Farmers pray for Afrikaners to return to godly redemptive purpose

Last weekend Afrikaner farmers, together with representatives of other South African tribes, gathered in Bothaville — the maize capital of South Africa — to participate in a prayer meeting aimed at turning the redemptive purpose of the Afrikaner back to God.

The gathering at Perez Ministries on Saturday May 12 was led by Fransi van Wyk of Perez Ministries  and Apostle Natasha Grbich (House of Ariel Gate).

The event followed the release of a prophetic word on the redemptive purpose of the Afrikaner at The People of His Name Conference which was hosted by the House of Ariel Gate in April. In the word Afrikaners were called to return to the redemptive purpose — including manifesting gifting in evangelism, education and agriculture — which God had predestined for them before the foundation of the Earth, in order for the tribes of South Africa to be united in SA’s redemptive purpose of returning the nations of Africa back to God.

Apostle Natasha Grbich, left, and Fransi van Wyk.

Reporting on the prophetic call to Afrikaners and Saturday’s prayer meeting, Fransi van Wyk writes: “A reset/realignment of mind, body and spirit of the Afrikaner to be obedient to God is necessary. This was the very reason for the calling of a prayer meeting, which was attended by mostly farmers in the Bothaville area, who are representative of the Afrikaner and who stand in the gap for the Afrikaner tribe, as well as intercessors of the House of Ariel Gate. Ezekiel 22:30 So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.

“God has written in the book of South Africa’s destiny a chapter for every tribe forming part of South Africa’s rainbow nation (Afrikaner, Khoi People, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa, etc.).

“The Afrikaner must get back their voice and read from their chapter, manifesting their redemptive gifts, especially in the areas of evangelism, agriculture and education, contributing towards the establishment of God’s Kingdom in South Africa and Africa. The whole world is waiting for this voice to speak.

“It is the Afrikaner’s voice that will unite all the other voices of our country, if realigned with God’s voice. The reversal of Babel.

“The light-bearing torch the Afrikaner used to carry, which was dropped by them a long time ago, must be picked up again by a worthy leadership, and lifted up to show the way for His people. The people of His name — Acts 15:14.

“This is in line with a prophecy of Chuck Pierce over South Africa in March 11 2016: ‘It is now My desire for My glory to rise from the foot of this land of Africa and blow across the land and all nations will watch the workings and going on of My hands in SA. I have chosen this land for now. This role is for now. There will be a divine reversal in Cape Town, in Pretoria, in Johannesburg. There is a movement now to realign this land. Watch as I begin to lead My people. Watch and listen carefully for My word will be heard throughout this land. It will be redefined within the next six weeks and a new covering will come to this land. I have put in motion a movement from heaven now. That movement will begin to be seen in the earth realm. I have sovereignly gathered you to a place where a wrong cycle began and I now reverse that cycle, although you have never seen what My glory displays in this land, I will begin to display My glory. SA has been destined from decades and I have longed to see a movement, a double fold move of My Spirit, and now it is beginning. In the midst of this place we decree the new identity of SA will now arise.’

Farmers, their families and intercessors of the House of Ariel Gate who attended the prayer meeting.

“God has a redemptive purpose for every nation. All that matters is for us to find our identity in Jesus as a nation and lay down our own opinions based on tribal culture. We need to know what God’s opinion is and just agree with it.

“We therefore need to give up parts of our culture that do not looks like Jesus. If we do not, then we will look like the principality we were born under. Every tribe has their own principality. We all need to reflect God’s Kingdom culture. — Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Farmers and their families singing Hoza Moya.

“Apostle Natasha Grbich led the group present, through a process of repentance. The Afrikaner was divorced from the spirit of racism, the Broederbond, Freemasonry and anything that does not look like God. The Holy Spirit showed every area where repentance was needed. Tears of deep repentance ran down the cheeks of both the men and woman who were present. The heavy presence of God could clearly be felt.

“We agreed as the Afrikaner to come in alignment with the mission we accepted from God for this country and to be obedient to His will.

“The glory of God displayed in South Africa must be brought to all the nations of Africa.

“God must receive His inheritance in all the nations. Amen.”

First Mighty Men Conference in Eastern Free State launches in record time

Maluti Mighty Men team members and farm workers praying together in Sotho during ground preparation for the inaugural MMMC from April 13 to 15..

There are less than 10 days to go before the first Eastern Free State Mighty Men Conference, called the Maluti Mighty Men, kicks off from April 13 to 15 on the scenic farm Karmel near Fouriesburg.

After the final Karoo Mighty Men Conference last year a few friends from the Eastern Free State decided to launch the MMMC this year.

“After a lot of praying and emails we got the go-ahead from Shalom Ministries and received the great news that Uncle Angus Buchan will be preaching Sunday April 15 at the family service,” says MMMC chairman Werner Maree.

“With only three months to organise this event, the committee, volunteers, farmers, businessmen and farm workers all worked very hard to make this possible. We are in the final stage of preparations and all are well under way.

Committee members praying on Farm Karmel.

Line-up of speakers
“We are very excited about the speakers, with Gary Kieswetter spreading God’s word on Friday night April 13 from 6pm. Gary is a well-known preacher, teacher, lover of the word of God, author, radio and television personality and father figure to many. After 27 years in full-time ministry, his biggest desire is that people will experience the joy of an intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father,” says Maree.

“On Saturday morning at 9.30am Pastor Afrika Mhlophe will bless us with the word. We invite all farm workers and encourage all farmers to bring their workers to pray together. Afrika is a gifted teacher of the Bible who has ministered on various platforms in South Africa and abroad for the last 20 years.

“On Saturday evening at 6pm guest speaker Albert Ferreira will share his message with us. Albert is a farmer and businessman from Senekal. His passion is ministering about the role and responsibility of the man in the house.

“On Sunday morning we are honoured to host and listen to Uncle Angus Buchan during the family service. No introduction is needed for Mr Buchan, an anointed man of God. We believe his message will touch many hearts.

“The praise and worship for the weekend is led by well-known evangelist and singer Dewald Gouws and his band. His songs create hope in our hearts for South Africa.

“Well-known Afrikaans singer Juanita du Plessis will join Dewald Gouws in leading the praise and worship on Sunday morning during the family service from 9.15am,” he says.

Jannie Moolman, left, former host of the KMMC, and MMMC committee members, Jan Scheepers, Cornel Roos, Werner Maree, and Apla Scheepers with Theuns Fourie in the front.

Venue and facilities
The venue is the farm Karmel which is located about 8km outside Fouriesburg on the R26 Bethlehem road.

“Part of the MMMC experience is camping on site between the mountains for the weekend. You are welcome to bring you gas braaier (no open fires), lights and camping equipment. Hot and cold showers and clean toilets are available. There are also food stalls from the local churches in the vendors’ area.

“Day visitors are welcome — bring your own chair, sunscreen and hat. We also have special needs facilities for disabled persons, please notify us if in need of this service.

“We hope and expect that each man, son, mom, daughter, grandfather, and grandmother will arrive with a big expectation to receive the word of God and that many souls will be harvested for Jesus Christ’s kingdom.

“The MMM Committee would like to invite all men and boys to join us for the Friday and Saturday and all women, mothers and kids for the Sunday family service.”

Men may register on the website and for any questions can email or phone Werner Maree on 082 330 6603.

Registration, entry, camping and the family service on Sunday are all for free.

Mighty Families lays new foundation for SA

Mighty Families Conference organising committee chairman Dr Arno van Niekerk with a cornerstone that was planted at the Bloemfontein venue after the recent conference.

At the recent Mighty Families Conference outside Bloemfontein the seventh cornerstone of a series of stones being planted around South Africa was laid — and importantly, a new foundation, Jesus Christ, was put in place for the nation, said Dr Arno van Nierkerk chairman of the organising committee.

Powerful preaching
Powerful preaching of the Word of God throughout the March 16 to 18 event played an important part in the weekend, he said.

On the Friday night Errol Naidoo set the bar as far as family standards and values needed in SA and athlete Wayde van Niekerk touched many hearts when he shared his testimony.

On the Saturday morning Dr Elza Meyer spoke on good family habits and patterns in homes. On Saturday afternoon Dr John Paphuli urged families to embrace families from other cultures and to thereby be part of the healing of the nation.

Lindy-Ann Hopley and Ivor Swarts shared during a celebration of God’s presence on the Saturday night. There were a number of healings and miracles during this session.

Dr Izak Burger wrapped up with a powerful Sunday morning message on the need for families to get back to the Word which is a lamp to our feet that leads us on the right path. He said much sexual and gender confusion in society today was due to rejection of the absolute standards found in God’s Word.

Many people came to Christ during the weekend. With inspiring worship led by Heinz Winkler, great activities for children, ministry times and fellowship times, many memories were made and South Africa’s first Mighty Families lived up to its vision of being a family festival in God’s presence said Van Niekerk.

Financial need
Despite its mighty impact the conference ended with a financial shortfall — well short of what is needed to cover cost, he said.

“We therefore would be very grateful for any contributions, which can be deposited into the Mighty Families Trust savings account,” he said.

Anybody wishing to make a contribution can do so, using the bank details below:

Mighty Families Trust
Investec Bank
A/c no.: 50012356298
Branch code: 580105            (You can make deposits at ABSA as well into this account.)

Mighty expectations for family festival in God’s presence

The stage taking shape at Wilde Als farm near Bloemfonteing, the venue for the first Mighty Families event this weekend

The stage is literally set for South Africa’s first Mighty Families gathering this weekend — March 16 to 18 2018 — on Wilde Als farm near Bloemfontein where around a million people called out to God on behalf of South Africa at the It’s Time prayer day just over a year ago.

“The Lord heard our cry [at It’s Time] and things started to change,” say the organisers of Mighty Family. But they also asked the Lord: “What next?” and the answer they discerned was that it was time to get South Africa’s families in order; time to give families much-needed attention.

This weekend’s Mighty Families event will be a family festival in God’s presence filled with celebration, worship, teachings, miracles and ministry to everyone — even a family of one member, say the organisers. And it will send out a prophetic message — “Strong families, strong nation.”

Mighty Families programme — Click on image to enlarge.

The event is aimed at both campers and day visitors. The programme officially launches at 6pm on Friday but campers are welcome to arrive from Thursday, said Dr Arno van Niekerk chairman of the Mighty Families organising committee. Entrance to the event is free. There is a R150 fee for each camping space — to cover the cost of specially-contracted services.

In addition to great worship led by Heinz Winckler, a powerful lineup of speakers, ample camping facilities and food vendors, there will be special provision for children including a huge, secure play area where Living Ball and other children’s ministries will be active.

Everybody should bring camping chairs to the seating area near the stage. Hats and sunblock were also advisable.

The speaker lineup is Errol Naidoo on Friday evening, Dr Elza Meyer on Saturday morning, Dr John Paphuli on Saturday afternoon, Ivor Swartz on Saturday night and Dr Izak Burger on Sunday morning. Wayde van Niekerk and Lindy-Anne Hopley will be sharing their testimonies during the weekend.

More information is available at


Miracles on farm ahead of Mighty Families, says Ollie le Roux

Ollie le Roux, overlooking his farm Wilde Als which was the venue of last year’s It’s Time prayer day and is also the venue for the Mighty Families event in a week;s time — from March 16 to 18.

Some mighty miracles have been taking place on Wilde Als farm near Bloemfontein where South Africa’s first Mighty Families event is taking place in a week’s time, said the farm owner, Ollie le Roux.

“It’s been amazing! I really believe Mighty Families is going to be a very joyful festival and it’s going to be an amazing time spent in the presence of God. And I just want to encourage people to come along and worship as a family,” said the former Springbok rugby star whose farm was also the venue for the historic It’s Time prayer day attended by around a million people on April 22 last year.

Mighty Families programme, great speakers, great worship, and awesome stuff for children — CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

Recounting some of the miracles leading up to Mighty Families he said, for instance they had planted grass for a big play area planned for children but drought kicked in and they became more and more stressed as weeks passed with no rain in sight,

One day he and a landscaper who was helping them and a farm worker were at the site, feeling quite despondent, when they decided to pray together for the Lord to send rain.

A simple prayer
“We prayed a simple prayer. ‘Lord it’s for your glory, it’s your land, and thank you, your will be done.’

“Afterwards we were struck by an awareness of a powerful presence of the Lord,” said Le Roux.

And the next day there was about 25mm of rain in town but only about 1mm on his farm.

“I wondered what was going on,” he said.

The next day, January 10, he was driving back from town where a little rain had fallen. As he got to the farm and started to approach the area of grass they had planted he began to hear mud on his wheels — a sure sign that a lot of rain had fallen.

He discovered there had been heavy rain — up to 50mm — exclusively on the area of grass that had been planted. And more targeted rain followed in the next few days, prompting his staff to comment that every time there was rain in the area it fell on the specially-planted grass patch.

“It was amazing and just showed to me that the Lord is in control.” said Le Roux.

And that was not the end of the miracle rain story. Early last month he felt something was not quite right in the atmosphere and he invited a team of intercessors to come to the farm to “do a land  cleansing and to pick up in the Spirit if anything was wrong”.

They had a really powerful time of prayer and about 24 hours later, at about 3pm on February 5,  he saw rain approaching the farm. Normally the rain fell first on the town side before it reached his farm — and less rain fell on the farm than on the town side.

Two columns
But that day he saw what looked like two columns of rain on the right and the left of the farm, and the next minute the columns connected on the Bultfontein Road. Then rain began to pelt down on his farm but apparently not anywhere else. The wind was blowing in a way that caused the rain to come down in sheets at a 45 degree angle in a way he had never seen before.

Miracle rain: Ollie le Roux;’s photo of a downpour on his farm which skipped the land across the road to the right.

And then the wind stopped, causing the rain to come back over the same area again. About 25mm of rain fell in less than an hour.

When the rain stopped he drove around his farm and saw evidence of torrential rainfall on his land but little sign of recent rain on the opposite side of the ring road. On the N1 national road the side close to his farm was very wet but on the other side it looked like there had been no rain.

Sign from the Lord
“After the prayer the day before the rain was such a powerful sign from the Lord that the land was now clean,” he said.

Le Roux said the past months since It’s Time had been a seasone of incredible personal spiritual growth but also one of spiritual attacks on him and his family.

With so many people on his farm last April he has been having the amazing experience of meeting people all over the country who told him they had been on his farm.

“It was so special to hear of all their amazing encounters with the Lord at It’s Time,” he said.

He said he was hugely encouraged by the testimonies of people who were passionate about God and put Him first — “people that nobody knows about but who are powerful people of God.”

He was also convinced that significant changes that have taken place in South Africa can be traced back to the prayer day — and even before, to moves like Mighty Men.

“But with It’s Time it’s accelerated. I have found there is a unity in the body of Christ that was lacking before,” he said.

And so he was blessed that the vision for Mighty Families was birthed on his farm and that he was asked to host the event on his land.

A passion for family
“I’ve always had a passion for family — my family’s very important to me. I believe it’s [Mighty Family] a new move that’s coming for South Africa.

“It’s about getting the family of South Africa and the family of Christ together to be the change that will bless South Africa. If we can unite as families in Christ, nothing in this world can stand against us. If God is for you no man can be against you.

“It has to start somewhere, so we’re nervously excited as the big day is getting closer. We’ve never done anything like this. Already amazing miracles have happened in the way that God has brought so many people together who have opened their arms to help make this vision happen.

“Come and be part of it,” he said.

More information about Mighty Families is available at


Nation building assembly meeting in Bloemfontein

An initiative aimed at uniting South Africans in “building a righteous, just and prosperous nation founded on a values-based constitution and direct people’s governance” is taking place in Bloemfontein from Thursday October 26 to Saturday October 28.

According to an invitation to the “non-partisan people’s constitutional assembly” at Kairos Gemeente in Lilyvale, all South Africans who would like to give input are invited to join in the nation building exercise called in response to an urgent need for “skilled, experienced and selfless leaders who cannot be bought, and who can drive the process of regeneration” to address critical issues in South Africa.

The initiative aims to discuss practical steps towards building a united South Africa based on absolute values and principles with particular focus on governance, economy/banking, education, healthcare and social regeneration; and to draft a new constitution that upholds moral and ethical values. says the invitation distributed by Vuka Afrika Foundation.

More information about the initiative is available from: Bulelani Mkohliswa: 082 778 6031, Ben Alberts: 082 944, 0491, Alaythea Hamlyn: 083 285 0795, and Dr Xoli Mhlongo-Jones: 078 441 5849.

Africa Convergence Conference — activating God’s prophetic agenda

Africa Convergence Conference prayer and worship time.

By Ntebo Peri

Hundreds of Christians from across South Africa and abroad gathered in Bloemfontein last week for the 2-day Africa Convergence Conference, declaring the prophetic role of Africa in the last days.

The conference, which was hosted by Divine Restoration Ministries under the leadership of Prophet Elisee Yao, was to fulfil God’s mandate to pray for the continent of Africa, its people and its destiny.

Hundreds of Christians from all walks of life were spiritually uplifted during the conference as speaker after speaker delivered messages of hope, love, and reconciliation — and above all the message of make Jesus Christ the centre for this so-called “Dark Continent”.

Pastor Ray Bentley (USA) praying for the nation. Behind him is Prophet Elisee Yao of Divine Restoration Ministries.

A continent of light
Something incredible was unleashed through a prophetic word that Africa is now raising men and women who will shine the light of God without fear to the nations of Africa and the world as a whole. The prophetic message was: “Africa is a continent of light, it is a continent favoured by God”.

Sadly, it was said, the days were gone when believers devoted themselves to meditating deeply on the Word and applying it, in order to respond in authority to the enemies of the Church who have risen through ungodly governments, witchcraft, cultural bondage and idol worship.

The Church had ceded its authority given from the throne room of heaven and it was time to take back that which we had loosed into the wrong hands, speakers said.

All of the guest speakers shared the sentiment that many pastors in Africa had bought into the idea of self-exaltation, false teachings, fear of man and of losing attendants at their churches from a monetary point of view — and had lost their passion for the one and only God.

Prophetic dancing during worship.

It was time for believers to stand united, with a passion for Jesus and living for the kingdom of heaven. Christians were called to renew their minds in order to restore their passion for the Saviour and to fulfil the mandate of God’s prophetic destiny for this continent, the gathering heard.

A call was made to attendees to go out boldly and be part of God’s mission in South Africa and Africa, bringing the restoration and plan of God to the continent.

There was also a call for all to be champions of prayer, never ceasing to intercede and prayjust like Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

It was time to create a multicultural kingdom demonstrating the true love of Christ in a united continent —  beginning with the body of Christ, the Church.

The story of God was revealed in worship through many songs across the different cultures and languages, declaring the need for Africa as a continent to humble herself before the throne of God.

The incredible mark of the conference was the evident change of hearts among Africans (black and white) during a prayer of forgiveness, repentance, deliverance and liberation.

ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe shares a message.

During the conference, a guest speaker from the United States, Pastor Ray Bentley, challenged white people to truly reconcile with their black counterparts and ask forgiveness for the sins of the past, and for the black nation to release, forgive and stop holding onto the past. A new generation needed to arise — a generation that has eyes looking forward, holding hands to move in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

The Africa Convergence Conference was a catalyst to activate God’s prophetic agenda to free this continent of every bondage of poverty, greed, disease, corruption, hatred, and witchcraft.

ACDP president Rev Kenneth Meshoe and Dr Eva Seobi both spoke sternly about African cultural practices of ancestral worship and said dedicating of children and government officials to ancestors needed to come to an end for the continent to turn from being a place of darkness to being a place of light to other nations.

Rev Meshoe spoke about the prosperity of African countries in days gone by when they supported Israel, the chosen nation of Elohim. He said countries that had turned their backs on Israel experienced currency devaluation and declining prosperity.

Africa was a rich continent, he said and it was time that its people started to enjoy its fruits, instead of other nations raping the land and leaving Africa in poverty and need.

As the conference drew to a close, those present experienced a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit after a time of soaking in prayer and scripture and a healing time through repentance, forgiveness and releasing hatred and anger.


The conference will be held in Bloemfontein again next in November next year. For more information contact the organisers at

Bloemfontein conference aims to call Africa to rise to destiny

Thousands of Christians from across Africa and the world are expected to converge in Bloemfontein on October 13 and 14 for the first Africa Convergence Conference.

The conference aims to share a prophetic message of spiritual guidance and inspiration relating to Africa as a continent of refuge, and aims to make a radical call to Christians across the globe — especially in Africa — to heed the move of God, that Africa should arise and shine, for its day has come, says the organisers.

The speakers will present words regarding the opportunity for Africa to be positioned into its prophetic destiny.

The conference theme is: “To see Africa arise and fulfill its prophetic destiny in the last days”.

For a long time Africa has been considered the least of the continents. According to biblical history, Africa has been  –and still is — a place of refuge. It is a place where God hid His chosen ones and prepared them for great destinies.

Jesus was hidden in Africa. Israel came to Africa to escape the famine through Joseph, and Moses was hidden and prepared in Africa to lead the nation of Israel to the Promised Land.

The gold that was used for the construction of God’s temple came from Africa.

Geared towards preparing Africa on Gods’ Commission, the conference aims to prepare Africa for the greatest revival that has not yet been seen in these last days, say the organisers.

International and notable preachers and powerful speakers will share the prophetic message of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ray Bentley from Maranatha Chapel in California who is passionate about Africa will be present. Dr Robert Mawire, an African himself who now resides in the USA will be a guest speaker. South Africa’s well known political leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe from the African Christian Democratic Party as well as Dr Eva Seobi, the founder of Women Alive

The conference venue is Kopanong Auditorium, Bloemfontein. It will run from 7.30am to 8.30pm on Friday October 13, and from 9am to 9pm on October 14.

You can register online at no cost at More information can be requested via email at Or visit the Facebook apage at

Cyclists prayer walking at Karoo Mighty Men after 1 550km ride

ct cyclists

Clyde Gleeson-Hoffman, Alan Robins and Charles Mathews during their epic cycle trip from Cape Town to the Karoo Mighty Men Conference, via the It’s Time national prayer day near Bloemfontein.

Three friends have cycled 1 550 kilometres from Cape Town to the It’s Time National Day of Prayer in Bloemfontein and on to the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC).

They arrived at KMMC on Wednesday and immediately relaxed and rested their weary muscles in the freedom of the Karoo silence keen for the conference to begin.

Sanctified ground
In the meantime the three friends have joined others who have arrived early prayer-walking the perimeters of the venue and enjoying the sanctified ground, which
Clyde Gleeson-Hoffman says feels to him like holy ground.

This is Clyde’s third KMMC, but the first time he has travelled to the event by bicycle.

I wanted to cycle last year, but developed a pain in my chest and thought it unwise to cycle in that condition.

When I arrived at KMMC last year I really wasn’t feeling well, but the Lord touched my physical body and healed me when I went up to the cross on the koppie to pray.

ct cyclists 2

Caring motorists stopping and serving the cyclists cold drinks.

This year two friends offered to join me cycling to KMMC. However, the It’s Time National Day of Prayer came up and we wondered how we would fit both events in.

At the end of the day we decided to cycle to both events.”

Clyde was joined by Alan Robins and Charles Mathews on their great cycle trek.

What has stood out on the trip is the friendliness, and generosity of the people we met along the way. Farmers, truck drivers, and taxi drivers have all been so accommodating.

People stopped next to us along the road and gave us ‘droe wors’ and ice-cold Energade, farmers invited us to stay the night in a warm, comfortable bed, so our build-up to the It’s Time National Day of Prayer was phenomenal.

Once we get out onto the road people just made it an unforgettable experience. Although we had no needs and were self-sufficient, people contributed freely and provided. It was all about our country, all about our people standing together.

Although many people have said they left the It’s Time event much more hopeful for the country, our hope had been boosted along the way before even getting to Bloemfontein, because of the kindness and generosity we experienced along the road.

We are going forward and upward from hope to hope. That is what God is doing in our lives, picking us up and lifting us higher in hope in Him. It is a very exciting time to be in and part of,” says Clyde.

He says his two team members have just amazed him.

I have some cycling background having done a full iron man and a trans-Baviaans Kloof endurance race as well as other cycling events.

However, I have never done anything as tough as this and my team mates who are both older than me, are not endurance athletes and only started cycling a couple of months before our departure from Cape Town, have handled the journey without complaint.

I have gained the deepest respect for these two guys, as friends, colleagues, team mates, and brothers in Christ. They have achieved an amazing accomplishment.

Maybe there’s a parallel between what they have done and what was done at It’s Time on the 22nd April, because both were a supernatural coming together that didn’t seem possible in our own strength. Alan and Charles are both 50-years-old, had not cycled before and Alan is a big guy weighing about 110kg, yet they got on their bicycles and cycled 1 550km.

People that know Alan said it is impossible and he would never be able to make it. They said he didn’t understand the distances involved, but here it is he’s made it.

This trip has taught us not to listen to what other people think of us or be influenced by negative pronouncements.”

As Angus said, “But God”, in His strength we can do all things.

Clyde admits they were sore daily and very tired at times, but every morning they woke up feeling fresh and ready to ride 100km-plus.

By the end of the day you feel like you can’t go another 10km, but our bodies are an amazing vessel and machine God gave us to accomplish His will and then with the Holy Spirit empowering us there are no limitations to what our bodies can accomplish. They just adapt and seem to say: ‘I can do more’.”

He says all the trio’s expectations of attending the It’s Time gathering were met beyond imagination.

Now, they are looking forward to KMMC.

I have this immense sense of being on holy ground. I keep on wanting to take my shoes off. There is such an amazing feeling of the Lord’s presence already.”

Clyde’s next mission is to join Esther Badenhorst, who has walked the length and breadth of the country creating a virtual cross and praying over the country, on a cycle trip from East London to Cape Town praying for all the farmers.

KMMC 2017 will take place from Aprill 28t to 30l on the outskirts of Middelburg in the Eastern Cape on Renosterfontein Farm. For more information contact Ruthi van der Merwe at (M) 082 857 7839 (F) 049 842 3310 e-mail: website:

‘It’s Time’ pilgrims share their prayer day impressions

It's time aerial DR

An aerial view of the It’s Time gathering April 22. (PHOTO: @DrMichaelMol)

A million people prayed together and encountered the Holy Spirit together at the It’s Time prayer day last Saturday. Here a Karoo farmer, a retired minister from Howick, a couple from Beaufort West and a woman from Worcester who travelled to Bloemfontein by train with a group of 500 prayer pilgrims, all share their thoughts and impressions of the historic day.

The desire to pray as one body for the salvation of South Africa was so compelling that it drew a million believers to the It’s Time National Day of Prayer to humble themselves before the Lord God Almighty.

In the build-up to the prayer day many thought a million people attending was far-fetched and impossible.

Yet, people of faith travelled in aeroplanes, busses, taxis, motorcars, motorbikes, bicycles and on foot from all corners of southern Africa and beyond to assemble in the veld in the centre of the country, kneel before the Lord in the dust and repent and worship Him in Jesus Christ’s name as their way and truth and life.

The immense prayer gathering had a singular focus, Jesus Christ, it was not about any person, but our Saviour, the only begotten Son of God, this was made clear by Angus Buchan, who called for and led the meeting.

Middelburg to Bloemfontein
Before the Church clock had struck 5am, Albertus Geldenhuis, a farmer from Richmond in the Northern Cape, met-up with 20 fellows in faith in Middelburg for the journey to Bloemfontein.

The group came together when it was still dark, in the still of a Karoo street and before they bordered their hired taxi they celebrated Holy Communion, which Albertus said was a profound experience; standing in prayer as a body in the pre-dawn quiet — it set the journey to the national prayer gathering off in a wonderful way.

“Travelling in the taxi together with my son and 19 other believers, engaging in conversations and discussing issues was special. It would not have been the same experience travelling in my own vehicle.

“When we arrived at the event I became very emotional seeing the three crosses on the hill that overlooked the terrain. The crosses were placed in the perfect place as they were always in my awareness.

“I was amazed at how easily we entered the It’s Time site and found parking. I thought we would be in queues of traffic.

“The excitement of being there was wonderful, it was tangible, you could feel in the air, everyone was friendly, greeting each other and assisting each other. There was genuinely a feeling of goodwill.

“Being part of such a big crowd made for feeling that you were part of something big, something special, that something was going to happen that would ensure you were not the same person when you returned home,” said Albertus.

He explained that although he went to the gathering with great expectations, because of all the prophetic words and all that he had read on social media about preparations for the event, when he arrived he had the distinct feeling that the gathering was something God had planned and been orchestrating for a long time, so many different prophecies and seemingly unrelated preparations planned before the event was ever thought of by men came together on the April 22 in Bloemfontein to form the It’s Time National Day of Prayer.

Time for individual prayer included
The fact that Uncle Angus made time for individual prayer was a special aspect of a gathering that focused on praying for the nation, according to Albertus.

“It gave me time to sort out things in my own life and bring them before the Lord and it felt different doing it as part of a crowd of many people doing the same thing instead of by myself at home, because while I was praying personally, I was still aware of being part of a much larger body of believers all praying.

“Another special part of the day was when Uncle Angus asked the entire assembly of a million people to kneel. It was a wonderful symbol of how we have allowed ourselves to become proud and the necessity for humbling ourselves before the Lord and recognising our dependence on Him.”

The most important message that Albertus received from Uncle Angus on the day was that we should acknowledge the problems we face as a country, but not be negative about them. We should see them through God’s eyes and be aware that He is in control.

“Uncle Angus used the phrase, ‘But God’, so if anyone says something negative about the country we should answer ,‘But God’, because we know that He is in control and we know that ‘He works for the good of those who have been called according to his purpose’.

“He emphasised that we should be positive about our country and its people. We all know the power that is in the tongue and our words. We have allowed the enemy to use our weakness of speaking negatively for his purpose for too long.

“I think that is one of the biggest changes we can make; to be careful of the way we speak about our country, people, government, and President. That alone will make a big difference to our country. We should speak life into the nation,” said Albertus.

Personal role of bringing positive change
As a result of being at It’s Time, the Karoo sheep farmer said he is more aware of his personal role of bringing positive change to the country.

“We must realise that a huge shift took place in the spiritual realm due to the national prayer day, which we should remind ourselves of every day and live according to that new reality.

“God has taken back His ownership of South Africa from the enemy. It is through those lenses that we should see our lives, that God is in control,” said Albertus who is determined to go forward in such a way that he reflects the truth of God being in control in South Africa.

He is also grateful for the healing of his son’s ankle, which had troubled him on-and-off for years and had restricted his participation in sport, yet was cured during the event, although they only became aware of it when they got back home.

Albertus was surprised and impressed by the number of elderly people at the event, many of whom walked with difficulty or on crutches, yet they took the trouble of joining the prayer gathering and sat out in hot sun for a large part of the day.

While the traffic was jam-packed getting out of the event, which took many hours, Albertus said it was a small sacrifice to pay for the experience of such a blessed prayer assembly.

It's time cars

An aerial view of some of the fields used as parking lots for It’s Time. (PHOTO: Riaan Janse van Vuuren)

Howick to Bloemfontein
Another who was blessed by the day of prayer was retired Methodist Minister, Oswin Kretzman, who travelled from Howick in KwaZulu-Natal to attend the gathering.

“I was amazed by the fact that so many people attended what was essentially a prayer gathering, yet it drew a million-plus people from all corners of the country and from all denominations, which was incredible given that the prayer meeting is the Cinderella movement of the Church.

“For me it was a miracle that so many people attended a prayer meeting, the whole meeting was a miracle from beginning to end. There seemed to be no need to persuade people to attend, they just wanted to be there.

“The other thing that was miraculous was the emphasis of the meeting, which was on Jesus, His saving work, the worship of God Almighty, and the need to rely on the Holy Spirit, and that the most fundamental response we can give is prayer, especially people praying together as the body of Christ.”

Sign of revival
Oswin believes the meeting was a sign of revival.

“While the wind was there in gusts the wind of the Spirit was also there. During the whole It’s Time gathering we were surrounded by the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit, which was very marked.

“While there were no dramatic expressions of the Holy Spirit, like people breaking out and speaking in tongues, I believe the Holy Spirit was there doing gentle, but deep work in all sorts of ways — physical healing, emotional healing and spiritual healing.

“I believe there will be a continuing impact of the Holy Spirit in the aftermath of the event.

“I think we will still see positive consequences manifesting from the meeting in months to come, especially in people’s attitudes changing particularly concerning being positive about our country that was repeatedly urged by Angus, which was a salutary reminder to all of us not to be influenced by the criticism of media.

“I believe the call by Angus to be constructive when speaking about South Africa was an anointed word.

“What he said will be etched in our memory and bring hope to people regarding the future of the nation,” said Oswin.

Beaufort West to Bloemfontein
David and Jenny Jack left their home in Beaufort West in the Western Cape at 12-midnight on Friday to travel together with friends by car to the It’s Time National Day of Prayer and arrived back home at 12-midnight on Saturday after the gathering.

“It was a milestone in South Africa’s history, it was amazing that it took place and amazing to see how many people participated,” said Dave.

“It was amazing that a million people arrived in the veld and the hot sun, and so many families with small children, it was mind-boggling.”

Jenny says from where they sat they could not see any end to the crowd.

“Although we knew quite a few people who attended, we didn’t see one familiar face. There were so many people that it looked like a lot of ants.

Need for a positive attitude
Dave was blessed by the way that Angus spoke without blame or censure, but with sound advice and encouragement, especially regarding the need for a positive attitude towards our neighbours and nation.

“I agree with Angus’ emphasis on the need to focus on the family and reconcile relationships within our households before looking to solve the country’s problems.

“If we can relate to each other within the family in a Biblical way many things will fall into place in the country.

“I was also strongly impacted by Angus saying that a nation can be born in a day and confirming it from God’s Word in Isaiah 66:8, because if we can humble ourselves before the Lord and set the tone for the country to follow then the Lord assures us that he will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

“He is a miracle working God and he will change our land if we humble ourselves, pray, have faith and allow Him to do it by treating each with love and respect,” says Dave.

Having returned from the It’s Time prayer gathering, Dave is adamant that he will focus on building good relationships, especially among the youth and children, because so many children are growing up without father figures.

Jenny believes Angus has put the ball firmly in the court of those who attended the prayer day.

“We feel strongly that there should be follow-up meetings to encourage each other and reach out to others.

“We hope to see the fruits of the It’s Time National Day of Prayer in changes in the country,” says Jenny.

It's time train

Maryke Smit, left, and Dianne le Roux on the train leaving Worcester station for It’s Time in Bloemfontein.

Train ride from Western Cape to Bloemfontein
A train was organised specially to carry people from the Western Cape to the day of prayer.

“A diverse group of more than 500 people from many different denominations and towns were on the train,” says Dianne Le Roux from Worcester.

“It was fun bumping into people from Robertson, Hartenbos, and Cape Town a real mix of people including old friends that I had not seen for quite some time.

“It was a relaxing way of travelling and we were transported by busses from the station in Bloemfontein to the It’s Time venue,” explains Dianne.

She says attending the prayer gathering made her feel as if heaven became quiet.

“I couldn’t speak either, because I was emotional and it was such an amazing feeling to be part of it. Every time I looked at the crowd on the big screens I was brought to tears realising how many people committed to attending the national prayer day and are seriously seeking hope for the country in the Lord.

“There was one incident as Uncle Angus was speaking about the gentle wind being no coincidence, but that the presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible, when a whirlwind developed and took about five hats high up into the sky as well as a South African flag, it was beautiful,” said Dianne.

Reminder of need for righteous living
She found the day to be a strong reminder of the need for righteous living.

“We can’t expect the Lord to change the country if we don’t come into line with His word and honour him.

“I think we were all reminded of the importance of spending time with God and spending time in His word. We should focus on God, realise He is where our answers lie, and not be distracted by negativity.”

Dianne says she left the prayer gathering with renewed hope.

“I walked away thinking: now the work lies ahead. Those of us who gathered need to spread what we have heard, encourage people to be positive, turn to God, and pray and seek His will for the country.

“It was also very encouraging to know that back at home there was a gathering in support of the It’s Time meeting. I have spoken to one or two people that attended and they say it was blessed.

“It was wonderful to know that many people who couldn’t make the trip still took time out to join us in spirit,” says Dianne.