Lecrae shares his testimony in gripping ‘I am second’ video

Originally published in Charisma News

Lecrae is the biggest Christian rapper there is — but he wasn’t always a Christian. Once upon a time, Lecrae was a lost young man, hurt by abuse and his father’s abandonment. He looked to rappers as his role models — but then found the greatest role model of all.

Young PE entrepreneur nailing her goals in style

Nakhane “Rory” Dayile (PHOTO: Ntomboxolo Matiwane)

NMMU third year retail management student Nakhane “Rory” Dayile, 20, is unfolding herself as an innovative, enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneur.

The young founder of Port Elizabeth nail salon Royal Nails PE says her love for doing nails started with her late mother buying her mini nail kits when she was a child.

As a student at NMMU she found she couldn’t afford to pay R200 or more for a set of nails, and so she decided to teach herself and offer quality nails at reasonable prices to students.

She started her business in her small bachelor flat in Summerstrand. At first she didn’t have a table but after four to five months she moved to a neighbouring house.

“Thank God there was a table and chairs” says Dayile.

She says she enjoys learning new skills and is very independent.

“DIY’s are one of the many things that brought me to this point in my nail career. I always tell myself there’s nothing I can’t do if I put my mind, body and soul into it”, she says.

Over time Dayile kept on adding new nail care supplies, and her business grew from there.

Successful experiences
“I’m not sure which experience I would say is the most successful because I feel that there are those small intimate moments I have with my clients where we can connect and have a great conversation while also satisfying their needs.

“Making my clients happy is always my most successful experience. Additionally, being on BayTv for Youth in Business and being nominated as ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ by Enactus were unbelievable moments too.

“My only recipe for making my business a success is to always ‘rise and grind’.

“No matter what I’ve told myself this is what I want and I’m willing to fight for it. I always push myself to do better and always educate myself about the nail industry and what’s trending,” she says.

Dayile says she balances her business appointments with her university commitments, working very flexible hours.

Engagement in her business
She says her clients get to relax from their busy schedules and gain flawless nails at the same time.

“Also, I offer very unique nails aligned with the individual’s wants and needs, which will make them stand out from everyone and most importantly make them feel like a queen.

“Royal Nails PE is definitely going to expand in the near future. However, for now you can expect some collaborations, more treatments on the price list (full pedicures and massages) and also Royal Nails’ own bottle of cuticle oil.”

“God has been my guide, protector and  blesser. My business has grown because of the strength and love He has given me through my clients. I am grateful every day that I am able to wake up and do what I love and most importantly, love what I do. Thank you God of nails and of everything,” she says.

Looking further ahead, Dayile says: “I see RN being a global phenomenon, providing nail services to celebrities for red carpet events.

“The main objective is to open up a nail and beauty school where women and men from disadvantaged backgrounds can be taught this amazing skill. By teaching them, we can open doors for employment for them and/or they can even start up their own business.

“Empowering women and the youth in general and motivating them to reach their full potential is another goal. Lastly, having my own range of nail products (e.g. nail polish, gel polish, hand and body scrubs hand and nail creams, etc.), that are not harmful to the environment and to the individual.”

Word of encouragement
In a word of encouragement to young entrepreneurs, she says: “Never give up on your business or passion. I treat my business like a baby (who’s turning one year old in two weeks by the way), by nurturing my ideas, feeding my mind with new nail trends, information and then practicing in order to meet clients’ needs and wants. Another thing is to take care of yourself so that you can be able to take care and grow the business.

“Lastly, believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you, you can’t do anything.”

More information about Royal Nails PE is available on Facebook (Royal Nails PE), Instagram (@royalnailspe) and by emailing royalnailssa@gmail.com

Mr PE finalist hosting evening to honour fathers and mothers


Jean-Pierre Malgas (PHOTO: Google).

Mr PE UberMaNn 2017 finalist Jean-Pierre Malgas, 25, is hosting an evening to honour fathers and mothers in Port Elizabeth on Saturday May 27 2017.

The young chartered accountant says his successes in life so far are due to the impact of parent figures and his event was inspired by Malachi 4:6 — to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children; and the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

As a finalist in the Boardwalk MR PE UberMaNn competition Malgas is required to host a personal charity fundraising event.

The official beneficiaries for the 2017 charity fundraisers are APD, CANSA PE and a third beneficiary that will be determined by the competition winner who will be announced on the gala night on June 3  at the Boardwalk ICC.

Malgas says that in return for what he has gained from parent figures he has given back “by mentoring and walking with youths whose paths crossed with mine”.

He believes  his Evening of Honour will help bridge the gap between the younger generation of sons and daughters and the older generation of fathers and mothers in the city.

The event concept is for sons and daughters of the city to sow a seed of honour by sponsoring a three-course meal for parents of the city.

Guests will have time to mingle with a diverse group of other parents of the city. A band of sons and daughters led by Timothy Hartzenburg will set the tone with live music and Francisco Prins will render a couple of poetry pieces around the theme of honour, says Malgas. A 15-20 minute video production by sons and daughters honouring parents will be screened. Parents will have an opportunity to sow a seed of affirmation into the younger generation.

Event costs are R300 for one sponsorship, R500 for two sponsorships, R700 for three, etc. The Evening of Honour will be at Savages Fine Foods, Park Drive from 6.30pm for 7pm to 9pm on May 27.

Sons and daughters keen to support the Evening of Honour should contact Malgas at jeanpierre.malgas@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Mr PE finalist doing it for God

Andrew Waters

Die Burger, Boardwalk Mr PE 2016 finalist, Andrew Waters, is using his platform to share the love of God. (PHOTO: Craig Anderson Photography).

Unashamedly Christian Mr PE finalist Andrew Waters shares that his dream is to use the platform to bring glory to God and shake the young people of Port Elizabeth.

In an interview with Gateway News, Waters explained how the Die Burger, Boardwalk Mr PE 2016 campaign had begun to show him  a fresh revelation of God’s love as he participated in the various activities and promotions during the run up to the gala event.

The 12 finalists will host a charity golf day on Friday, June 3 at the PE Golf Club in aid of Wings and Wishes, an organisation that arranges medical flights and transportation for critically ill children; and Quest School for Autisim, which focuses on loving, educating and working with autistic children.

WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (1)

(PHOTO: Craig Anderson Photography)

Water’s said he has always known that God’s plan for him involves being a difference maker and leader to the young people of Port Elizabeth.

“This was a dream that God had placed in my heart as a teenager. I knew that I was to be a role model to the youth; not to inspire them to be like me but to motivate them enough to see their own dreams and believe in themselves to achieve them.

“I want to get more involved in the community, to bring something new and refreshing that would make a difference in this city,” he said.

Waters wowed the audience at the finalists first public appearance event on May 2 when he passionately declared that he was a child of God and desired to help bridge the gap for young people to cross over from where they were to where God wanted to take them.

“Who I am and what I believe in has everything to do with being a child of God!” the 27 year old client services clerk shared with the captivated audience at the Boardwalk. (See video at bottom of page)

Waters said making the decision to share his faith has always been a no-brainer and he gladly took the opportunity to do so at the event.

“It was a big deal,” he explained.

“I thought of a lot of impressive things to say but overall I decided that if I am introducing myself to Port Elizabeth, then I need to stick with being me.”

To support Andrew Waters as a finalist in the Die Burger, Boardwalk Mr PE 2016 campaign, and to help him garner more points, follow him and his journey by liking his Facebook page and sharing posts that he has been tagged in. You can also send him your prayers and encouragements by using the hashtags #mrpe2016 #yomediasa and #portelizabeth.

IMG-20160519-WA0020 (1)

The Die Burger, Boardwalk Mr PE 2016 gala event will be held on June 17 at The Boardwalk ICC in Port Elizabeth. Tickets can be purchased directly from Waters and will not be available at the door.

Sponsors who would like to get involved in the charity golf day by sponsoring cash or prizes can do so by contacting Waters via email.

Fight the New Drug schools campaign gets teens fighting porn

Taryn and Abrie

Taryn (centre) and Abrie Lourens engaging with young people.

A special report by Taryn Lourens about the Fight The New Drug ministry that she and her husband Abrie offer as a community service.

Porn. Mention that word and you might get an awkward look or a muffled giggle from teenagers. Even though most teens have seen it, few know just how addictive it is. An addiction to porn is  one of the most common addictions among teenagers today, yet many are being taught at school, or by the media, that it is normal, or even healthy to watch porn.

The Fight the New Drug movement was first launched in America in response to the growing ‘porndemic’ and is getting teens all over the world fighting back against the porn industry. Fight the New Drug South Africa was launched in Cape Town in 2014 and we have spoken at 20 schools all over South Africa so far.

Fight the New Drug uses science, multi-media presentations and personal testimonies to present the medical facts on how a pornography addiction is similar to an addiction to drugs in the way it affects the brain and impacts individuals and society. FTND is educating hundreds of thousands of people across the world through creative social media and schools presentations and is providing help for those who want to break free.

Gospel opportunities
At all the schools, my husband, Abrie, requests permission to share his testimony of how God set him free from an addiction to porn. This gives him an opportunity to explain the Gospel.

As part of his testimony, Abrie challenges those who are addicted to take radical action to break the habit. He tells them that they should break their phone or computer and that if they are not willing to do that, he can come and break it for them! At the second school this year, a group of boys stayed behind after the presentation to ask Abrie questions. One boy said that during the presentation, he deleted all the porn off his phone! We reminded them that although that is a good start, we must repent of our sin and surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ, to experience lasting freedom.

Making the most of every opportunity
At another high school, Abrie was not permitted to share his testimony. We made the most of this disappointment by sharing the Gospel with a girl who was determined to convince us that porn is actually healthy! We also went to different groups of teens having their break time, distributed Gospel tracts and shared the Gospel with them.

At a Christian school, a boy asked us for advice on how he could break his addiction and requested prayer. We gently probed to find out what background issues in his life could be making him more susceptible to such as addiction. He shared with us that his father is a pastor and that he feels too ashamed to talk to him about these struggles. We also carefully explained the Gospel, and urged him to repent, surrender to Jesus and to take radical action. He was grateful for our counsel.

We offer these presentations for free as a service to the community. We are based in Cape Town, so are available at most times of the year to come to schools or churches in the Cape. We will be going on tour in August and September. Abrie and I are available for school or church meetings from August 21 to September 1 in Gauteng and from September 2 to September 12 in Pietermaritzburg or Durban.

Please email me (Taryn): info@christianaction.org.za or call 021 689 4480 or 072 215 4801 to arrange for us to come to your school or church.

Khayalakhe ‘Mr Worship Song’ Skosana — Ushering in the glory of Christ


A monthly column in which Kwakanya Nazo shares stories, interviews and testimonies of young people from all walks of life who are radical for Jesus and live to see change and transformation in and around them.

Mr Worship Song

Khayalakhe Skosana.

Khayalakhe, Mr. Worship Song, Skosana – singer, songwriter, vocal coach amongst many others — was born and bred in Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape. Having being born into a closeknit family, he believes he was strategically placed there by God as a restorer and rebuilder. With a number of young people looking to public figures for inspiration, Mr. Worship song drew his inspiration from a human being in what he describes as his world – his late gran. Growing up, while other children played cars and dolls, Khayalakhe would spend much time in the kitchen bonding with his sisters and also learning how to cook and bake ; the biggest mistake one could ever make was to leave him alone in the kitchen (more often than not, it got quite messy) . His gran, however, believed that he would take the medical route and some of her final words to him were: “When you grow up, someday you will heal me.” Khaya wanted to be a medical doctor in order to live up to his grandmother’s words but unfortunately that could not happen. He says a part of him always knew he will sing but he never got any exposure or platforms to express himself until 2007 when he decided to relocate to Johannesburg.

Music career
When Khaya got to Johannesburg his father started a church and he didn’t have a worship team.

“I was obviously the only one there who could sing and for the first time in my life I felt SO fulfilled” he said.

Like many other musicians, Khaya describes his journey so far as “challenging”– not based on anything other than the that he believes his passion is his assignment. To usher the body back to Christ, is what he believes he has been called to, Khayalakhe wholeheartedly believes his assignment is to assist in the generation that writes fresh and new songs — sounds that will indeed bring the glory back to Christ.

Mr Skosana confidently believes there is a wave of God’s glory that is coming and God spoke to him about it years ago and “it will come through the music industry”. Khaya believes God is yet to restore dignity and honor back into Worship and that He will use men like himself alongside many others to usher in this glory.

As part of his assignment, Khaya has a heart for healing and restoration. He believes that the body of Christ should expect the miraculous, where the blind get sight and the lame can walk. Like Elijah and Elisha, part of what Khaya is set to do in this generation is to raise worship ministers who are bigger and better than himself.

Asked what grace is and what it means to him personally, Khaya said: “Grace to me does not mean ‘Go and sin, you will be forgiven’. Simply put, it means we have been forgiven and God knows we will sin but He loves us SO much that He believes we will sin no more.”

“Grace is an empowerment to live righteously; it is not a license to sin. It fuels you to align with the nature of Christ.”

You can connect with Khayalakhe Skosana via the following platforms:
Khayalakhe Skosana – Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
Days of Glory – Facebook page
Email: info@dayofgloryunleashed.co.za

Tshego ‘Ox’ Nche — student, rugby player and radical for Jesus


A monthly column in which Kwakanya Nazo shares stories, interviews and testimonies of young people from all walks of life who are radical for Jesus and live to see change and transformation in and around them.

Tshego Ox Nche

Tshego ‘Ox’ Nche — University of Free State student and Cheetahs player.

In the world and times we live in it becomes rarer by the day to see people who are truly radical for Christ and unashamed of Him. Amongst those, I came across a gentleman who is not afraid of who and whose he is — Tshego.

“Growing up, my mom made sure I went to church every single Sunday and she would make sure I prayed before I ate or even went to bed. I never saw the significance of this until I was 16, when my life changed, I got born again. I met with God at my church youth camp when we got split into groups and heard what people had to say about God – it was then, when I realised I would never experience God [without being born again]. Going to church and reading your bible is good but having a personal relationship with Him is truly something else.”

Tshego had the following responses to the questions I asked him:

1. Full names
Retshegofaditswe (we are blessed) Nche but affectionately known as Ox.

2. Family
I am an older brother to my brother and sister. I also have a mother and a step dad.

3. What do you do for a living?
Well, I study and I play rugby.

4. If (in your field) you would meet one person. Who would it be, and WHY?
The only person I’ve always wanted to meet was the late Jonah Lomu really, because I have always looked up to him. Jonah has been my role model since I fell in love with the art that is rugby.

Tshego break

Tshego ‘Ox’ Nche breaks with the ball during the World Rugby U20 Championship 3rd Place Play-Off match between France and South Africa in Italy on June 20, 2015. (PHOTO: David Rogers/Getty Images Europe)

5. Who is your favourite musician?
I don’t really have one, but I have been listening to J Cole’s latest album.

6. Your favourite motto?
I have quite a few BUT before doing most things, I always ask myself “will it matter in the end?”

7. What is your greatest achievement so far?
I can’t really sum them all up into one thing but if I have to I would say it would be playing for the Junior Boks; it seems to stand out to everyone.

8. What WORD would you say best describes you?

9. What is your favorite scripture?
Isaiah 40: 29-31

10. What is the one thing people don’t know about you?
I really enjoy dancing

11. When you hear the word GRACE, what comes to mind?
God’s love but most importantly, unmerited favour. Grace is the ONLY reason we are where we are and doing what we do.

Finding joy in practical service on ministry ship

Trina Skinner writes about her 2 years on MV Logos Hope, Operation Mobilization’s famous floating book fair and outreach vessel which is due to visit South Africa from March 16 to July 12, 2016.


After two years of service on MV Logos Hope, Trina Skinner is spending time with her family in Durban and motivating people to get behind the ship’s upcoming SA vist before starting university in Australia in 2016. Her family moved from Australia to SA with Operation Mobilization 13 years ago.

My name is Trina Skinner, a 21 year old with a passion to serve the Lord in practical ways.

I have spent the last 2 years on board the ministry ship, the MV Logos Hope, learning and growing in my personal walk with the Lord through the good and bad times, work, ministry, and people.

The Logos Hope is an ocean going passenger ship, under the organisation Operation Mobilization, with 400 volunteers from 60 nations, all living in the tight knit community with the goal of sharing the love of Christ to the countries we have the opportunity to visit.

Since I joined the ship straight after high school, I didn’t get to choose in which department I would work but after an interview they would place me where the need was…I had an immense desire to join Deck Department, “the sailors”…in charge of the maintenance, security and the navigation of the vessel. My dad knew this and tried his best to talk me out of the “hot, dirty, men’s work” so to honour my dad’s opinion, I put Deck as my second choice in my interview, yet God saw it fit to place me in that department. I was physically challenged and spiritually rewarded.

31 ports in 15 countries
In my 2 years, I sailed to 31 ports in 15 countries, got to go to some places that as a Christian there are many restrictions, yet God worked in amazing ways!

I will never forget Bahrain! The ship was warned of a duty free Liquor store within the port’s premises, where Saudi Arabian’s would cross the border from their alcohol prohibited country and get their weekly fill of liquor. God definitely has a sense of humour…Instead of encountering drunks, we had thousands of Saudis coming on board the MV Logos Hope, spending they alcohol money on good literature and meeting true believers in Jesus, for the first time!


People always ask me what my highlights were; I would have to say friends, work, and sailings. I was a witness to God transforming lives, seeing teenagers join the ship because they were forced by their parents or volunteered for the traveling side of things, I saw them grow, find their gifts and start to use them in international ministry. I experienced it in my own life; I joined thinking I had no talents and having no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I leave with many skills, lessons learnt, and a direction in which the Lord is leading. God was faithful and continually blew me away with the lessons he taught me, but it wasn’t always easy… like any growth, there are pains included.

Nothing for GOD in vain
One thing I had to continually remind myself was that no work, done for the Lord is ever in vain! Even if it’s dealing with 400 people’s garbage and not complaining when something juicy sprays all over you and as you walk the stench follows like a black cloud, or removing rust for hours in a tiny rusty room with sweat pouring down your cheeks that no one notices they are actually tears…in times like these I had to rely on the Lord. Not only would He give me the strength to carry on but he would bless me with joy, His Joy!


trina5I loved the opportunities to help out in local organisations doing mostly practical ministry. There was one village in particular in Sri Lanka that will be etched in my memory forever. As we arrived we noticed people hiding behind their doors, peeking out from behind trees, curious yet cautious. We were there to replace a roof of a home that had burnt and was slowly being rebuilt, even with no roof the family had been living inside. I automatically am drawn towards the young daughters, but as I kneel down to greet them they hide farther in their mom’s skirt, tears rolling down their precious faces. Taken aback and feeling slightly rejected I asked the translator to introduce us and I came to find out that I was the first white person the girls had ever seen. As the day progressed the villagers and kids became friendlier, we even recruited some to help us. By the end of the day I couldn’t get the girls off of me, giggling, tickling, jabbering away in Sinhalese…in just one day they trusted me!


God taught me so much about His love, mercy, leadership, patience, work ethic and the list can go on…I joined the ship because I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to be used to impact lives, and yet I was the one impacted and changed!

Conferences addressing children’s hunger to know God


Conference attendees at the recent “Stepping into the new” conference at Father’s House in Cape Town”

We are living in an age where children are developing a hunger and thirst for God unlike anything seen before, says Esme Schmitt, a children’s pastor who conducts conferences to train people working with and parenting children. 

Several prophetic words have been released of a billion children who will have supernatural encounters with God and then get saved. This move of God will specifically affect churches, since they will predominantly consist of children, says Schmitt. 

“Children’s churches, parents and school teachers are recognising a need in children to not only learn about God, but to also experience His Presence and to know His love. Over the last few years I have seen a growing interest in how to raise children who can hear God’s voice, encounter His Presence and do signs, miracles and wonders.”   Due to this need, she says she started to conduct conferences to teach children’s churches, pastors and teachers these practical skills.

During the last two weekends such conferences took place at Father’s House in Cape Town and at Hope Family church in Johannesburg. Children’s churches and parents from different churches in these cities, as well as teachers from several Christian and public schools attended the conferences. 

“During these conferences, attendees experience activities that can be done with children at church, school and home,“ says Schmitt.  One of the activities that conference attendees experienced was called “Encounter stations”.  These stations are creative areas that can be set up in the home, classroom or church and are used for the purpose of encountering God’s Presence.  An example is a table that was set at the conference with different kinds of salty, sweet and sour food. Attendees had to meditate on Psalm 34: 8 (‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’) as they ate the food on the table. A children’s pastor from Nyanga had a powerful encounter with God at this specific station. He testified to being set free of fear as he meditated on God’s goodness.  


hildren at a christian school make drawings about about their soaking experience.

Another tool that attendees learned is called soaking.  During soaking training children are taught to be quiet before God, to soak in His Presence and to hear His voice.  After the conference in Johannesburg, Shuanet Roux, an art teacher at a Christian school implemented soaking in her classroom.  After this experience she reported: “Three hildren said that when Jesus showed them how much He loved them they felt like crying. Another girl said that God showed her that His love for her is like a rainbow that has no end.”

Many people working with children, especially children’s pastors, feel tired, are isolated and have little or no support structure.  A purpose of these conferences was to connect children’s ministries with each other and to create a space where they can be refreshed and invigorated.  Lynette Snyman, children’s pastor who hosted the conference at Father’s House, commented about this conference, “It was amazing to see how people started out hesitantly on Friday night, but by Saturday afternoon were basking in God’s presence. You could see the change in people.  Everywhere I looked I saw people being deeply impacted by a loving Father.”

God is providing a new wineskin for raising a generation of children who will love Him with all their heart, soul and mind, says Schmitt. If you want to find out more of these conferences, contact her at esme@esmeschmitt.com or visit her website at esmeschmitt.com.  The next children’s ministry training conference will be this weekend (October 30-31) at God Adventure in East London. Visist www.godadventure.org


A mother soaking with her infant daughter at the conference at Hope Family church in Johannesburg

God moving sovereignly among PE’s poorest children since citywide mission


Young children and teenagers at Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth have been experiencing a deep touch of God including a supernatural conviction of sin.

Margita Marx of the Kleinskool Initiative in one of Port Elizabeth’s poorest areas writes about what God is doing among children there since the citywide Switched On mission in August. Her desire is for strong prayer backing at this sensitive time.

On Friday, August 21 [during the Switched On mission week] a children’s bash was held at the Jesus is Lord Ministries hall in Kleinskool. Various stakeholders in this area planned and prayed for this event. On our flyers we advertised: “Come join us for a joyous event with praise and worship, items, cupcakes, and a message from God”.
We planned for 400 children and energetic ladies from Kraggakamma DR Church started baking beautifully decorated colourful cupcakes!

On Friday morning I counted about 360 cupcakes and I thought “OK, God is going to send 360 children. That is easier to handle. Perhaps I am a little ambitious”. At 15:00 the children started to arrive. They came in and more came in. Extra chairs had to be put out as they poured in. So many came that some had to stand or lean against the walls. We stopped counting when we neared 600.

I knew they came for the cupcakes and I knew we did not have enough. I planned to cut some cupcakes in half for the little ones, but my friend and assistant said: “We pray!”

There were enough cupcakes. Where they came from, I don’t know. Perhaps someone brought more to the hall but I did not see it. Every child got a cup cake and we had 300 left over!

Avontuurweek – October holiday
During the holiday week we organised a holiday club (Avontuurweek). Again Kraggakamma donated the bulk of the food. This time we thought we would prepare for 500. The metropole prayer warriors were encouraged by Joan keeling to pray for this event


Kleinskool children worshiping God during Avontuurweek last week.

Well this time 360 arrived! We had an abundance food to give every child double portions! I do not know how a revival normally happens. But here in Kleinskool amongst God’s humblest children, some who came in tattered clothes with runny noses, something happened on the Wednesday. There was a supernatural conviction of sin. A 10-year-old boy was crying in my lap and during the past weekend I still had older boys (young men) pleading with me to rid them from the clutches of drug abuse (Tik). The children, teens, and young adults wrote all the horrible things they had done in their lives on a piece of paper. They burnt it in a fire where they were prayed for. They then preceded to a wooden cross where our young teenage leaders again spoke about God’s unconditional love and His ultimate sacrifice. Finally each child had his hands washed by their leaders symbolising that their sins are forgiven.
The strange thing was that the messages were nothing out of the ordinary. Wednesday was not even planned in this way. It just happened and we looked on in awe.

A few remarks from teenagers:
1 I feel so free and happy!
2 This is the best day of my life!
3 This was so deep!
4 For the first time I now know that God really forgave me.
5 My boys were struggling with the writing and I had to help them. It is not easy to be involved because now I really have to pray for them day and night.

However, the enemy is not happy. The organisers and leaders have been under severe attack. My prayer is that God will cover every child, leader and adult with His blood and for the children not to give him an inch of an opening. This prayer cannot stop. We will carry on with Friday afternoon children’s church and Wednesday teen teaching. We, as do all the Switched On events follow ups, now need serious strong prayer. The opening was made during the Switched On week but we now need to keep on working, keep organising events, programmes, counselling sessions and we need to pray even more.

As my beautiful leader (boy) said: “It is not easy to be so involved because now we need to pray more – day and night”.