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The death of marriage in SA: a world first! — Errol Naidoo

Family Policy Institute director Errol Naidoo writes that the Department of Home Affairs’ gender-neutral Marriage Bill undermines the bedrock institution of marriage and is detrimental to society I participated in a virtual stakeholder engagement workshop on the draft “Marriage Bill” on August 17 – hosted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).  […]

Errol Naidoo urges South Africans to get behind ‘Revive SA — Buy SA’ campaign

Nichelle Steyn spoke to Errol Naidoo about his recent call to South Africans to contribute to South Africa’s economic revival by “buying SA”. Errol Naidoo, chief executive officer of the Family Policy Institute (FPI) is concerned about the viability of the local economy, especially family-owned and run small businesses. Subsequently, […]

Errol Naidoo resigns from ACDP leadership *UPDATE: ACDP responds *

Family values campaigner Errol Naidoo has resigned from the leadership of the ACDP just months after announcing a plan to revitalise the party ahead of the 2019 elections. Citing “differing views on leadership, strategy and methodology” as the reason for resigning as ACDP communications director and national executive committee (NEC) […]

The truth shall set you free!

Church must proclaim Biblical truth to world As I monitor the local and international news networks, I am amazed at the speed at which deception is disseminated through the media. Truth has become the ultimate casualty in the culture war. The once Christian West has departed so far from its […]

Pray for the peace of South Africa

I received a remarkable response from across the country to my “Call To Prayer for the Nation” over the past few weeks. Many believers agree the Body of Christ must unite to pray and intercede for SA. In consultation with national Christian leaders, we have set aside seven hours on Saturday, March […]