, and how much it means to the modern day Christian.

Renier and Lise-Marie Keyser started Add Life Productions about 10 years ago introducing Houtkruis: Die Musical, as their first theatre production. Over the years, about 55 000 people saw the production and gave testament to the quality and popularity of the show. Renier, who wrote and produced the show, is a storyteller by heart. After searching for a unique story to tell, he fell in love with Martin Luther and the reformation history. Out of his research of that time period, Houtkruis: Die Musical, was born.

Although Luther does not feature as a character in the play, this production features the most important aspects of the times Luther led the reformation, including the selling of religious artefacts, the role the Catholic church played and of course the importance of the reformation. “We should be reminded that people gave their lives for the reformation, and because of that we can enjoy a real relationship with God today,” Keyser says.

The play also features some top Afrikaans Christian songs sung by a star-studded cast. The cast includes Jannie Moolman, in the lead role, Zita Pretorius, Marno van der Merwe and Rouel Beukes.

“South African Christians tend to be religious and their beliefs are based around the traditions of the churches that shaped them. Although there is nothing wrong with it, we should remember God’s grace and that it cannot be earned through works.”

Houtkruis: Die Musical will take you back to the reformation, and gives us new insight into the struggles of those Christians centuries ago. The show will take place November 3 to 5 at the Choose Life church in Pretoria and tickets is available at

Finding God at Fest

Franli Meintjies work titled The Noise We Make on display at 40 Stones in the Wall Group Exhibition as part of Spiritfest. (PHOTO: Spiritfest Facebook Page) Click here for an enlarged image.

Verena Salzwedel is a retired teacher and has attended the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown for many years. She is always intrigued by the amazing range of God-given talents employed at the biggest arts festival in the southern hemisphere. And this year she found God intentionally on display in various genres. She reports on what she discovered — and what you can still get to experience.

Eleven days of AMAZING! — the National Arts Festival is happening in Grahamstown right now. Having seen 10 of the 7 000 shows on offer hardly qualifies me to comment, but maybe some thoughts from an average festino will encourage you to rush there for the last two days, or start planning to attend next year. Somewhere in the Festival blurb it states “to engage one musically, cognitively and visually.” Add “spiritually”, because, yes, it is possible to find God at Fest.

Buhle Mda, Lupindo Ngxanga and Ntsika Ngxanga of the acapella group The Soil. (PHOTO: National Arts Festival Programme).

What you missed
For us, the festival began Friday June 30, with Let there be Music, a great performance by the 100 voice Hoerskool Randburg choir and Majazi ensemble, in the atmospheric Rhodes Chapel.

Under African Skies, a choral multi-media service in a darkened cathedral, was impressive. The music and visuals were compiled and composed by Ronald and Jenny Gill, supported by the cathedral choir. The theme was Christmas (In July!), with songs and carols from many African nations, and colourful visuals of skies, animals and people. It inspired appreciation for the Creation and worship of the Creator and formed part of Spiritfest, advertised as “Celebrating the Arts in the context of the Christian Faith.”

Next was The Soil, an acapella group that has seen an astronomic rise in popularity over about 10 years and has performed widely internationally. The group comprises Buhle Mda, Lupindo Ngxanga and Ntsika Ngxanga and their music is characterised by constant beat boxing, incredible acapella harmonising and vocal solos. They were quick to acknowledge God as their Director, but He was effectively side lined by a sold-out, wildly enthusiastic audience who consistently interrupted and drowned out the performance, idolising the group. Listening to The Soil on CD would probably be preferable.

What Remains is a drama written by Nadia Davids, with fantastic choreography and scenography. A very limited audience could be accommodated, because the whole venue was part of the scene. The story is about the discovery of an old slave burial ground and the theme was the desperate need to reconcile the past with the present. The personal insight I came away with was that only with the support of God Almighty and a willingness to forgive, can there ever be any hope of reconciliation.

The highlight of the festival for me this year was The Creed, described as “a multi-genre acapella group….We love people, we love music, we love singing and we’re all believers.” It was their first time at festival and their inspired rendering of lyrics such as You Raise Me upAmazing Grace and Onse Vader earned them a standing ovation. They are based in Port Elizabeth — so find them, hire them, invite them!

Duncan Stewart work titled Jacob’s Decent will be on display at 40 Stones in the Wall Group Exhibition. (PHOTO: Spiritfest Facebook Page).

Solid(t)ary, “a musical contemplation of modes of resistance in a world hit by flux,” was interesting and thought-provoking. It was a masterly solo performance by composer Neo Muyanga and included a gem telling of Job’s protest and God’s challenging response.

The film We are Many, explored the power of mass protests against the war in Iraq to change public opinion whilst the political leaders remained unmoved and was a poignant reminder that war is not of God and is never the solution.

Thinkfest and Wordfest are jam packed with talks, debates and panel discussions. We attended a debate around Hate speech, addressed by a panel of VIP’s. As noted in the programme “Parliament is about to consider a bill which attempts to define what hate speech is.” If passed in its proposed form, both the Bible and the Koran could be subject to banning. We may be perplexed, but we need to pray earnestly that both the proponents and the opponents of this bill would be given much wisdom.

What’s ongoing
Visual art exhibitions run throughout the festival. 40 Stones in a Wall is a mission exhibition by Christian artists in the Corey Room, next to the Long Table restaurant. The theme is Beautiful Redemption: The Art of Faith and Politics. The thought-provoking works stimulate many conversations. A catalogue of their works and rationales is available on their Facebook page. The exhibition is part of Spiritfest, as is Stand, a solo exhibition of huge charcoal drawings by Jonathan Griffiths, depicting his journey of faith. It is situated at the Carinus Art Centre.

Seven churches have combined to send representatives to Fest to do prophetic art on the lawns behind the Drostdy Arch and they have had many meaningful contacts.

Greg Schultz’s exhibition Solace: the Spirit of Place, in St Patrick’s Hall showcases his awesome talent.

Brian de Villiers’ Hammond’s exhibit God’s Perfect Palette in the Steve Biko building, should be worth a visit.

Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi is featured in Man and a Dog which is the winner of a 2015 Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award and nominated for a Fleur du Cap. (PHOTO: National Arts Festival Programme).

Still to come
You can still get there!

The Secret Garden — Friday July 7 at 2pm in Glennie Hall. The dance version of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s famous book.

Book Launch — Friday July 7, The Road to Emmaus by Professor Chris Mann, Emeritus Professor of Poetry at Rhodes University and convenor of Wordfest. It deals with “How we can strengthen the resilience of our spiritual life in an era of increasing turbulence.”

The Festival Gala Concert — Saturday July 8 at 3pm performed by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Richard Cock.

A Man and a Dog — excellent theatre on Saturday July 8 at 6pm in St Andrew’s Hall.

Also on Saturday July 8 are Thinkfest lectures at 10am, 12pm and 2pm on burning issues re climate change.

Spiritfest will also host a panel discussion on Faith and # Must Fall, where “Christian students and leaders make sense of recent campus protests.”

Finally, on Sunday July 9 an Ecumenical Street Parade will leave from the Drostdy Arch at 8:15am. Feel free to join this “act of public testimony”.

The biblical musical that could bring revival to China

Chinese ruth field

A scene where Ruth picks up the left over grain in Boaz’s field. (PHOTO: China Christian Daily)

Originally published in CBN News

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and for the first time, the nation is about to embrace a new way to celebrate the traditional holiday.

A musical based on the biblical story of Ruth is being performed nationwide. Christian artists are hoping the messages may bring more unbelievers to faith in Jesus.

This is a performance that has never been seen before in China!

During the Chinese New Year holidays, theatregoers will have the opportunity to see the story of Ruth on national stages.

Watch the news story on the musical below:

An unknown story
Many have never heard of the story, which is centred on the true love relationship between Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi. The show’s producers are hoping the play may improve family relationships.

Modern Chinese newlyweds often have difficulties getting along with their in-laws. Without proper guidance on solving the conflicts, families sometimes split up.

For many young Chinese women, maintaining family unity can be challenging.

“As a woman, pleasing my mother-in-law is my top priority,” one woman said. “I don’t want my husband knowing his mom doesn’t like me.”

Family strife is one of the reasons for the rising divorce rate in China.

According to a state media report, nearly 4 million Chinese couples ended their marriages in 2016, a 5.6% increase from 2014.

Christians are hoping young Chinese may glean a biblical perspective from the performance. The story shows how to maintain strong family relationships.

“We’ve worked hard to make the play biblically accurate,” costume designer Feng Zhen said. (The) younger generation enjoy(s) the theatre. We are making efforts to make the story more relevant to them.”

Chinese ruth 2

The scene where Ruth and Naomi come Back to Naomi’s hometown Bethlehem. (PHOTO: China Christian Daily)

Praying for wisdom
During the production process, some of the crew members sought wisdom and guidance from the Lord.

“The only question I thought about the whole time was, ‘How should we present this Christian story?'” show director Huang Lan said.

“I knew many broken Chinese families need to know the story,” he continued. “The conflicts among family members in China are greater than ever. This could be the chance to heal some of the broken relationships. I pray the (Holy) Spirit could make miracles.”

The cast had just 40 days to rehearse before the show’s opening, and the directors worked hard to deliver Ruth’s message in a simple way.

“We created additional characters within this play. We want the audience to know wrongdoers are just part of life. However, the righteous will always win the battles in the end.” Liang Lu Lu told CBN News.

Israeli historians pitch in
The sets and lighting design allow viewers to feel as if they were taken back to biblical times.

“We invited historians from Israel to design the stage scenes, along with the music with us,” he explained. “Hopefully, our audience is going to enjoy the time-travel experience.”

Cast members are professional actors and actresses — a milestone in Chinese Christian theatre history.

During rehearsals, several actors said they’d never heard of the Old Testament or the Book of Ruth. Some said they were touched by her story. Christian cast members told them about how Jesus changed their lives, and at least one actress came to know Christ.

“When I rehearsed the lines, I didn’t quite understand Ruth’s lesson about God until I became a Christian,” said one of the actors.

Chinese ruth group

A scene depicting Naomi giving thanks to God for Boaz marrying Ruth. (PHOTO: China Christian Daily)

Rekindling the relationship
For many Chinese Christians, being part of this play is also a way to rekindle a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“For so long, I haven’t had time to read the Bible on my own,” a Chinese believer told CBN News. “I used to make excuses to the Lord. While I was practicing the lines, I had the opportunities to read the Bible. I felt the Lord is inviting me to be united with Him again. This play challenged my walking with the Lord.”

Not only are the Christian artists in this musical hoping for a positive nationwide response, they are also praying the Chinese audience will be interested in knowing more biblical truths.

Creatives, performers, media, personalities, nominated for Mzansi Christian Awards

Mzansi Awards visionary

Edzani Raaloe (Visionary Leader of the Mzansi Christian Awards).

The 2nd Annual Mzansi Christian Awards (MCA2016) — scheduled for October 1 — have announced a strong line-up of nominations for its creative, performance and media awards.

Breakthrough artist Dr Tumi received four nominations — Best Christian Artist, Best Contemporary Artist, Best Male Personality and Personality of the Year, scoring the same number of nominations as Jessica Nkosi who was nominated for Best Female TV Personality, Best Female Personality, Best Styled Artist and Personality of the year.

Right behind was track master, Wayne Van Niekerk with three nominations, accompanied in this league by Criselda Dudumashe, and Mnqobi Nxumalo.

In the “Personality of the Year” category different industry heavyweights Dr Tumi, Jessica Nkosi, Wayde Van Niekerk, Dudumashe, Karabo Mogane go head-to-head in what is sure to be one of the highlights of the night.

The “Best Male Personality of the Year” category will be a fiercely contested affair as Dr Tumi, Khaya Mthethwa, Wayde Van Niekerk, Heinz Winkler, Karabo Mogane vie for the much-coveted statuette.

“Best Female Personality of the Year” sees a strong field of nominees — namely Ntokozo Mbambo, Jessica Nkosi, Mmatema Moremi, Khanyi Magubane, and Criselda Dudumashe.

“Mainstream and Christian TV and Radio Personalities of the Year” will be another epic battle on the night, as the likes of Clement Maosa, Lesley Musina, Nay Maps , Tshepo Mosese, Vuyo Dabula, Dawn Thandeka, Penny Lebyane, Rorisang Thandekiso, Maumela Mahuwa, Loyiso Bala, Sebolelo Makoanyane, Tshepo Maseko, Sthembiso Mhlongo, Winnie Mashaba, Rotenda Maiwashe, Thami Ngubeni and Thabo Mdhuli vie for top honours.

“Best Sports Personality of the Year” is also strong contested with nominees — namely Wayne Sandilands, Chris Van Heerden, Thabo Mnyamane, Wayde Van Niekerk and Jackson Mabokgwane.

The hotly contested “Best Mainstream and Christian Artist” categories are also to look out for as Brenda Mtambo, Karabo Mogane, Nomfusi, Judith Sephuma and Vincent Bones battle each other whilst on the other hand Freddie Wessels, Dr Tumi, Mnqobi Nxumalo, Takie Ndou and Shaun P also vie for the top spot.

Other categories on the night included those in Inspiration, Dance and Fashion, which were also hotly contested.

The nominee announcements were made by a reputable MCA2016 panel comprising legendary comedian Kedibone Mulaudzi, Khanyi Magubane, Tshamano Makhadi, Hosea Ramphekwa, Harold Moyo and Glisson Niekerk. Passion Beverages CEO MB Tshabangu, Managing Director of Nissi Brand Solutions Mukhethwa Nemanashi and Head of Events at Radio Pulpit Jack Motsoetla also joined them.

“We have some of the most exciting categories in years and this tells me that the 2nd Annual Mzansi Christian Awards at the Springs Civic Centre in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng are sure to leave an unforgettable mark on the face of South African Christian creative art and entertainment and we cannot wait for October 1 2016”, said Mzansi Christian Awards Visionary Leader, Edzani Raaloe.

01 October 2016: Nominees Celebration Red Carpet Interviews
17H30 19H00
01 October 2016: MCA 2016 Awards Ceremony
19H00 – 21H30
01 October 2016: LIVE Backstage Web/Mobi cast interviews with winners, performers
17H30 – 21H30

The full list of nominees below
1. Inspirational Personality of the Year
Ronny Phaahla
Tebogo Mahlahlane
Sibusiso Mfeka
Hosea Ramphekwa
Koketso Molaolwe
(To Vote: SMS “Inspirational” & “Name” to 47177)

2. Comedian of the Year
Mdu Ntuli
The Napsta
T.D. Jokes
(To Vote: SMS “Comedian” & “Name” to 47177)

3. Best Styled Personality of the Year
Nay Maps
Elle Tisane
Jessica Nkosi
Mnqobi Nxumalo
Blaque Nubon
(To Vote: SMS “Styled” & “Name” to 47177)

4. Fashion Designer/Stylist of the Year
Lungile Mbambo
Lindani Ndwandwa
Tdee Rambani
Meagan Duckitt
Tumelo Mahlakgane
(To Vote: SMS “Fashion” & “Name” to 47177)

5. Dancer/Dance Crew of the Year
Legacy Dance Crew
Creed Dance Crew
Rogue Crew
Chemical Reaction
Freeze Frame
(To Vote: SMS “Dance” & “Name” to 47177)

6. Rap Artist of the Year
Solomon Spencer
Jhey Dot
Ambassador J Loemba
Ricwa Die Griekwa
(To Vote: SMS “Rap” & “Name” to 47177)

7. Rock/Pop Artist of the Year
Victory 5
Jolene Joseph
One Crown
Matthew 10
Ju-Aan Van Der Poll
(To Vote: SMS “Rockpop” & “Name” to 47177)

8. Traditional Artist of the Year
Buhle Nhlangulela
Sipho Sheperd
Gugu Gumbi
Muzi B
(To Vote: SMS “Traditional” & “Name” to 47177)

9. Traditional Contemporary Artist of the Year
Friends In Praise
Takie Ndou
Sipho Ngwenya
Women In Praise
Ps. Lungi Ndala
(To Vote: SMS “TC” & “Name” to 47177)

10. Contemporary Artist of the year
Dr. Tumi
Freddie Wessels
Mnqobi Nxumalo
Neville D
Adrian Losper
(To Vote: SMS “Contemporary” & “Name” to 47177)
11. Best Praise & Worship Artist of the Year
Freddie Wessels
Collen Maluleke
Loyiso Bala
Lebo Sekgobela
Shaun P
(To Vote: SMS “PraiseWorship” & “Name” to 47177)

12. Best Duo/Group of the Year
Spirit Of Praise Choir
Covenant Voices
Go Expo
Annointed Worship
Friends In Praise
(To Vote: SMS “Group” & “Name” to 47177)

13. Best Christian Artist
Freddie Wessels
Dr. Tumi
Mnqobi Nxumalo
Takie Ndou
Shaun P
(To Vote: SMS “ChristArtist” & “Name” to 47177)

14. Best Mainstream Artist
Brenda Mtambo
Karabo Mogane
Judith Sephuma
Vincent Bones
(To Vote: SMS “MainArtist” & “Name” to 47177)

15. Best Sports personality of the Year
Wayne Sandilands
Chris Van Heerden
Thabo Mnyamane
Wayde Van Niekerk
Jackson Mabokgwane
(To Vote: SMS “Sports” & “Name” to 47177)

16. Radio personality of the Year (Christian)
Vusi Leo (Radio Pulpit)
Franklite Sehlapelo (Impact FM)
Lukho Mkwedi (Link FM)
Teddy Boyi (Rainbow FM)
Elton Jansen (CCFM)
(To Vote: SMS “RadioChrist” & “Name” to 47177)

17. Radio personality of the Year (Mainstream)
Khanyi Magubane (SAFM)
Rotenda Maiwashe (Phalaphala FM)
Criselda Dudumashe (Metro FM)
Thami Ngubeni (Metro FM)
Thabo Mdhuli (Power FM)
(To Vote: SMS “RadioMain” & “Name” to 47177)

18. Best TV personality of the Year (Christian)
Loyiso Bala (TBN Meets)
Sebolelo Makoanyane (Out & About)
Alpha Youth (One Gospel)
Sthembiso Mhlongo (Gospel Gold)
Winnie Mashaba (Dumisa TV)
(To Vote: SMS “TVChrist” & “Name” to 47177)

19. Best Female TV personality of the Year (Mainstream)
Dawn Thandeka (Uzalo)
Penny Lebyane (Sunrise)
Jessica Nkosi (Isibaya)
Rorisang Thandekiso (Mzansi Insider)
Maumela Mahuwa (Muvhango)
(To Vote: SMS “FemaleTV” & “Name” to 47177)

20. Best Male TV Personality of the Year (Mainstream)
Clement Maosa (Skeem Saam)
Lesley Musina (Muvhango)
Nay Maps (Uzalo)
Tshepo Mosese (Scandal)
Vuyo Dabula (Generations)
(To Vote: SMS “MaleTV” & “Name” to 47177)

21. Best Newcomer of the Year
Julanie J
Sihle Ndaba
Mmatema Moremi
Ps. Lungi Ndala
Nothando Hlophe
(To Vote: SMS “Newcomer” & “Name” to 47177)

22. Best Female personality of the Year
Ntokozo Mbambo
Jessica Nkosi
Mmatema Moremi
Khanyi Magubane
Criselda Dudumashe
(To Vote: SMS “Female” & “Name” to 47177)

23. Best Male personality of the Year
Dr. Tumi
Khaya Mthethwa
Wayde Van Niekerk
Heinz Winkler
Karabo Mogane
(To Vote: SMS “Male” & “Name” to 47177)

24. Best Personality of the Year
Dr. Tumi
Jessica Nkosi
Wayde Van Niekerk
Criselda Dudumashe
Karabo Mogane
(To Vote: SMS “Personality” & “Name” to 47177)

Voting closes on September 30 at midnight. For further information about entry guidelines and rules, categories, selection criteria, nominations processes, voting and entry forms, please visit


Familie musical ‘Kersfees in September’ in PE


Danie Matthee se ‘Kersfees in September’ word vanaf 6 Desember opgevoer by Hoërskool DF Malherbe deur ‘n groep talentvolle jong akteurs, sangers en dansers van Nelson Mandelabaai. Foto Vlnr Karla Müller, Monise Parazee, Anje Barkhuizen, Arné van Heerden, William Vermaak, Erin-Ann Meyer, Twakkies du Toit, Kareen Breytenbach met Tiaan Spies in die voorgrond.

Obed Produksies in samewerking met die Human Hearts Foundation en LineOut Productions bied aan ‘Kersfees in September’, ‘n Kersfees musical wat van 9 tot 16 Desember 2015 by DF Malherbe skoolsaal in Port Elizabeth  opgevoer word.

Wanneer ‘n pa vir sy dogter gaan wys waar hy grootgeword het, vertel hy haar die storie van Kersfees in September.  Dis die storie van die skool se rugbykaptein, ‘n meisie wat nie skaam is om haar geloof uit te leef nie, en ‘n Hoërskool musical.  Hy is een van die coolste ouens in die skool en sy, ‘n kloosterkoekie en wiskunde boffin, wat ‘n diep geheim met haar saamdra. Die laaste ding onder die son wat hy sal wil doen is om op haar verlief te raak. Maar die liefde werk nie met logika nie en saam word hulle storie een waaarmee ‘n pa sy dogter kan inspireer.

Die teks is deur Danie Matthee geskryf en saam met hom op die verhoog is ‘n groep talentvolle jong akteurs, sangers en dansers. Die musiek word deur die bekende Lilian Zeelie en Henry-John Williams wat gereeld saam met Liz Meiring werk, behartig, met die choreografie deur Kareen Breytenbach. Produksie, beligting en klank word deur Ronnie van Jaarsveld, tegniese hoof van die Nationale Kunstefees op Grahamstad, en sy span van LineOut Productions gedoen.

Vertonings is elke aand om 19:30 met ‘n middagvertoning om 14:00 op Sondag 13 Desember. Kaartjies kos R80 vir volwassenes en R40 vir skoliere en pensionarisse en kan by Helen by Westway Kafee gekoop word. Tel: 041 365 0217 Webwerf:


PE learners stand against human trafficking


From left to right : Major Margaret Stafford, Deputy Principal of Loyisa Ms RM Mafika, Vuyelwa Qomoro ( Winner of the Rap Competition), Mr I Metembo DCES Intersen and Dr A Lombard SES Curriculum Unit.

As part of the Human Rights Day celebration this year, a competition was held for primary and high schools.  The theme for the competition was the aspect of Human Trafficking.  Learners from the Port Elizabeth schools were invited to submit posters, poems or a rap song to illustrate the dangers of human trafficking. Winners were selected from the entries in the different categories.

A special function was held at Cillié High School, Port Elizabeth, on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, chaired by Dr A Lombard,  to present a certificate, as well as a gift voucher to each of the winners.  

In the poster competition the following learners received certificates, as well as a voucher to purchase school supplies:   In first place was Ofunwa Khumalo, a Grade 7 learner at Victoria Park Grey Primary School.  In second place was Siyanda Monki. a Grade 7 Learner from Elundini Primary School.  In third place was Khumbuzile Vukemini, also a Grade 7 learner at Philip Nikiwe Primary School.

In the category for rap songs, the winner was Vuyelwa Qomoro, a grade 9 learner at Loyiso High School.   In the last category for poem writing, the first prize was awarded to Isabella Liss, a Grade 10 learner at Theodor Herzl High School. Second place went to Athenkosi Mahaia, a Grade 10 learner at Loyiso High School.

The prizes were sponsored by the Nelson Mandela Bay Justice Coalition, who is involved in awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking in our communities. It is the second year that the Department of Education has partnered with the coalition around this matter.  Learners and guests were welcomed by the CES for Curriculum, Mr. Myron Leonard.  Major Margaret Stafford of the Salvation Army then shared information on recent cases in the province, where children were involved in trafficking.  The certificates and vouchers were handed over by Isaac Metembo, DCES for Intersen. Learners also shared their winning  poems and rap songs at this occasion.

Jesus on the streets of Durban


The final steps of Jesus depicted in last year’s march through the streets of Durban organised by Durban Christian Centre. This year’s march, accompanied by five floats displaying Biblical scenes, will take place on Wednesday, March 25.

Durban’s Dr Pixley Kaseme street will become a flashback to the Via  Dolorosa, a street within the Old City of Jerusalem, when a depiction of the last hours of the Lord Jesus Christ are re-enacted on Wednesday, March 25. 

The Via Dolorosa, or “place of grief”, is believed to be the path that Jesus walked, carrying His cross, on the way to His crucifixion. 

Five floats, representing different bible scenes, will be led by a procession depicting the final steps of Jesus when he carried His wooden crucifix through the streets of Jerusalem. The sadistic treatment of Jesus will be portrayed by a company of actors dressed as Roman soldiers.

The march will start at the Berea Christian Centre in Warwick Avenue at 10.00 am, ending with an Easter message by Pastor John Torrens, of Durban Christian Centre, outside the Durban City Hall.

The event, organised by Durban Christian Centre, features churches from Bluff, Phoenix and the DCC Jesus Dome.

This annual Jesus march through the city is followed up by a dramatic Easter Passion Play at the Jesus Dome over the Easter weekend (April 3,4 and 5 at 7.00pm each night).


A scene from the dramatic Easter Passion Play at the DCC Jesus Dome last Easter. This year’s production will take place on April 3, 4 and 5 and 7pm each night.

The play “One week and forever after” (Owafo) is a fast-moving adaption of the last week in the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ and features a cast of 150, with specially written music and song as well as several colourful dance scenes. Tickets are R30 each and are available at Computicket or at the door. For any enquiries contact Bulelwa Mvulana at 0312425000.

Relevant ‘Blood Speaks’ will be staged in Bloemfontein in April


A scene from Blood Speaks — from the photo gallery on

Blood Speaks, an ambitious stage production for the whole family which will be presented at the Sand Du Plessis Theatre in Bloemfontein on April 9, 10 and 11, asks questions that are relevant in an age when ISIS and other Islamist groups are committing atrocities agains Christians and other groups, says the project creator, Pastor Cornelis van Heyningen.

Incorporating multimedia, mass choirs, dance and drama, the show touches on historical events such as the crucifixion of Christ and the Armenian genocide a century ago in which an estimated 1.5million Christian Armenians were killed. The questions raised in the production are also pertinent to addressing problems faced in South Africa today, such as intolerance, crime, corruption, xenophobia, abuse and racial tension, he says. Questions such as “Can we learn from the mistakes of the past?” and “Should we choose revenge because of the facts or forgiveness because of the Truth”.

“There can be no rightful right for revenge or judgement, as only through the blood of Christ a new future in freedom is possible,” says Van Heyningen in a media release.

“We know how to learn from history, but our interpretation can destroy our nation or build it into the dream God has for us. An example to learn from, also in the context of the Armenian nation, is the interpretation from Hitler dictated to his Nazi troops about the Armenian genocide. Based on his interpretation of the events in the time of World War 1, he manipulated his troops to destroy millions of Jews in the centre of a second world war, by saying ‘Who after all speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?’”

Blood Speaks was debuted at Oranje Meisies Skool in 2013 and in 2014 it was performed at Jim Fouche High School in Bloemfontein. On each occasion the audience turnout exceeded the size of the venue. The Sand Du Plessis venue for next month’s show is the largest theatre in the Free State. The production is also a community project with many children and adults trained to fulfil different roles. Nearly 1 000 will participate in the Sand Du Plessis Theatre shows.

A core team of 12 cast and crew members are also touring South Africa throughout 2015 to train local people in the towns they visit in the various disciplines in order to include them in the show.

For show booking and information visit or phone or fax 051 522 4636, or email, or connect on Twitter or Facebook. (

Don’t miss ‘Touch His Garment’ musical in East London


Vikki Cole.

WELL known LINK FM DJ Vikki Cole is about to set the East London stage alight in a one night only musical production with a difference.

Touch His Garment is show featuring original songs from the Reaching Higher co-presenter and powerful mini drama skits by Hudson Park High School teacher counsellor Kristy Govender that weave in and out of the production.

“The theme of the musical is based on how Jesus healed people by them touching Him in some way, be it the woman with the issue of blood, the man who was paralysed for 38 years, the woman who had a bent back for 18 years and so one,” said Cole.

“There will be rap music by local band, Incense, dancing including gumboot, pantsula, contemporary, hip hop and crump so there really will be something for everyone.”

Behind the mike to MC the event is Reaching Higher presenter, Shalom Khandisa, and the evening promises to deliver fun “and more importantly, the presence of Jesus to heal”, Cole said.

People are being asked to wear blue to the event.

“Blue means ‘giving’ which is exactly what the event is doing – giving to the charities,” Cole explained.

 “I’m also planning to have blue ribbons for people as they enter the venue, and these blue ribbons will represent anything they want to give to God, be it a prayer, a need, thanksgiving, whatever and during the interval they will put them at the foot of a big cross which we will have draped with a garment and a scarlet cord to represent the blood of Jesus,” she said.

Tracks from the movie, The Sound of Music, put to Christian lyrics is an added bonus to this one night only must-see.

Cole has experience of stage productions. She was a solo singer in a pop/cultural band in Uganda called The Ebonies (which still exists) as well as a backing singer and mistress of ceremonies, before she got saved. 

“The idea for the show which has been in the pipeline for about three months, came from being part of an event at New Hope Fellowship Church which involved different artists, several months ago.  It worked really well and initially I thought about calling it a Music Mosaic, which then evolved into Touch His Garment.”

She introduced the idea to a number of artists – singers, dancers, actors – who caught the vision “and things snoballed from that point as God opened doors”. 

Proceeds for the show will go to two charities, Ulutho ( which works with orphans and vulnerable children,  and Wings and Wishes ( which is dedicated to transporting critically ill children to receive life saving medical treatment.

The musical is at Legends Showcase, 42 Stewart Drive, Berea at 7pm on Friday August 22nd.

Tickets are available at Lee Gold in Old Transkei Road for R100.