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Thousands radically impacted in Panamá — Lindy-Ann Hopley



A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.


Jesus is king. Not just here, not just there, but everywhere!

This month I have been in South Africa, Pakistan (via video) & Central America — You do not want to miss out on the testimonies!

Our God is an awesome GOD!

I preached at Rondebsoch His People Bible School, Transformers Leadership Academy, Pakistan Women’s Conference online video call, Nie Plastiek on Instagram, CCFM Radio, went to Panamá and just back from George, South Africa. God never ceases to amaze!

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The highlight of the past month was what God did in Panamá.


I met Koko in Nigeria. “Come to Panamá! We are taking the nation ” – 10 months later I was there!

This has probably been one of the best trips ever!

Must watch as Jesus touches a 7-year-old Club footed boy who could not walk and then gets out of his wheelchair!


This took place on my very last day in Panama City and was one of three (yes 3) wheelchairs I saw God empty on this trip!

During this time I saw more than 7 000 people give their lives to Jesus! And miracles followed!

Schools, police stations, the air force, the border control, hospitals, churches, fancy hotel events to reach the influential, an Alpha Course, outreaches and crusades. It was a packed schedule, some days with five different events and well worth it!
Glory to God!

Pictures speak louder than words — take a look.

We saw thousands of kids encounter God for the first time and give their lives to Jesus!

This picture is just the one side of the gymnasium. The sight of hundreds rushing to the altar to receive Christ was beautiful.

Here I am sharing a few stories while there!

We did an outdoor crusade meeting in a jungle town three hours drive from the city. It was a place known for witchcraft and drug dealing.
Koko called this place the Jurassic Park of Panama “Kathryn Kuhlman, (his nickname for me) I am sending you there!”
At first we faced some spiritual opposition, but I immediately had the intercessors start to pray and it started to explode!

There was an old man who could barely walk. He had a walking stick with a snake head as decoration, but after praying for him he threw his stick at the stage with his hands up cheering and even doing squats. He left without the stick, walking great!

The lady in blue was paralyzed on the left from a stroke. He touched her and she could lift her arm and open her hand again; she was crying with gratitude!
After all the miracles I made a second call for salvation and more people received Christ!

We did up to three school sessions a day — and I loved it! “I wish someone told me what I am telling you now when I was your age!”

The best was the elementary schools. We sometimes dismiss the little ones, but Jesus didn’t. The greatest Holy Spirit outpourings I saw was with them. Hundreds of little ones weeping as the Spirit of God touched them and spontaneously going on their knees!

Even the police — I had an audience with them and every single one accepted Christ!
Then healing started to flow and I activated them to pray for one another — this was great!

Every night there was an outdoor crusade — the local churches worked together to prepare everything: dances, dramas, the venue (usually a parking lot), sound, ushers, followup and then I preached!

Look at this! This night heaven rejoiced as more than a thousand gave their lives to Jesus! Then the Holy Spirit baptised people and healings started taking place!

This lady got out of her wheelchair and her husband was ecstatically kissing her head out of gladness!

Schools and more schools! “Our children need this!” — one of the principals said.

At the border control they told me I only had 10 minutes to address the officers — 10 minutes was all we needed. The moment we walked in He was tangible. The presence was so tangible people started to cry immediately — including me. A very dark place with much corruption and witchcraft. Every officer gave his life to Jesus and some renounced their involvement with the occult.

We stopped for the one and we stopped for the crowds.

17 days I was there — thousands of lives radically impacted!

All the glory to God!!!

And I think to myself — this doesn’t have to end here! South Africa — let’s do this!
World let’s do this!
Instead of trying to get people saved in church, let’s go to the ocean to catch the fish!
Let’s book the parking lots!

It is time for the greatest awakening!

Want to see more of this around the world?
You can by partnering with us for the next trip to : Pakistan! Once-off donations and monthly partnership optional.

Will you join me by throwing in your net from the side?

We are doing 10 days of both big crusade meetings and smaller meetings. Thousandss and thousands will be saved ??




God bless you richly.

Lots of Love & Fire
Beautiful Witness Ministries

Thousands radically impacted in Panamá — Lindy-Ann Hopley  


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Lindy-Ann Hopley is a young. dynamic, fiery passionate revivalist from Cape Town. She is a Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Alumni in California and attended the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism in Florida. After God saved her from a wild past she was set alight with a heart for the Kingdom. She has been travelling all over the world sharing the Good News, under the ministry "Beautiful Witness". She walks in the office of an evangelist and moves in a strong healing and prophetic gift. She also carries a regional breaker anointing. Her heart for the more, the harvest and walking like Jesus is contagious. She is passionate about equipping and inspiring the saints to come into their God-given destiny. Called to revival by God she sets hearts ablaze wherever she goes! Follow her adventures on Facebook and YouTube. Website: www.beautifulwitness.com Partner with us



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  1. Barbara Wayman says:

    THIS is what revival looks like when you read up on revivals in the past like under Wesley, Whitefield, Edwards, Finney, Moody the Booths etc. Come Lord Jesus: do it again in SA !! Take Your glory

  2. Lodewyk says:

    Thank YOU JESUS !! for willing vessels,we give You all the honor and praise.. Your Bride loves YOU very much..

  3. Diane says:

    Praise the LORD!
    Please come to Swaziland if Father leads you! I pray He does!

  4. jane flack says:

    Oh how encouraging. May God increase all that He is doing in this precious woman and through her. What a blessing she is to the Nations.