Words of hope for SA by Judge Mogoeng inspired by message from Angus Buchan

Chief Justie Mogoeng Mogoeng, left, speaking at a cattle auction in Lichtenburg. (WATCH VIDEO CLIP AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).

South Africa is on the verge of a great breakthrough and Christians who know their God can be like Daniels and Joseph’s, coming up with God-inspired solutions to the nation’s greatest challenges, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said at a cattle auction in Lichtenburg on Friday.

Urging Christians not to give up “in these trying times” but to take trouble to know God who is ready to release godly answers to the land issue, crime, corruption, governance or any other concern, Mogoeng said his short talk to the farmers was inspired by a Scripture in a personal message he had received the previous day, from another farmer — Angus Buchan.

Mogoeng, who was also a buyer at the auction at Loriza Brahman, said he was asked by the owners to deliver a 5-minute, godly talk at the event. While he was seeking the Lord on what to say, he was reminded of the message from Buchan.

He read out Buchan’s message, which the farmer-evangelist had sent him in response to a call to God to raise leaders of integrity, which Mogoeng had made at a recent prayer event in parliament. The message reads: “My dear Chief Justice Sir, a very warm greeting to you this morning. I’ve just listened to your most passionate and godly prayer. I want to say I am so honoured to know you as my brother in Christ Jesus. Please be aware of my constant prayer cover over you and your godly wife and family. Much love in Jesus Christ, your brother, Angus Buchan.”

Great exploits
Mogoeng then read the excerpt from Daniel 11:32, which Buchan quotes at the bottom of his message: “… but those who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.”

Mogoeng said the relevant message from the book of Daniel could not have been delivered by a more suitable person, as Buchan, with whom he had prayed at the It’s Time prayer day at Mitchell’s Plain in March, cared deeply for all the people of South Africa.

Drawing from the Scripture and the broader book of Daniel, the chief justice said Daniel was a man of wisdom and light who had a supernatural capacity to explain mysteries and who, even in captivity in Babylon, rose to be a top leader in that nation.

Daniel had made it his business to fast and pray for 21 days for his nation to be freed from bondage.

“It tells us it’s about time you and I prayed for South Africa, prayed for Africa, so that the rapes, the murders of everybody — including farmers, the corruption, that is ravaging our country, can be a thing of the past, so that South Africa can demonstrate to the world that it is capable of being a country where black and white people live in peace with no hostility, with no crime, where there is no corruption whatsover, but unprecedented prosperity,” he said.

Daniel had also been called to relate and interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s troubling dream after all the magicians of Babylon had failed to do so.

Divine revelation
“But because he knew his God as you and I ought to know our God, he prayed unto to Him to reveal the secret to him. God told him the dream of Nebuchadnezzar and the meaning of it,” said Mogoeng.

Likewise when the king’s son and successor, Belshazzar and the magicians he had consulted, did not know the meaning of the writing on the wall, Daniel had interpreted it through God-given wisdom.

Daniel was not hungry for power and was not afraid to speak truth to power, confronting both Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar with their pride and God’s judgments on them.

“South Africans, all the problems you think are impossible, to resolve, don’t go outside of the country for a solution. You and I, the Daniels that are here, if only we were to make it our business to know our God — mayors, premiers, presidents [would be raised], who will not steal anything from anybody, who will make it their business that there is police visibility, so that we don’t get ravaged by crime, who will make it their business to ensure that education if of a higher quality, skills needed for sustainable economic growth, are available in this country and through us Africa is impacted positively. If only we were to make it our business to know God, those capacities would be transferred to us,” he said.

“God loves us. Let us know Him. As we know Him He will deposit His wisdom upon us. The land issue, you would have nothing to be worried about because a godly solution would be released. A godly solution will be released about crime, a godly solution will be released about corruption, governance or any other concern you may have.”

Mogoeng shared how in recent encounters with believers in Cape Town and the United States, God had revealed to Christians what he was going to do in South Africa.

“We are on the verge of a great breakthrough — don’t give up. We all belong here. If Daniel could prosper on foreign land and we are all South Africans, what reason do we have to be worried? And the same applies to all Africa,” he said.

Unity, hope and healing
In his closing prayer he asked for a powerful message of unity, hope and healing to spread through the nation.

Responding to Mogoeng’s talk at the auction, Buchan thanked God “for our Chief Justice of South Africa Mogoeng Mogoeng, who is man who is unashamedly standing for truth and righteousness and the name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”.


Billboard tells it like it is

In a country that seems to be stumbling from one political crisis to another educational emergency via an additional economic crunch that are all man-made, the message that “South Africa does not need a new government or a new economy, but Christ,” cuts through the clutter of the nation’s challenges to the essence, which is refreshing indeed – like a shower of cold water on a scorching day that seems not only to refresh and revive the body, but clear the mind.

Gateway News was made aware of the billboard by Mark Upman, a Port Elizabeth pastor, who posted the above picture on a church-leaders’ Whatsapp group.

Mark found the billboard’s message to be “Awesome!”

“I thought, wow that is quite a statement and exciting that we can still put up signs like that in South Africa. I posted it onto our group, here in Nelson Mandela Bay as an encouragement, because there has been so much negative activity going on in the country.

“The billboard encourages us not to lose hope and to know that Christ is the answer.” says Mark.

“We must never allow the temporal challenges to take our focus off Christ, who is our eternal answer,” he adds.

Petrus Janse van Rensburg, head of media at Spirit Word Ministries that is responsible for the billboard signage, which is near their church campus in Stilfontein in the North West Province, says the billboard is used to promote Christianity and the church’s beliefs.

He says the particular sign was erected during the build-up to the recent local government elections.

“We felt that for our country’s challenges to be resolved it is not so much government that needs to change as it is the hearts of our country’s people – we need Christ.”

Kobus Janse van Rensburg, head Pastor at Spirit Word Ministries, says the sign was erected in response to so many South Africans looking to government and economic institutions for answers when we as Christians have the answer within us – Christ.

“I read somewhere that, ‘It is not the people making the wrong decisions that cause the mess we are in, but the people that know the answer and keep silent’, which is the standpoint we came from when erecting the billboard sign.

“We all know South Africa needs change, but change happens with us, the change will happen when Christians take their place and start praying for South Africa and when we, who have the answer, start being the light of the world by extending the Light Of The World to those around us, instead of keeping Jesus Christ to ourselves.

“Instead of looking for the answers in external sources, we need to look within and start being the light of the world; then we will see change in South Africa.

“We that have the answer need to be the answer. Everybody knows we need change and everybody wants change, but I truly believe the only way sustainable change will come to our country is if Christians be who they are supposed to be, which can only happen if we rely on Christ instead of on our own power, effort and actions.

“We hope the billboard planted seeds in the hearts of people to stand-up, be Christians and keep their focus on Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Kobus says the signage provoked reaction with a number of people having visited Spirit Word Ministries to learn what the Church is all about as a result of seeing the billboard. He says no negative comments were received, only positive feedback.

Christian doctors, medical students undergo pregnancy crisis training

Heila Chapman (centre) with two members of a group of Christian medical students, doctors and nurses that she trained in pregnancy crisis counselling.

Heila Chapman (centre) with two members of a group of Christian medical students, doctors and nurses that she trained in pregnancy crisis counselling.

A group of  about 50 doctors, nursing staff and medical students from the Christian Medical Fellowship — mainly 4th and 5th year students from universities in Gauteng and Mpumalanga — recently requested and underwent training on how to be better equipped to deal with crisis pregnancies.

As Christians, the medical group wanted to have more than just academic information; they wanted to learn how to speak to a lady who is facing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy with the possible intention to abort her baby, says Heila Chapman, who conducted the training at a weekend camp at Magaliesberg.

Chapman who heads up Procura Training Academy, which equips lay people with crisis counselling skills, was introduced to the medical group via Amato Counselling Centre, a Pretoria NGO that provides free information and counselling to women and families facing unwanted pregnancies. She is the official tutor for Amato whose service is based on unconditional acceptance, compassion, practical care and loving guidance, helping women to make informed decisions. 

She says the group was very open and receptive to the training which included lectures on the profile of a woman wanting to abort, the crisis, pregnancy, the positive options available to someone who is in such a crisis, communication skills and how listening skills will enhance the doctor’s/sister/nurse’s interaction with the patient.

She says the group was blessed by the input of a woman who had chosen to have an abortion, hearing about her struggles and the healing and restoration that God brought to her and her family. Her testimony helped equip them to minister to other ladies who had chosen to abort in order to help them experience the healing of the Lord.

“They all had a look into their own lives as to how they can remind themselves to daily put on the armour of God and also check their attitudes with regards to respect, sincerity and empathy so that they could be a shining light to all whom they encounter,” she says. 

Chapman says she has great hope for South Africa with such a group of dedicated young people who are ready and willing to reach out to a broken and sick world. (He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8).

She and her husband Ben are both ordained ministers and many years back Heila heard God speak to her through Scripture, saying that she was going to be involved in a new harvest field that she had never worked in. She was invited to a tea where the statistics on abortion and adoption were shared. She felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit saying, “this is the field.” She has no medical training but has a fiery passion in her soul for young people. This is just the way God loves to work, so that He receives all the glory. She started compiling manuals from various sources to be able to train volunteers in this field of counselling women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Church calls for empathy for striking miners and their families

This soup kitchen is one of a number of outreaches to  people affected by the miners' strike in the Rustenburg area.

This soup kitchen is one of a number of outreaches to people affected by the miners’ strike in the Rustenburg area. About 2 500 Lonmin miners who are AMCU members have been on strike for four and a half months demanding a R12 500 entry-level salary.

The Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) has called on financial institutions to show leniency and empathy to mineworkers and their families who are facing extreme financial pressure due to the protracted strike in the platinum belt.

“The tragedy currently playing-out in Rustenburg and surrounds is not a natural disaster but a man-made one. Unfortunately human beings are suffering – many who are totally innocent,” says the AFM in a media statement released yesterday (Thursday, June 5).

The statement continues: “While a number of organizations and churches are doing their best to lessen the negative consequence of this crisis, the reality thereof is worse than anyone could have imagined.

“It is a tragedy that innocent people are losing their homes and vehicles for reasons that are outside their control. One realizes that banks and other financial institutions are profit-driven and that sentiments and consideration of human suffering are mostly not part of their policies.

“Many cases have been reported of people losing their homes. It is not unusual to hear of 6 to 8 families sharing one home! Many were forced to return their vehicles because they cannot afford the monthly installments.

“The AFM, who has several assemblies and many members in the afflicted areas, appeal to the financial institutions to show more leniency and empathy – especially to those who are innocent victims of the strike.

“We also appeal to the different mine-houses to mediate as far as possible to assist in alleviating the disastrous effect of the strike on the lives of employees who have been loyal over many years.

“The AFM this weekend called for a time of special prayer and practical assistance in all its churches. We do however make this special plea to all relevant institutions to take extraordinary steps to mitigate the sorrow and disruption of family life caused by this tragic situation.”

Man sues Eskom over power-saving prayers

eskomOriginally published in ioL News

A North West man is claiming R250 million from Eskom for preventing power cuts through his own prayers, Beeld newspaper reported today (Wednesday, January 22).

Nelson Thabo Modupe, of Lichtenburg, has argued that he prevented power cuts during the 2010 Soccer World Cup through his prayers.

He is a member of the Zion Christian Church.

In a letter to Eskom, he said the main reason for load-shedding was lightning and wind, and that he had taken it upon himself to pray to God and ask that no power cuts take place.

As a result, Eskom now owes him R250m, because he saved the power utility the burden and humiliation of load shedding.

Alternatively, Eskom can offer him a partnership in the company.

The claim has been placed on the court roll in the North West High Court for tomorrow (Thursday, January 23).

New vice-rector cherishes his shepherding roots

Professor Rantoa Letšosa

Professor Rantoa Letšosa

Prof Rantoa Lentosa makes history at NWU Potchefstroom Campus

“I see my appointment as a wonderful challenge for which the Lord prepared me well. I know He has a plan for me, because on my own I won’t make it.”

These are the words of the new designated vice-rector: teaching-learning at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University, Prof Rantoa Letšosa. A very humble man with lively eyes and the friendliest smile.

“My heart’s desire is to see that all young people will get the opportunity to study. I therefore see the university as one that cares and reaches out to people, even those on farms and some of the smallest towns in our country. With the aid of our present technology it is certainly not impossible.”

Prof Letšosa is the first black vice-rector of the NWU’s Potchefstroom Campus, after he was also appointed as the first black vice-rector at the School of Theology of the Reformed Churches of South Africa (RCSA) in 2010.

The rector of the campus, Prof Herman van Schalkwyk, says Prof Letšosa is taking over from Prof Mariëtte Lowes; Prof Letšosa will be working with Prof Lowes until she retires at the end of 2014. “We regard it as of the utmost importance to create an environment that makes the smooth transference of responsibilities to a successor possible to continue the academic excellence of the institution.”

He says he would like to take on matters that can make a difference in someone’s life. “I know it is a difficult task and a big challenge that awaits me, but it is something that is achievable. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Emapthy for people
Prof Letšosa was born in Fauresmith in the Free State in 1969. He reckons this is where he got his empathy for people on farms and in small communities. As a young boy he was a shepherd, a philosophy that still remains with him today.

“The Lord taught me that you work with sheep in the ministry. But, today’s sheep are not like the sheep from the old days. Psalm 23 teaches us that the Lord is my Shepherd and He will guide me. John 10 in turn teaches us that a good shepherd walks in front and the sheep follow him. Today one has to push and goad the sheep a little, because each one wants to go its own way.”

He matriculated at the Hoërskool Thaba Nchu in 1988 and started working as a security guard. After a colleague resigned, he became a reception clerk and in the following year he obtained his Certificate in Basic programming at the Intec College.

Because he always wanted to be a minister from an early age, he received a bursary and started his preparatory theological studies at the Hammanskraal Theological School of the RCSA in 1991. After this the road led him to the then PU for CHE where he obtained the following qualifications: BA in 1984, majoring in Greek, Semitic languages and philosophy, his BA Honours in Greek at Unisa, his four-year postgraduate BTh degree in 1999 and his master’s degree in Greek in 2001.

Prof Letšosa received his four-year candidate certificate from the Theological School in 2000, followed by his master’s degree status in Practical Theology in 2002. He completed his PhD in Practical Theology in 2002.

He said he received the shock of his life in his practical year that he completed at a white congregation in Klerksdorp. “I wondered what the Lord’s plan for me was.”

However, his answer came quickly with the fact that he was instrumental in the founding of a black congregation. “Today they even have two sermons in the morning. The first is in Afrikaans and the second in the people’s own language. Theology students do the sermons every weekend on a Sunday.”

Prof Letšosa’s first full-fledged congregations in 2001 were those in Boskop, Tlokwe-Botshabela (Vyfhoek) and a ward in Kokosi, Fochville, and he held this post together with his position at the Faculty of Theology until 2005. In 2002 he was appointed as lecturer in Practical Theology in the Faculty of Theology where he was promoted to fellow professor in 2008.

He has also been professor at the Theological School since 2006, a position that he will hold in terms of an agreement with the Curators of the RCSA. Since 2011 he is the director of the School of Minister Training within the faculty.

Later on he also became involved in the founding of a congregation in Venterskroon in the Vredefort Dome, which is still under his wing.”I can still look after my people there, because I could not leave them without a shepherd.”

He is very excited about his appointment as vice-rector of the Potchefstroom Campus. “For the university to survive we have to hold each other’s hands high and work together to bring about change.”

“Potchefstroom could be one of the most wonderful institutions in the country if we take hands so that we do not see the difference between white and black anymore.”

“If God wants to use me to bring about change, then I am just the instrument in His hand.”

Hettie Brittz vier lente by gesinspieknieks regdeur SA

Hettie Brittz.

Hettie Brittz.

Hettie Brittz, bekende ouerskapskrywer (Kweek kinders met Karakter / Kweek gesonde gesag / Kweek Dissipline met Deernis) en –spreker, tree tussen 1 en 8 September by pieknieks en praatjies in die Wes-Kaap, Vrystaat, Noord-Wes, Gauteng en Oos-Kaap op tydens haar landswye Immergroen Lentefees.

Dié inisiatief roep gesinne op om ‘n nuwe seisoen saam met die nuwe lente te vier. Dit plaas ‘n feestelike klem op gesinne se saamwees en saamdoen, sé Immergroen Ourskap in ‘n persverklaring .

Volgens die kreatiewe Christelike ouerskap diens bied hulle fasiliteerders regoor die pieknieks en praatjies aan sodat gesinne toerusting kan ontvang om ‘n verskil in hulle gesinslewe teweeg te bring. Gesinne word ook genooi om self inisiatief te neem en op Lentedag en die 8ste September in enige park, by hulle gemeente of sommer saam met vriende gesinspieknieks te hou en die foto’s in te stuur om Immergroen prudukte as pryse te wen.

Gesinne is in krisis en sommige glo nie meer dat ‘n gelukkige gesin die norm kan wees nie, sé die verklaring.

PE Hoogland nooi almal uit na piekniek met Hettie op 8 September
PE Hoogland Gemeente, een van die kerke wat deelneem in die Lentevees kondig: “Sy [Hettie] sal op Sondag 8 September 2013 tydens die oggenddiens om 08:30 optree en daarna nooi ons die hele Port Elizabeth gemeenskap (ouers / grootouers / amper ouers en selfs onderwysers) almal uit na ’n lekker – saamkuier – gesins – piekniek saam met Hettie hier op Hoogland se lowergroen grasperke vanaf so 10:30!

“Alles is gratis so ons nooi almal om jou piekniekmandjie te pak en saam met Hettie te kom gesels en leer oor die reis van dissipelskap by ons kinders …

“Dit beloof werklik om ongelooflike oggend te wees en ’n wonderlike toerustings geleentheid vir enige iemand wat iewers in hulle lewens met kinders te make het of jy nou ’n ouma is wat smiddae huiswerk moet doen of ’n onderwyseres met 30 woelwaters in jou klas.”

Navrae kan gerig word aan Leandra by Hoogland se Kerkkantoor 041 367 1485 / leandra@pehoogland.co.za of aan Lynette van Wyk lynettevw@gmail.com.

Die Immergroen Lentefees landswye program en meer besonderhede is beskikbaar op die webwerf www.immergroenouerskap.co.za of hulle Facebook bladsy. Intussen kan jy gerus luister na Hettie se ouerskapswenke elke Dinsdag- en Donderdagoggend net na 6h opKykNET se Dagbreek program.

Police commissioner calls for prayer on eve of Marikana shooting anniversary

National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega urged all South Africans to pray for those affected by the Marikana Massacre.

National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega calling for prayer ahead of the Marikana shooting anniversary. (PHOTO: eNCA)

Report compiled from eNCA, News 24 and BD Live

National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega has urged all South Africans to pray for those affected by the infamous Marikana shooting which marks its first anniversary tomorrow (Friday August 16).

Phiyega, South Africa’s first woman head of police, made the call on Sunday as she led a prayer service in Cape Town for those who were affected  by the events in which 44 people were killed during a wage-related strike at Lonmin’s platinum mine in Marikana in August last year. Police shot dead 34 striking miners on August 16, 2012 while trying to disperse and disarm them.

“I ask that we pray earnestly as we spare a thought for the families, the friends and the colleagues of the security guards, police officer, workers union officials, workers and innocent bystanders who have lost their lives during this tragedy,” said Phiyega.

She said the Markiana shooting has deeply affected members of the SAPS as well as herself.

“The Marikana tragedy also affected us as police, both as individuals within the service and also as an organisation. As the leader of the organisation, the tragedy has also impacted me. I feel the pain they are experiencing just like the police officers who were on duty in Mariknana. I am learning to come to terms with it,” she said.

Phiyega said that at an opportune time she plans to visit mining communities to try and heal the rift caused by the deaths at Marikana.

Meanwhile commemorations at Marikana tomorrow (Friday) are taking place under a cloud of political division and ongoing violence in the area. The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) will not take part in the Marikana commemorations, spokesperson Lesiba Seshoka said in a statement today (Thursday). He said the organisation of the commemorations “has been hijacked by the so-called Marikana Support Group and the programme filled with only opposition political parties”. He said that previously there was consensus between the NUM, Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union [Amcu], Solidarity, Uasa [United Association of SA], and various other stakeholders, including the mining companies, that deputy president of the country Kgalema Motlanthe’s office would organise the commemorations.

Seshoka said the good intentions of Amcu president Joseph Mathunjwa were “muddied” by what he described as the unilateral hijacking of the commemorations.

The NUM initially welcomed Mathunjwa’s invitation to its president Senzeni Zokwana to the commemoration.

He asked Zokwana to share the stage with him in an attempt to ease tensions in the platinum belt.

Several violent deaths in the area following the Lonmin strike have been blamed on rivalry between Amcu and the NUM.

Lonmin signed an agreement with Amcu this week, recognising it as the company’s majority trade union.

The agreement set a threshold of a 30% membership for any trade union to be recognised by the company.

Membership of the NUM, which used to be the majority union, has dropped to 20% of Lonmin’s workforce.

Seshoka said the mining sector had always been a multi-union environment where smaller unions with as little as 3% membership co-existed with the NUM irrespective of its majority.

“The National Union of Mineworkers saw it fit to not be party to these commemorations as well as to desist from organising separate commemorations as these may fuel tensions.”

At a news briefing on Tuesday, it emerged that workers had asked Amcu, their legal representatives, the SA Council of Churches (SACC), and the Marikana Support Group to organise the event.

South Africa Council of Churches president Bishop Johannes Seoka said the organisers wanted the event to be peaceful and inclusive.

A judicial inquiry into the Marikana deaths a year ago has made little progress and has been plagued by numerous postponements.tle progress. Yesterday the chairman of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, Judge Ian Farlam, postponed the proceedings again because of a delay in securing funding to pay the fees of lawyers for the injured and arrested miners.

Die geboorte van ‘n droom


Kliphartfees in Noordwes van August 2 tot 4

Na hy sy lewe aan Jesus gegee het by Mighty Men Kalahari 2011, het Frans Hugo Noordwes eggenoot en vader van twee kinders, in 2012 die behoefte gesien dat families in die area ook die ondervinding wou deel.

Einde 2012 het Frans wat windpompe installeer en herstel asook met pappegaaie boer, gedroom dat hy Esegiel moes lees.

Hy getuig dat na hy Esegiel gelees het hy weer onder die besef gekom dat daar `n groot behoefte was om die daaglikse roetine van mense se lewens te onderbreek met `n familie Christen fees waar elkeen die passie van ander Christene kon ondervind.

Hugo getuig ook dat dit nie maklik was om met `n geskikte naam vir die fees te kry wat beplan word vir begin Augustus 2013.

Naam van fees
“Die naam van so `n fees was baie moeilik en ons het omtrent ons koppe gebreek, maar die Here verwys Hugo terug na Eségiël.

“Eségiël 36:26 gee die antwoord: ‘En Ek sal julle `n nuwe hart gee en `n nuwe gees in jul binneste gee; en Ek sal die hart van klip uit julle vlees wegneem en julle `n hart van vlees gee.’ Prys die Here die Kliphartfees is gebore!”

Hugo sê:”Na baie gebed en wolwe in skaapklere het Hardus Dreyer, `n jong boer van die omgewing, oor ons pad gekom en hy is net so passievol om die Kliphartfees se geboorte deur die drif te dra.”

Die visie van Kliphartfees is om siele vir Jesus te wen en Sy kinders terug op die regte pad te bring.

“Die spekers, sangers, kunstenaars en gaste wat gaan optree by Kliphartfees is almal deur die Here oor ons pad gebring en Hy het hulle gekies, so glo ons. Daar is iets vir almal oud en jonk. Nog nooit het ek met meer passievolle mense in die diens van ons Skepper gwerk nie. Dit is `n interdenominansie byeenkoms.

Die kunstenaars en sprekers wat optree is Dudley mans, Rooies Strauss, Juan van Tonder, Gisela Joubert, Danie Botha, Rudi Rooibaard, Dewald Gouws, Riana Mouton, Tannie Caroline en Lolla-Pikke-Bolla en Schockwave.

Die Kliphartfees vind D.V. plaas die naweek van 2 tot 4 Augustus 2013 te Ottosdal Skougronde Noordwes. Kampplek is beskikbaar op die skougronde teen R50 per persoon per dag let wel(geen kragpunte nie). Daar is ook verblyf beskikbaar in plaaslike gastehuise en lodge`s sien webwerf www.kliphartfees.co.za vir besprekings. Dagbesoekers is welkom teen R20 vir volwassenes en R10 vir hoërskool leerlinge. Dit was `n moeilike jaar vir die boerdery gemeenskap met die droogte en donasies sal waardeer word om kostes te dek, maar ons vertrou die Here sal op Sy tyd voorsien.

Hugo sê gebedsversoek vir Kliphartfees is: Bid vir die organiseerders vir die reëlings, bid vir die kunstenaars en sprekers vir wysheid, bid veral vir bereide harte vir hul wat Jesus gaan ontmoet, en bid vir finansies vir die onkostes.

Meer inligting is beskikbaar van die organiseerders: Frans Hugo Selnr. 071 176 5650 of Hardus Dreyer Selnr. 073 260 6334 of per e-pos kliphartfees@gmail.com

Hot, hot, Kalahari tested faith and fighting spirit of Mighty Men

The second Mighty Men gathering on local farmer, Jan Fourie’s potato farm in Tosca greeted all that attended with a ‘furnace’ like welcome. To say that it was ‘hot and dry’ there would have been an understatement!

Indeed on the evening of Thursday November 8, the night before the bulk of men even began to arrive, a nearby farm in Tosca ignited into flames, which lit up the night sky for many miles around. It was as if the devil himself was putting his mark on the earth trying to dissuade anyone from partaking in the Glory of God through the forthcoming gathering of Mighty Men.

With dawn breaking on Friday the 9th, the fire at that said farm had burned itself out and thank the good Lord no one was injured either.

A fresh, but warm breeze meandered across the Mighty Men Camp as last minute preparations took place before the men started arriving (one or two had already camped overnight Thursday into Friday) and it was nice to see the ‘odd’ (meant as ‘here and there’ and not strange) Mighty Man was already up and milling about amongst the locals, who were busy with their tasks at hand.

The camp slowly began to fill up and the excitement grew steadily throughout the day with men meeting and greeting each other; many had come from far off places, and were there to not only hear the word but also to support each other and the organisers too.

A large and extremely well ‘put together’ and ‘permanent stage’ was the centrepiece of the event. The stage from last year had been extended and adapted to give shade for those that would use it. There was also a prayer tent for prayer and testimonies from men as and when they wished to convey such.

The layout was also not the same as last years event with a clear ‘down-scaling’ of marquees, fencing and other areas that had been put in place last time around. The wonderful thing about these events is that they themselves are ‘live’ so to speak and as time goes on the whole thing adapts to the needs of those organising and attending.

This time all the food and cool drinks and including the Mighty Men Tartan had all been placed under a huge single marquee set off to one side which allowed people to sit in much needed shade and also see and hear what was happening. Last year’s positioning of this huge Marquee allowed sand and wind to whip up at its door. This time around the wind and sun was at its back.

Dewald Gouws and his band, Johnny Louw, Dawie Spies, Dudley Mans and Elzabi Buek all brought ‘throughout the event’ meaningful music and the Word which was very well received by all in attendance.

‘Here I am’
As the music carried through the darkness on Friday a lightening storm some 20 miles North, on the Botswana border could be seen and from where the people in the Marquee sat, it looked as it if it was directly above the three crosses that had been planted in a new location just off to the side of the stage. Last year the crosses were right at the bottom of the field. Amazing to see such a display and it was as if God was now saying ‘Here I am!’

It was also nice to see fresh faces such as Dudley and especially Elzabi, who brought a ‘softness’ to the air as she sang beautiful ballads across the still and open sky of the Kalahari. Fellowship in the many camp areas followed when the men dispersed and the camp fires started to crackle into the night. Singing and laughter could be heard all around.

The generator closed down at 11 that evening and at half past, and in total darkness, the lone piper could be heard lamenting the men before the night’s end.

Saturday morning at five saw the camp literally emerge all at once as the men began preparing for the day. The morning service was scheduled for about seven with Elzabi singing to the men before prayers and the main speaker Dawie Spies.

Many answered the altar call and after getting the necessary support from all there it became so hot that it really was a blessing to have this part of the service early on. The rest of the day was about keeping cool and in the shade. Men sought out watering holes and dams to cool off in and some were baptised in a local family’s swimming pool.

Saturday night came about and the air was still, as in the sense of ‘no movement’ (but still very hot) and all enjoyed the music of Dewald and his musicians. The technical staff also managed to put some amazing images up on the screen; merging images of the crosses with the musicians as they played.

More Word was given and the men retired with further melodies from Elzabi. Long into the night the men chatted and enjoyed each others’ company.

At five in the morning the pipes were piped throughout the camp and all were up and packing their belongings away. This is normal on the Sunday as many need to get going once the service is over.

Johnny Louw spoke again and more people gave their lives to the Lord. Families attended as is usual in the programme and again the heat became unbearable.

The general consensus was that we had partaken in a hot and hard fought battle on the front line of Tosca, but that all in all it was well worth the hundreds of miles to get there to support to others seeking salvation.

No doubt the sands of the Kalahari will still be found amongst camping equipment and personal clothing for months to come; a reminder of another ‘baton having been passed forwards from Uncle Angus’ and of the sizzling hot weekend in which many men joined the ranks of Jesus Christ in His glorious Army.