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Honeymoon blessing exceeds expectations

John and Kathy Klopper, whose wedding story touched the hearts of Gateway News readers, are feeling truly blessed after their recent wonderful sponsored honeymoon weekend at Port St Francis. “It was glorious! Now I feel properly married,” said Kathy after their luxury getaway, that included a stay in the Port […]

Take action and stop the traffick!

Reports of human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution continue to make the headlines in SA’s newspapers. The Times reports a shocking increase in human trafficking from Zimbabwe. IOL News reports on Nigerian syndicates operating in Gauteng and Durban who snatch teenage girls, drug them and force them into prostitution. […]

March is MSA awareness month

[notice]Great need for research and education on rare Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) condition[/notice] March has been designated MSA awareness month in order to draw attention to this rare, currently incurable neuro- degenerative illness that afflicts about one in 400 000 people. MSA if often mistaken for Parkinson’s Disease and the […]

Nuus van Oos-Kaap sendelinge in Japan

[notice ]Hieride berig is van ‘n spesiale uitgawe van die Oos-Kaapse NG Kerk nuusbrief, Grens-Pos, oor die verskriklike aardbewing, voortgaande na-skokke, die tsunami en ontplooiende kernkragkrisis in Japan. [notice] Deur Danie Mouton Drie gesinne met noue Oos-Kaapse bande werk as sendelinge in Japan. Stephan en Keiko Smithdorff, met hul gesin, […]