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“God bless America” ruled as not unconstitutional, after Atheist protests

 Originally published in Charisma News  A Florida high school that last week told a student to stop adding the phrase “God bless America” when reading scripted morning announcements, announced on Tuesday his use of the phrase does not violate the U.S. Constitution.  The initial decision drew protests and irate phone calls from […]

Atheists lose appeal to remove “Ground Zero cross”

Originally published in Christian Today The American Atheists lost their appeal on Monday, and the “Ground Zero cross” will remain at the 9/11 memorial site. The atheists alleged that the cross violated religious freedom protections, but a three-judge panel found that the cross was not just a religious symbol. The cross […]

Atheists raising funds for hotline to help those leaving faith

What a hopeless cause! God will always welcome back those, like Jonah, who ran away — American Family Association Originally published in Christian News Network An international atheist organization is currently collecting funds for a planned telephone hotline that will assist former believers with abandoning their religious faith. Recovering From […]

Live Nativity scene staged in front of US Supreme Court

Originally published in Charisma News The Nativity Project” is a nationwide campaign to share the message of Christmas and also to confront the erosion and hostility toward public expressions of faith especially during the Christmas season. The Christian Defense Coalition gathered with live actors and animals in front of the […]