SA primed for great breakthrough, says Bill Johnson

“I feel like South Africa is so primed for one of the greatest breakthroughs the world has ever seen,” a visibly-moved Bill Johnson told a hushed gathering at the opening session of the Kingdom Come SA conference at Family Church International, Johannesburg last night.

“I burn with that conviction — I am not just saying it,” the Bethel Church leader said in a live telecast from his home in Redding, California.

It would be just like God to make South Africa, which is far away from the major developed nations of the world, central to a move that He was doing all across the earth, said Johnson, who was not able to join his son, Eric, pastor of Bethel Church, and Banning Liebscher, founder and leader of Jesus Culture, on a visit to SA for the conference, after his wife Benni had to undergo surgery last week.

Johnson appeared to be deeply emotional at times during his message which focused on lessons from the life of a great biblical revivalist and reformer, King Hezekiah, who ended badly after he lost his passion for God and his concern for the next generations (I Kings18- 21),

After the session, conference co-host John Crumpton, leader of Breakthru Life Church, said that Johnson, who was able to see his SA audience in the packed auditorium during the live telecast, had explained that while he had been speaking to the SA gathering, the presence of God that he experienced in Redding had been so powerful that he had felt overwhelmed.

At the start of his message he said he was touched by the hunger and humility that he sensed in the audience of believers from all over the country.

Johnson’s teaching included the amazing achievements of King Hezekiah over most of his kingsship — including restoring Israel to a place of worship not seen since the reign of King David — and his final mistakes which had a disastrous impact on succeeding generations.

Drawing on the biblical lessons and his conviction that God was about to move mightily in SA, he urged — and prayed for — South African believers to maintain an authentic hunger for God and tender hearts before Him that did not turn into entitlement as they experienced increased favour.

He called on South African Christians to model to the world hearts that continually burned for God and burned for leaving a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

‘Miracle’ hailstorm brings blessings to Northern Cape

Hail covering the ground in Sutherland, Northern Cape. (PHOTO: Starry Night Self Catering)

Originally published in Breaking Israel News

A hailstorm last week that partially resembled one of 10 plagues of Egypt in the Biblical Passover story was a blessing to the drought-stricken South African province of Northern Cape, in what The South African dubbed to have been “a miracle rainstorm.”

The town of Sutherland in Northern Cape was hammered by the massive hailstorm, and some parts were covered with a layer of three to five feet of ice. Though hail storms are not unprecedented in the region, this one turned out to be especially fortuitous in light of the region’s extreme drought.

The South African added that the “miracle rainstorm” was “the type of miraculous, unforeseen storm that the … Cape is crying out for.” The Northern Cape region, which has barely seen any rainfall this season over the last three years has already seen water levels rise in its nearly dry reservoirs.

A river of melted hail in Sutherland, Northern Cape. (PHOTO: Starry Night Self Catering)

As miraculous as the storm was for locals in the Northern Cape province, the hail that fell in South Africa differed somewhat from that which fell in the miracle of the seventh plague in Egypt. The Bible describes the hailstorm that struck Egypt to have included a mixture of fire with ice.

The hail was very heavy — fire flashing in the midst of the hail — such as had not fallen on the land of Egypt since it had become a nation. Exodus 9:24

Although both hail storms were miraculous in nature, the one that struck Egypt was enormously destructive for the local inhabitants as punishment for the Pharaoh’s refusal to release the Israelites from bondage.

Throughout the land of Egypt the hail struck down all that were in the open, both man and beast; the hail also struck down all the grasses of the field and shattered all the trees of the field. Exodus 9:24

Northern Cape Mighty Men Conference testimony to God’s goodness

Angus Buchan preaching at NCMMC 2017.

Special report on last weekend’s NC MMC by the event host Riaan Janse van Vuuren

The 2017 Northern Cape Mighty Men Conference (NCMMC) took place on the farm Seduan in the Modder River district, 40 km south of Kimberley on the N12 route. The area is well-known for the battle routes visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Early in 2017 the owner of Seduan, Adriaan Naude, made his farm available to host the NCMMC. The planning committee went into ‘full-drive mode’ and soon realised that this would be a successful event. A decision was taken not to ask any registration fees and to allow men to attend the NCMMC for free. Soon farmers and businessmen from the surrounding area and Kimberley came together to assist with either manpower, resources or finances. Generators, the stage, mobile toilets and several other items were sponsored. Men came forward to help as ushers and assisting with the setup of the tents, temporary structures and other infrastructure.

The speakers were chosen after much prayer and consideration. Pastor Louis Els from Victory Church in Jeffreys Bay opened the NCMMC with a powerful word followed by more than half the men making a dedication to serve the Lord. Immediately men asked to be baptised, and on the Saturday afternoon we baptised 13 men in the Riet River, flowing next to the stage. Saturday morning Past Afrika Mhlophe ministered God’s Word and the evening was a testimony evening facilitated by Dewald Gouws, who also led the praise and worship. Sunday morning Uncle Angus Buchan ministered to a crowd of approximately 3 500 people. Nearly all responded to the Word and Uncle Angus prayed for some children after the service.

Men responding to Pastor Louis Els’s message at NCMMC 2017.

Some testimonies received so far:

  • On Friday morning a man reported to the operational centre that he is willing to work during the weekend. On Friday night God had an appointment with him and he was baptised on Saturday. This young man has got a servant’s heart and I know God will use him for His glory in the future;
  • A man phoned me and said that Dewald prayed for a family friend who was diagnosed with cancer. On Monday she underwent further tests and the doctors declared her cancer-free;
  • A farmer came to me and said that his workers, who attended the NC MMC, are new men and during Monday morning’s devotional time on the farm, they could not stop testifying of what the Lord had done;
  • A man driving from Pretoria said “I had to be there. God answered me”;
  • Every person on the committee agreed that God had a special word for them;
  • The electrician testified that the generator (3-phase) ran the entire weekend and did not use diesel;
  • No injuries were reported;
  • God is the weatherman! The weather services predicted stormy weather, and God changed it to beautiful sunny days and cool evenings.

Glory to God for His grace and mercy. He has touched us and we are filled with joy!

Northern Cape Mighty Men blessed with beautiful, free venue

Seduan Farm is the location of Northern Cape Mighty Men 2017.

The Northern Cape Mighty Men Conference (NCMMC) that takes place September 22 to 24 has been blessed with a venue that is not only idyllic, on the banks of the Riet River, but which has been made available free of charge.

Adriaan and Lien Naude, the owners of Seduan Farm, are keen to share their piece of paradise with NCMMC visitors.

“Last year, we were out walking and appreciating how the Lord had blessed us with our home and farm.

“As a family, we felt that it would be wonderful to extend the blessing for others to enjoy too, especially because the farm is easily accessible to visitors.

Billy Kraft is in charge of safety and security at NCMMC 2017.

“We left it at that and didn’t think much more about the possibility, apart from mentioning it to a Pastor Herman Steyn of the AFM Church, House of Restoration, in Kimberley, who, a few months later, referred to it in a discussion with Riaan Janse van Vuuren, the chairperson of the NCMMC organising committee.

“They came to look at the venue, one thing led to another and the next thing we were hosting the NCMMC, which has created quite a bit of excitement in the nearby towns of Ritchie and Modderrivier as well as the surrounding irrigation-farming community, including both farmers and farm workers.

“There has also been a lot of involvement in the preparation of the venue by the local community, from the farmers’ association to the local co-operative and businesses.

“I have had offers of assistance from many different people, so the event has already brought people together across racial lines and class differences.

“I haven’t come across any negative attitudes,” says Adriaan.

Riaan and Mariana Janse van Vuuren are the Organisers and liaise with the speakers.

NCMMC 2017, which is free of charge, has a high profile line-up of speakers with Pastor Louis Els, opening the conference on Friday, Pastor Afrika Mhlophe speaking on Saturday and Angus Buchan presenting the family service on Sunday. Dewald Gous will lead the praise and worship team.

Riaan confirms the growing excitement saying there are already a number of congregations that have let the organising committee know they will be attending Uncle Angus’ Sunday morning service at NCMMC as a body instead of holding a service at their Church.

The venue is only 40 kilometres from Kimberley, 25 kilometres from Jacobsdal and 60 kilometres from Koffiefontein, which makes it convenient for a broad range of people.

“The venue is also only 1,2-kilometres off the N12 road to Cape Town, so it is easy to access.”

Peet Boshoff heads up the children’s ministry Mighty Kids.

An innovation of NCMMC is the Mighty Kids, which will be ministered to by Peet Boshof who has a heart for children with a ministry that caters for orphans in the Kimberley-Jacobsdal area.

Peet says he noticed that young children require a separate service because of their need for a gospel message at their level. He has a band that presents children’s music as well as a puppet show.

Peet says many of the issues that children face relate to their identity and divorced parents, especially children from orphanages.

“My passion is to minister to children, because their faith is so pure, they believe and love without question or condition.

“We adults can learn so much from children’s simple acceptance and unashamed expression of their love for Jesus, that is why I love ministering to children, because I learn so much from their faith,” says Peet.

Hansie and Hannelie oversee the logistics and finances. (PHOTO: Picture You Photography)

Although it is a free event 400 people have already registered to camp for NCMMC.

“As it is close to Kimberley, Ritchie, Modderrivier and Jacobsdal, we expect a high percentage of day visitors, however, there are camping facilities for those that want to sleep at the venue.”

Riaan advises that no alcohol will be allowed. Campers and those sleeping in caravans should bring their own water, cold-drinks, coffee and food, although there will be vendors selling food and drinks.

While there will be a specified area for open braai fires, only gas fires are permitted in the camping area.

Showers are also available at set times during the day.

Everyone attending should bring their own camping chairs for seating, a flashlight for seeing at night and a Bible for enlightening the eyes of their hearts.

For more information go to the NCMMC website at or telephone 073 447 8183.

Last KMMC will be best and a new start, says Angus Buchan

KMMC Moolmans and Angus

Jannie Moolman (left), KMMC organiser and host and his wife, Marelize (right) with Angus Buchan (centre), founder of MMC. (PHOTO: Rob Southey)

Angus Buchan has confirmed that Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2017 (KMMC 2017) will be the last to be held at Renosterfontein Farm on the outskirts of Middelburg near the foot of the majestic Renosterberg Mountain.

However, the MMC founder said that he is confident KMMC 2017 will be the best yet — and that God would start a new conference in the Karoo next year with a new team and new venue.

Uncle Angus met with the KMMC organising committee before a larger gathering of Mighty Men Conference (MMC) organising committees at his farm, Shalom, this past week to convey MMC guidelines and parameters for the 20 events that are set to take place during 2017.

He paid tribute to the KMMC committee members for being among the first to receive the baton from him to host a MMC after the last conference at Shalom in 2010.

Decision guided by the Lord
The MMC founder said although people from many different parts of South Africa and even overseas have mentioned to him how they were blessed by KMMC, everything has a season and the decision by the event’s co-ordinator and host, Jannie Moolman and his wife Marlize, together with the organising committee to make 2017 the last KMMC was not an easy one, but was guided by the Lord.

“What you have to understand is that God speaks through individual men not through an organisation; for example, God spoke to Moses and raised him up to take His people out of Egypt; He did not speak to a group of people telling them to take the Israelites out of Egypt . . . and just as well or they would, probably, still have been in Egypt.

“Jannie has heard from the Lord that the season for hosting a Mighty Men Conference at Rusoord Farm is over, which is no easy thing, just as it was not easy for me when I heard from the Lord that the season for MMCs at Shalom was passed and that I should hand the baton on.

“Jannie and Marlize were called by God and the buck stopped with them, not with the group.”

Uncle Angus encouraged all committee members to focus on KMMC 2017 and give their all to this year’s event.

He said God would show the next step in due course and urged the KMMC committee members to pray for guidance from God with regard to the way forward for an MMC in the Karoo and its location.

It’s a God thing
“Listen to the Lord, the MMC in the Karoo belongs to Jesus . . . it is not an Angus Buchan thing, nor a Jannie Moolman thing it is a God thing.”

The MMC founder said it is vital that each of the committee members have peace about how the MMC conference continues in the Karoo.

He anointed each committee member and prayed that God would give them clarity concerning the MMC in the Karoo.

“I believe God will do a new thing with this committee next year, with a new name and a new venue,” said Uncle Angus.

“The move of God in the Karoo is far from finished. We might change the physical locality and name of the conference, but the Lord’s will being done in the Karoo will not be stopped.

“We can’t contain God, He is too big,” added the evangelist.

All present at the meeting agreed on the necessity to focus on KMMC 2017, now, and leave discussion of where, when and how the next conference would take place until after this year’s event.

KMMC cross

The cross that overlooks the stage area of KMMC on Renosterfontein Farm. (PHOTO: Rob Southey)

KMMC origins
Looking back on how KMMC came to be, Jannie said that after the 2010 MMC at Shalom farm, Uncle Angus announced there would be no conference at Shalom in 2011 as he would be concentrating his efforts on holding gatherings at soccer stadiums throughout the nation and that he was passing on the baton to regional conferences, which should be held instead.

“After speaking with fellow Christians in the nearby towns of Cradock, Colesburg, Somerset East and Graaff-Reinet we decided to present a regional Karoo Mighty Men Conference and that Middelburg, because of its central location, would be a good choice as a location for hosting the event.”

Jannie explains that after viewing a number of possible venues the organising committee returned to Renosterfontein and prayed at the site at which the cross is now erected at the top of a koppie overlooking the stage area.

“The presence of God’s Holy Spirit, His peace, the restfulness of the environment and its serenity made a deep impression on all present — many of the organising committee were reduced to tears.

“All of us just knew it was the right place. The KMMC organising committee members were unanimous in their choice of site for the conference.”

The effectiveness of KMMC
Jannie says a measure of KMMC’s effectiveness is the number of men who have returned home each year changed by God’s grace and ready to serve their families and neighbours in Jesus Christ’s name, which has glorified the Lord.

However, KMMC has been a fruitful event from a number of other perspectives: winning souls for the Lord with thousands of men (and women and children) having accepted salvation in Jesus Christ at the venue; the number of visitors growing from 3 000 in 2011 to 30 000 in 2016; the initial momentum and inspiration for four new MMCs gained at KMMC (Soweto, Kareedouw, Boshof and Cape St Francis); and the individual members of the organising committee growing as followers of Christ in faith, prayer, self-sacrifice and deeds.

Jannie says one of the most important areas of growth of the KMMC organising committee during the seven years of hosting the conference is individual members’ faith maturing and strengthening.

He contends that the committee members’ biggest lesson in faith has been to rely on the Lord and that trying to achieve through their own efforts is counter-productive.

“We have found that the more we take ourselves out of the KMMC equation and depend on God, the more He acts supernaturally.

“For example, during the first two conferences in 2011 and 2012 the organising committee felt it necessary to ask those attending to pay an entrance fee to help cover costs, because the event is extremely expensive to present.

“Yet, despite the entrance fee, we still had difficulties covering the financial requirements.

“However, after the committee decided to rely completely on their faith for God’s provision and not ask an entrance fee in 2013, thereby making it possible for all to attend, no matter their financial circumstances, God has worked miraculously; He has provided excess, allowing us to sow into the Kingdom,” says Jannie.

KMMC sunset prayer

Prayer and worship at the 2014 KMMC. (PHOTO: Rob Southey)

Foundation of prayer
He says a fundamental element of the growth of the organising committee’s faith has been prayer.

“From the very first year of KMMC in 2011, we have laid a foundation of prayer for everything we have done by first committing all decisions concerning the conference to the Lord in prayer.

“Each year we have also had a KMMC Intercession Team consisting of men and women from all over South Africa, and a 40 Days of Prayer programme that forms a foundation for the conference, which begins in March and continues until the day the conference starts.”

Jannie says it is important to note that some of KMMC’s most powerful and faithful prayer warriors have been women.

He explains that although the Lord placed it on his heart, the decision to end the hosting of KMMC at Renosterfontein has not been easy having involved much prayer and many tears as the seven-year spiritual journey has been both life changing and character forming for him, his family and the organising committee.

The last KMMC
“We believe and trust the Lord that the last KMMC will be extraordinary, especially with the line-up of speakers: Afrika Mhlophe, will lead the Friday night session that will include four other speakers — a KMMC committee member, a camp commander, a camper and Uncle Angus’ son Andy Buchan — who together, will give an overview and review of the KMMC experience”.

“All previous KMMC speakers will also attend the Friday-evening session.

“Petrie Spies, who is a young, dynamic youth preacher from Bloemfontein, will bring God’s word on Saturday morning.

“Bishop Joshua Lwere, whose presentation at KMMC 2016 on reconciliation was both heartfelt and acclaimed, will present the Saturday evening session. Bishop Lwere, is the overseer of a network of about 30 000 churches across Uganda. He has taken it upon himself to work for the reconciliation of Ugandans based on repentance and forgiveness. Idi Amin’s son, Jaffar, is one who has repented and travels with Bishop Lwere all over Uganda asking for forgiveness on behalf of his father and promoting reconciliation among his people.

“Finally, on Sunday morning, Uncle Angus Buchan will bring God’s Word and lead families in worship of the Lord in the glory of His creation as reflected by the silence and space of the Karoo heartland, towered over by the majestic Renosterberg on the edge of the Sneeuberge mountain range,” says Jannie.

KMMC 2017 will take place April 28 to 30 on the outskirts of Middelburg in the Eastern Cape on Renosterfontein Farm. For more information contact Ruthi van der Merwe at (M) 082 857 7839 (F) 049 842 3310 e-mail: website:

Area no more a ‘dry, barren, desert’ after first Northern Cape MMC


The NCMMC worship team in action

Riaan Janse van Vuuren reports back on the inaugural Norther Cape Mighty Men Conference near Kimberley last weekend.

The very first Northern Cape Mighty Men Conference — hosted by Kimberley Christian Network and organised by a team of 15 under the spiritual oversight of Pastor Herman Steyn and Rev Ensie Enslin — was held last weekend at the Pro Regno & Deo Gloria Christian Camp Sites 30km outside of Kimberley in the Barkly West District.

The camping area next to the Vaal River was established by Uncle Kenny De Kock with the vision of hosting Christian camps.


Willie Joubert, right, and Graham Power.

The entire Pro Regno Trust — which manages the camping are — was totally involved in the arrangements. The Dutch Reformed Church in Barkly West and a Children’s Home benefited from the sale of food.

The theme for the NCMMC was “Identity – your identity in Christ”. The speakers were Dawie Spies from Manne van die Woord on Friday evening, Hendrik Putter on Saturday morning, Graham Power from Unashamedly Ethical on Saturday evening, and Jannie Pelser from Rant-en-Dal Dutch Reformed Church on Sunday morning.

Willie Joubert led the praise and worship with a five-man band. On Sunday morning we released 70 doves as a prophetic action of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the area and the event was closed with a united prayer for rain over South Africa.


Men at the event.

Significant outcomes of the NCMMC were:

  • For years we referred to the area as a dry, barren earth. The Lord clearly showed us, through several people, that we are breaking up the ground in preparation for great spiritual breakthroughs to follow. The one prophetic word came that “no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, what the Lord has in store for those who love Him”. I personally made a commitment that I will no longer refer to the area as a dry, barren desert.
  • Without having contact before the NCMMC, the speakers and the worship team prepared from God’s throne room and during every service many men re-committed their lives to the Lord. The programme directors decided to change the Saturday evening’s programme by letting Graham Power first share the word and then have the praise and worship session. At the end of the evening, after nearly 90 minutes of praise and worship, every person in the audience made a new commitment to the Lord. This foundation led to the Sunday morning service where Jannie Pelser ministered the word.
  • The prophetic action was led by the song “Wie Sal Ek stuur” (Who shall I send) and the presence of the Holy Spirit were tangible.


Dawie Spies ministering.

  • We believe we have broken the soil for great spiritual blessings to follow. Everyone is excited about the changes in the spiritual realm that took place.
  • On Saturday afternoon we had an info session with eight pastors who camped over the weekend and they committed to support the NCMMC in the years to come.
  • A member on the planning committee launched a programme with the children at the children’s home. They were our guests at the Saturday and Sunday morning services and a programme to be spiritually involved with them was born over the weekend.

We also want to make use of this opportunity to announce that we have set a date for the 2017 NCMMC. The Pro Regno Trust has given their support for the 2017 NCMMC. The dates are September 29 to October 1,  2017.

We had made a DVD recording of the entire weekend and orders can be placed at

Radio listeners donate R2,1m worth of livestock feed to farmers in need


Adri Williams (far right), chief executive officer of Khayelitsha Cookies, and Janelie Kruger (next to Adri), media liaison of Cape Town based Christian community radio station Tygerberg 104fm, standing together with farmers and workers of the Sutherland Farmers’ Cooperative, where the third 36 tons load of feed was delivered on Sunday (February 7). (CLICK HERE to enlarge image)

A convoy of heavy trucks loaded with feed for livestock in dire need heading to farmers in drought stricken areas! This vision of a lady from Cape Town whilst sitting at her families’ laden Christmas dinner table at the end of last year has speedily become a reality.

Adri Williams, owner of Khayelitsha Cookies, a business that empowers and uplifts black women, paid for and personally delivered 512 bales of lucerne to farmers in Williston two weeks ago and to her shock experienced the devastation of the drought in the Northern Cape first hand: horses screaming from hunger, sheep being kept upright in makeshift hessian slings to prevent them from lying down and dying and farmers who don’t even have enough food or water themselves to present to their benefators.

Heartwrenching testimony
Upon her return Adri shared her heartwrenching experience with the presenters and listeners of Cape Town based community radio station, Tygerberg 104 fm, who immediately jumped into action and embarked on Project SOS 100 to raise funds to purchase feed for the livestock of farmers in need.

The station’s highest expectations were exceeded when its listeners responded to the call for help and within just five days paid in R 2 146 000. With this amount, they have now purchased and started to deliver close on 600 tons of silage. The feed consists of lucerne pellets that are wind resistant and will enable at least 80 farmers to feed their livestock for three weeks.

The listeners of Tygerberg 104fm responded from far and wide. Contributions were received from abroad as far as Canada, Saudi Arabia and Holland. A number of the listeners started their own small projects at institutions like schools and old age homes to collect money for the project.

First load
The first load of 36 tons was loaded in Oudtshoorn on Tuesday evening last week and delivered to farmers in need in the Williston and Calvinia districts the next day. Man Truck & Bus sponsored the transport. Groceries for farm households,  sponsored by Pick ‘n Pay, were also delivered. The second consignment of feed was loaded on Saturday and delivered on Sunday to farmers in the Sutherland district. The rest of the cargo will be distributed by the organisation Boere in Nood (Farmers in Need) to those districts where they know the need is the greatest.

There is a close working relationship with agricultural cooperatives to ensure the fast distribution of feed to help struggling farmers. The purhase of silage is also stimulating the local economy that is buckling under the strain of the continuous drought and heavily indebted farmers.

Prayer and action
Commenting on the radio listeners overhwelming support to the outrcy on behalf of drought ravaged farmers, Sedrick Taljaard, content manager of Tygerberg 104fm said: “Our listeners not only assisted in praying for rain and deliverance for the drought-stricken parts of our country, but instead of sitting back and waiting for the rain, they decided to take action and get involved in supporting project SOS100”.

In response to Gateway News’s congratulations on the remarkable community initiative he said: “The amazing story is that we didn’t plan this project at all. We just did what we had to do and used the medium that God gave us to convey the farmers’ outcry for help to our listeners. And then He stepped in and showed us what He can do if we put all our faith and trust in Him. All glory to God!

Anybody who would like to donate to the drought relief fund via EFT can do so at: Radio Tygerberg, ABSA Cheque Account, Account number: 404 894 1668, Branch Code: 632 005. As reference use: SOS100.

EL woman on road trip to prepare for repentance, restoration mission


Erna Goedhardt (seated third from left) with community members in Douglas who were excited to hear about her restoration vision.

An East London woman has embarked on a road trip through South Africa and Namibia to prepare for a national repentance and restoration mission that has been brewing in her heart for more than 15 years.

She said the ‘mini road trip’ which she began in Kimberley last Thursday (June 5, 2014) is a forerunner to a much bigger ‘Jonah 3’ road trip in which God has directed her to call Christians together at stadiums to repent of everything that is not in His will in the Body of Christ. The repentance will clear the way for the implementation of the God-inspired ‘Unity Corporation’ strategy for the total restoration of South Africa, she said.

Erna Goedhart.

Erna Goedhart.

She said that after she was saved in 1998, God told her he would roll out a restoration project as she walked in faith. Since then she was led to move to East London and has had opportunities to share her restoration vision with the heads of local and national Government departments in the areas of Correctional Services, Justice, SAPS and the Crime Prevention division within SAPS.

“They all wanted the project implemented immediately as the objectives address the root issues behind all anti-social behaviour,” she said.

Meeting with President Zuma
“However, we had to wait for God’s perfect timing and in the meantime, He sent me to find an open door for an appointment with President Jacob Zuma.This opportunity only came four years later as the Lord connected me with a family member of the President.This meeting took place at his Nkandla residence and I had to state that this project is indeed a Joseph’s storehouse project for the difficult times ahead and if we do not implement it from national level, it would be over for our country. I then had to ask him for a position of authority on national level to roll this strategy out on his behalf.”

She said more puzzle pieces fell into place recently when she met Retha Venter, an organiser of the Menorah Mission journey. She saw that that the mission in which menorahs (lamps) were given to ministries in all nine provinces, was a strategic prophetic action to usher in what God is about to do in the country — “…that He is about to bring forth His Light to South Africa and nations on this once dark continent. And He is even going to bring forth His Light on governmental levels”.

“God is definitely asking different members of the Body to perform certain tasks, and all these actions will culminate in His glory being brought to this nation,” she said.

Goedhart said the major Jonah 3 road trip has already been planned but God has not yet given His date for it. He had, however, directed her to undertake her mini road trip now. She has posted the route as well as a short description of the trip on Facebook, where also shares trip progress reports. In news from Kimberley and Douglas she reports that she has had warm responses from fellowship and community groups and prison inmates and did a recording for broadcast on Kruiskyk TV.

Christ Like Conference in Kimberley aimed at family

christlikeconference2014The whole family is invited to attend the 2014 Christ Like Conference at the Big Hole Convention Centre, Kimberley, from Friday, May 16 to Sunday, May 18.

Guest speakers at the conference are are Dirkie van der Spuy from Moreleta Park, Johnny Louw and Dawie Spies of Mighty Men Conferences and Manne van die Woord and Gretha Wiid with her dynamic teachings on marriage and family, say the organisers, AFM House of Restoration. Praise and worship will be led by the team from “LigWeg”.

“We realised there was a need for a family conference as you usually only hear about men’s conferences or women’s conferences,” they say.

The conference theme is “In His Presence”.

During the conference a Kids Conference will be held to accommodate children aged from 3 to 9 years and there will be a baby room for the 0 to 2-year-olds. 

Registration details and programme times are available on the website: The venue can accommodate 2 500 people and the organisers would like a full house.

Arab Christian leader to share on “Arab Spring Revolution”

23:59 SPECIAL REPORT by Cherolyn Amery
An Arab Christian leader serving in a closed, Islamic-ruled country will brief South Africans next week about the Arab Spring Revolution from a Christian perspective.

He is a keynote speaker at INcontext Ministries’ youth and young adult oriented 23:59 Missions Conference which is being held in Kimberley (July 9), Port Elizabeth (July 11) and Johannesburg (July 14).

Timothy (name changed for security purposes) and his family have been living and working as Christian ministry leaders in a closed country for the past five years. After the Arab Spring Revolution of 2011, they opted to stay in this country despite the risks posed to foreigners. Last week, more churches were destroyed in the city in which they live.

Ambushed by extremists
Yet Timothy is accustomed to serving in life-threatening ministry contexts. A number of years ago he led an outreach group that was ambushed by Islamist extremists after screening the Jesus film in a rural area. Three of the team members were killed. But this has not caused Timothy to scale back his ministry efforts. In fact, he is part of a group planning to return to the area in which the ambush occurred. When asked about this, Timothy replied: “What is my life? My life is worth nothing unless I am doing what God has called me to do. And if I die, I die. The work will go on.”

Mike Burnard, founder of INcontext Ministries, says of Timothy: “For this faithful servant who has witnessed the martyrdom of friends and still continues to labour for the Kingdom, sacrifice is not a theology nor is service a theory.”

At the day session of the 23:59 Conference, which is aimed primarily at youth and young adults, Timothy will share about the call to discipleship and the cost that is involved. In the evening he will be focus on the current situation in the Arab world.

Unprecedented changes
2011 saw massive political upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East, with the Arab Spring Revolution sweeping through neighbouring countries bringing about unprecedented changes. And while democracy appeared to be the desired outcome of the uprisings, Islamist leaders seem to have made the most of the opportunity to strengthen their political positions. Islam in itself does not allow for democracy as we know it in the west, but calls for a single-religion theocracy that seeks to extend its power and influence on a global scale.

And this can only have serious repercussions for the church in the Middle East. By the end of 2011, it was estimated that 250 000 Christians had fled Egypt, seeking a ‘better and safer’ life in Europe and America. If this was the case for Egypt, home to the largest population of Christians in the Middle East, what are Christians facing in countries in which they form an even smaller minority?

Timothy will bring a wealth of insight to our understanding of the whole situation, sharing an inside Christian perspective which has not made it to mainstream media reports. As the church, we need to take Jesus at His word, and that includes obeying His instructions to stay awake, alert and informed (Mark 13).

The evening session of the conference in Kimberley and Port Elizabeth is open to everyone and is free of charge (though an offering will be taken for Timothy’s ministry). In Johannesburg, the sessions on the Arab world will form part of the morning event.

Details are as follows:

Monday July 9 – Kimberley: Venue – Bikers’ Church, 3 Smart Street, South Ridge
Day conference: 8am to 5pm (R40pp for pre-registration or R60pp at the door)
Evening session: 7pm (free, no registration required)

Wednesday July 11 — Port Elizabeth: Venue – St John’s Anglican Church, Corner of 8th Avenue and Church Road, WalmerDay conference: 8am to 5pm (R40pp for pre-registration or R60pp at the door)
Evening session: 7pm (free, no registration required)

Saturday, July 14 – Johannesburg: Venue – Rosebank Union Church, Corner of St Andrew’s Road and William Nicol Drive, Hurlingham
Morning conference: 8.30am to 1pm (R50pp)

More information is available on the INcontext Ministries website, or by contacting the following people: Mike Burnard – or 082 865 7380; Gustav Krös (Kimberley) – or 082 299 6502; Cherolyn Amery (Port Elizabeth) – or 073 2777 542; and Sakkie Fourie (Johannesburg) – or 082 878 6566.