All Sons and Daughters — Poets and Saints: Review


Music review by Luchae Williams

American Christian worship music duo, All Sons and Daughters, have released their fourth full-length album titled Poets and Saints. The album was set for release at the same time as it’s companion book penned by Jamie George who pastors the duo’s Franklin, Tennessee based home church. Group leads, Leslie Anne Jordan and David Alan Leonard based the album on what was meant to be the simple study of two groups of people: poets (writers) and saints. This soon grew and within months, the duo, their families and a film crew took to touring Europe as they traced the lives of CS Lewis, John Newton, Saint Therese, Saint Francis, William Cowper, Saint Augstine and George MacDonald. Their aim was to connect the hearts of these writers and Christ-followers with the modern world.

The album is an enduring masterpiece combined with the tints of acoustic and folk that All Sons and Daughters is known for. The opening track, Heaven meets earth is a poignant reflection of the creation of the world, as told to us in Genesis 1. With gentle vocals, that tell a compelling story, the song makes for a tender opening. I especially loved Jordan’s mashup as she breaks into the hymn Holy, holy, holy!/Lord God Almighty!/Early in the morning/Our song shall rise to thee!”

The catchy I surrender held my attention with it’s anthemic melody and strong message. The chorus simply says “I surrender/I surrender/I surrender all to you!” I also found another winner in This is my inheritance, a worship anthem that is a lot more mainstream than the rest of the album. The uptempo worship track speaks about all the wonderful benefits we have as children of God.

My heart resonated with the chorus of ballad Path of sorrow. The country pop flavoured track says “I know/I know/You remain the same/Even in/Even in/My wandering.”  Jordan’s vocal blends in beautifully and adds colour to an already interesting listen.

Among other songs that stood out for me are the indie flavoured My roving heart — a really fun track that carries the well known All Sons and Daughters sound. The lyric of the song reminds me of something that I would find in the writings of CS Lewis. But my absolute favorite track on the album has to be the RnB infused You are love and love alone. This one of a kind addition has a relaxed feel to it and I found myself drifting away as I got into the groove of the song.

This album is filled with sweet, reflective moments of worship. Tracks like I wait and Rest in you made me appreciate all the digging that went behind the writing of each song. Rest in you is a beautiful ode to God, accompanied by a rich vocal and a chorus that says “Our hearts are restless till they find rest in you.”

The album ends with a celebration in track Creation sings which feels a bit like a full-length reprise to the album opener. This song is a joyous celebration, declaring the glory of the Lord and I found it to be a fitting end to the album.

All Sons and Daughters have given of themselves to produce a collection of songs that is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, for the glory of God. Each song takes the listener into an experience with God, yet still has a unique and artistic feel to it that one does not often find in worship music. As always, the duo continues to impress and I highly recommend this album.

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