Maluti Mighty Men aims to renew relationships

Thousands of men, women and children at the family service at the Maluti Mighty Men Conference last year.

The heartbeat of the Maluti Mighty Men conference, from April 12 to 14  on the farm Karmel near Fouriesburg in the Eastern Free State, is to create an opportunity for healing in families and for marriages on the brink of divorce to be saved.

“The healing of a family starts with a father. A father needs to fulfill his duties as king, priest, prophet and protector of his own family,” says Christo Uys, intercessor leader of this conference.

He encourages every man to not only talk, but to start acting. “Our mission is clear: we need to go back to our homes, our churches and community to make a difference. The time is now.

“So often, we want our finances to be in good health and we want our marriages to work, but our relationship with God is broken. The Bible clearly states that we should seek first His kingdom and all these things will be given to you as well. We need to focus on our relationships with God first,” says Uys.

This conference wants to challenge men to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ, through Bible study, fellowship, prayer groups or other ways.

The strong bond of brotherhood and solidarity among the men plays an enormous role to enhance their spiritual growth by fellowship and communication with one another. This will assist the men in understanding their position as men of God: at home, on the job and in the community.

“We all have issues. And if we talk to each other and realise that others are in the same position, we can help and support each other. We can experience the love of God together,” says Uys.

There will be an opportunity after each session for men who feel the need to open their hearts to fellow believers in the Prayer Tent. “There will be ordinary people who would like to pray with you, who would like to cry with you and support you,” says Uys.

With excitement and expectations building towards this event, it is important to keep in mind that it is not about the number of people at the conference. It is all about God and His kingdom. “May we experience more of Him and less of me.”

More information:
The Maluti Mighty Men conference is non-denominational and aims to serve people irrespective of race, colour, creed, age or gender.

Men may register on the website and for any questions can email or phone Werner Maree on 082 330 6603. All information about what to bring along is available on the website.

All men and boys are invited to join on Friday and Saturday. All women, mothers and children are welcome to attend the Sunday family service.

Registration, entry, camping and the family service on Sunday are all for free.

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    Hi! I’m interested in knowing the date and venue for the next ‘Its Time’ conference. Thank You