South African “spinning” record holder will go to extremes at fundraiser

South Africa’s spinning record holder, Clint Eberhardt (far right), with Proteas cricketer, Johan Botha, and the rest of the Chevrolet Cycling team. (PHOTO: Clint Eberhardt)

The current South African record holder for continuous stationary cycling, Clint Eberhardt, will be in action for charity at the 15th birthday celebration ‘Family Fun Day’ of non-profit organisation, Project Hope, on Saturday, August 15 2015 at Word of Faith Christian Centre in Port Elizabeth. The “spinning”champ will be cycling for a continuous period of 12 hours, without food and rest, to raise funds towards the various Project Hope feeding schemes and life skills programs that benefit more than 400 children per week in the poverty stricken Northern suburbs of Port Elizabeth, as reported by Gateway News.

Other activities planned for the day include a 5km Fun Run/Walk around the Mangold Park and Walmer Downs areas, a 5-a-side mini soccer tournament and a potjiekos competition.

Eberhardt will be raising funds  by allowing participants to join him during his spinning event which will take place from 7am until 7pm. “They will be able to spin on a 2nd bicycle, which will be positioned next to the one I will be on. I’d really like to raise as much funds as possible!” He said. Children can join him at R20 for 30 minutes and adults at R50 for 30 minutes. He is also inviting sponsors’ to commit to donating up to R500 per kilometre he completes. “Auditors will be on site to verify the amount of kilometres I complete.”

Spinning champion, Clint Eberhardt, uses his passion to raise funds for charity. (PHOTO: Clint Eberhardt)

Extreme Spinning
Only allowing himself 1 high carb meal at 1pm, which is the bare minimum needed in order to ensure his body does not shut down during the challenge, Eberhardt is aware that he is putting his body at risk by not allowing it the required hourly high carb meal it needs when performing an event of this extremity. He explained:  “It’s all about the kiddies. Some kids go without a regular meal, so I will go without a meal during the event.” The father of two has a heart for children and wants to bring awareness to the plight of the children in the Northern Areas who often only get one meal per day. “This is not a show or a performance! I want people to know that there are children who are hungry.”

To take it one step further he has also decided to not put on a kidney belt – the support structure that spinning cyclists usually wear to assist with supporting their kidneys and lower organs during an intense event. “Not wearing the belt will probably cause discomfort and cramps,” He shared. “This is to emphasise the hunger pains of children who are starving.”

His goal will be to spin for 250 kilometers in 12 hours, which requires vigorous preparation. “It’s like training for an Iron Man!” He explained.

No stranger to spinning for a cause, Eberhardt has completed various charity events since he started spinning professionally in 2000.  “I actually hated cycling!” he shared, recalling how a friend invited him to spin class in 1999. He soon grew to love it and was offered a position as spinning instructor at a local gym in Port Elizabeth a mere year later. He has since raised funds at various charity events such as the Quadriplegic Association of the Eastern Cape event where he spent 48 hours on his spinning bicycle. The die-hard cyclist has also raised funds by completing events that saw him spinning for up to 24 hours, such as the Save-A-Pet and Help Heal Ashley Foundation charity galas. 

Drawing strength from God
Eberhardt recognises that his gift is not his own and attributes his success to his relationship with the Lord.  “A lot of people ask how I do what I do and I’ve realized that it’s all God,” He shared. Since the human body does not naturally push itself to the limits that he has managed to push his body to, he believes that the Holy Spirit takes over while he is on his bicycle. Armed with an ipod loaded with praise and worship, he sometimes uses his time on his spinning bicycle to focus on God and what He is saying. “I do the spinning up to a point and then God takes over! I talk to him and listen to hear if He has something to say.”

He explained that he draws his strength and determination from the scripture in Joshua 1:9”Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

“I live by this scripture. I believe that if you are strong and courageous in God, you can achieve anything!”

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  1. That’s the Clint I know! I have faith he will put on a great event, that will benefit the kids immensely. I wish I was there to share the pain…..but not all 12 hours of it!!!!!