Economic oppression in SA finally ‘broken’, say intercessors

Intercessors at an economic release prayer day in Cape Town on Monday.

‘Rhodes economic legacy overthrown by word of the Lord’
A special report compiled from feedback sent to Gateway News by leaders at an economic release prayer day in Cape Town on Monday.

Leaders of  a prayer day for the economic liberation of South Africa believe that Monday — April 30 2018 — will go down in history, on earth and in heaven, as a day when the Lord broke the back of economic oppression in the nation.

Intercessors from Cape Town and Gauteng gathered at Hugo Lamprecht Music Centre in Parow, Cape Town, on Monday for the event which was called by Vuyokazi Matu, host of GOD TV show Dream Again Africa, after God gave her a burden to host a strategic session of prayer for the economic liberation of South Africa.

After a meeting during which a word of economic freedom was received and released, members of the prayer team also prayed at the Rhodes Memorial where they had a revelation about ending a spiritual legacy of oppression and poverty through Cecil John Rhodes and ushering in a new era of African economic empowerment.

The timing of the economic liberation prayer day — three days after the nation celebrated 24 years of political freedom was seen as significant, speaking of resurrection, the leaders believe.

The prayer day began with Neil de Lange, an elder in the apostolic movement in Cape Town, welcoming Gauteng leaders Apostle Linda Gobodo of Vuka Africa, and Pastors Segun Olanipekun and John Osa.

Pastor Segun was asked to raise an altar to transact with heaven on the subject of economic release, and the atmosphere began to respond to the highway created by the altar. There was a lamentation about economic injustice in South Africa and repentance was sought.

Vuyokazi Matu.

Vuyokazi Matu then shared her burden and Pastor John led a time of prayer, during which he confirmed one of the key scriptures —  Luke 13:11-16 —  from a revival service in Johannesburg on March 18 at which Gobodo declared that the Lord had announced that the chains that had kept SA bound had broken in the 18th year, freeing the nation to move into her prophetic destiny and to take Africa to her destiny.

During the prayer time a word came forth, announcing that economic freedom had come to Africa at last. Pastor John prayed: “Hear the word of the Lord, by this time tomorrow we will move from scarcity to abundance. The famine — the siege — will end in 24 hours,  like in the days of Samaria in 2 Kings 7.”

As soon as the word was released Matu travailed and gave birth in the spirit to what had been spoken, assuring the leaders that the Lord had done what He said He would do.

In a message of support for Matu’s Dream Again Africa theme, Pastor Segun shared a word which the Lord had given to him about 14 years ago, in which He said that multinational companies operating today had started as family businesses in Europe. The Lord said He had licensed them for their global operations, authorising them to attract resources globally, because Europe had the responsibility to send missionaries and to bring the Gospel to the whole world.

But he said the Lord had shown him that these multinational companies had reneged from their responsibility, and their “licenses” were expiring and would not be renewed.

He said the Lord had then told him to instruct Africans to register new businesses and to present them before His throne for authorisation so that creation might yield its resources to them.

Finally the Lord had said that they should connect Africa cities, systems and sectors to Israel so that Africa could connect to the Abrahamic covenant, operate in the Abrahamic mantle and benefit from the Abrahamic blessings — which is why they had established the Africa Israel Chamber of Commerce for African business people.

He said Africa was going to experience a new, biblical economic order, reflecting elements from Exodus 11: 1-3, including empowerment of every individual and family; access to land for all; each community, city and village taking responsibility for their own economic development; each community owning their own means of production and controlling their own food production — including owning seed; and each community choosing their own economic and development partners.

In closing the prayer meeting, Gobodo encouraged all present to receive the word of economic liberation by faith — believing it was time for the people of Africa to come out with abundance so that they might serve the Lord and build their lives and their nations.

The prayer team at the Rhodes Memorial.

After the Parow gathering members of the prayer team went to pray at Rhodes Memorial on the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak. As they approached the bronze bust of mining magnate, politician and British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, Pastor Segun received a word from the Lord to proclaim: Jeremiah 22:29-30 (KJV) — O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord . [30] Thus saith the Lord , Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days: for no man of his seed shall prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah.

“This is profound, understanding that the seed of Rhodes through the Rhodes Scholarship fund, now known as  Mandela Rhodes, is an international body that has educated and still educates some of the most influential global leaders including former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton and the current President of Russia Putin. Are the seeds of Rhodes, not to speak of the armies carrying his seed and spirit, not perpetuating economic injustice in Africa and around the world?

“We need to enforce this word of judgment in prayer over creation to rid the system of the seed of darkness,” comments Pastor John.

Pastor Segun comments: “The implication of this word is that the systemic oppression and poverty established through Cecil Rhodes through the demonic power that attended to him and seeking to perpetuate his legacy is overthrown by the word of the Lord.

“From henceforth, that legacy of Cecil Rhodes has come to an end. He shall no longer produce leaders on the continent of Africa. Anyone who has benefited from his scholarship and plunder of Africa will no longer have prominence or leadership.

“Any child of God who has benefited from Cecil John Rhodes’ legacy needs to repent and renounce the spirit behind it, otherwise, they will not be able to fit into the move of God’s Spirit on the continent.

“So shall it be in the name of Jesus Christ.”