Ambitious kingdom banking plans aired

Dr Zienzi Dillon (USA) president of Marketplace Calling International addressing the Kingdom Banking Indaba.

The 2018 Kingdom Banking Indaba, held at the World of Yamaha in Johannesburg last Friday, created an opportunity for Christian leaders in the banking/financial sector and the Christian business community to put their heads together towards turning the current worldly banking system on its head.

The aim of the conference, hosted by the Kingdom Policy Institute (KPI), was to reach an understanding of how a kingdom-based banking system would function and to decide on core values it should carry over to communities. With a policy framework in place the idea is to engage businesses, industry regulators and governments to pave a way for the commercial roll-out of the system.

According to their website, KPI is a global policy-setting institute through researching and facilitating the formulation of policies prescribed by God for nations, natural resources and for people to lead in efficiency, growth and innovation.

Dr Alexander Chisango, president of the World Economic Congress, said it was about time for a new generation to be set free from the oppression of the worldly financial systems.

Changing mindsets
“The true battle will reside in our mindsets, to change our view of finances to be more in line with God’s Kingdom principles. This will also be one of the biggest barriers when entering the commercial sector. We have to change the way the world does banking by changing the people’s mindset on how banking has been done for decades,” he said.

He believes a new, alternative kingdom-based banking system will be birthed out of Africa.

Dr Alexander Chisango (Zimbabwe) president of the World Economic Congress.

“It is not enough to have prophecies anymore. We are men of valour; we need to stand up and speak God’s will to the earth. It is time — a season. I believe, for us as the children of God, to take action!”

Opening the conference, WowTV co-founder and chief financial officer Luyanda Mangquku, said: “We are assembled here to share our knowledge and our piece of the puzzle that God might reveal to us, to take this project forward. We want ideas shared to translate into a policy document that can ultimately become a blueprint for the first kingdom-based banking system. We want to know, how does God do banking? How does He want to run the world?”

Louis Gerber, group operational manager for the Christian Business Chamber Chapters in South Africa, representing the CROSSing Lion Gate Group, said God raised people in our nation many years ago, for a time such as this.

Zero interest rate
“The Bible makes it clear that we should lend money to our brothers at a 0% interest rate and within a seven year period. To establish a banking system true to kingdom principles, we need to put structures in place for the Christian business community to come together.

“It should not be a structure built only to serve clients, but we should all take hands to make a real difference in communities, and give them basic training in finances as well as support them in various ways to improve their living conditions.”

CROSsing Lion group has already rolled out a plan for city transformation in the City of Tshwane, said Gerber.

“Solly Msimanga, the mayor of Tshwane recently gave his support for the enrolment of this programme which includes the establishment of community care centres. At these centres an array of services will be provided to the community to lift them out of their circumstances,” he said. ( More information on this project is available at: )

Bengt Arnesson, chairman and founder of IBSP Group of companies and partner of Geneva Investment and director at Cidron Ventures flew in from Sweden in obedience to God, to attend the Indaba.

Explaining that he was an investor and entrepreneur by heart, he said: “God told me about 17 years ago to aid in establishing a platform for banking to be used in the end times.

“I am an electronic engineer and a practical person, so I started looking for opportunities to obey God’s command.

“For me is important to understand God’s perspective on finances, and stay true to Him by following the Holy Spirit, whichever way He will lead you. Seek out the wisdom of God even if it defies worldly logic.

“The Holy Spirit will open doors for us at the right time but we have to accept His wisdom and be ready to renew our minds when the time comes.”

Gold-based platform
Arnesson established the Divine Economic Empowerment Council (DeeC), a core banking platform based on gold, the currency mainly used in the Bible.

“It is a world-wide platform created to find a new way of making instant deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments with fine gold, presented online in different currencies.”

He invited Africans to become members of the organisation. For more information go to:

Pastor John Osa (Nigeria) principal pastor of Kingdom Heirs Assembly (KHA) and executive director of Rebirth of Africa House had some advice to share on how to break down the strongholds of the enemy in various regions so that Christian projects could move out of the byways and into the highways.

“Every generation has the potential to take a couple of steps forward in the kingdom of God. As the representatives of this generation, we cannot let this opportunity pass. It is the time for the emergence of strong Christian leaders who need to take a stand for the visions and prophecies already cast upon them.”

Stating he he believes this generation was currently stuck, he said: “We need to move, and see the enemy’s work for what it is. One of his greatest weapons of choice is to wear us out, to derail our plans and to exclude us from the highways, but we must come together, sweat it out, and move forward.”

Taking a stand
Dr Zienzi Dillion (USA), president of Marketplace Calling International (MCI) said God placed her in the banking system “many moons ago”, to understand the system’s ins and outs, to prepare her to take a stand against it.

She completed various prayer walks near London’s financial centre and on Wall Street in New York, to pray for the banking systems of our time.

“God opened up my eyes to see the strategic gates placed by those owing these systems. Those spirits who planned these institutions and placed them at the centre of the world’s finances, are not from God.”

She asked God On several occasions: “What can we do and how can we overcome this?” and God answered her.

“He told me the key to success lies in the unity. For us, as the body of Christ, it is time to wake up, and unite. We have to come together and come up with a strategy, and agenda of our own.”

She believes Africa will take the lead in establishing an alternative kingdom-based banking system.

“We cannot support this slave system anymore. We need to take the financial authority given to us, back to the Lord, the kingdom of God.

“We need a system built on fair business principles, that is just and acts with integrity.”

500 years
Landa Cope (USA) founder and executive director of The Template Institute (TTI) and author of many books, said for some odd reason, God pushes the reset button every 500 years or so.

“It is a time of total renewal, a historical cycle that God initiates to show us a new way of doing things.”

For her it is essential to trust in the ways of the Lord and to give ourselves over as instruments to Him as we all have a role to play in the times we are born.

“God wants us all to live a sustainable, quality life, by taking responsibility of what he entrusted us with, and building His kingdom for those purposes.”

This meant we had a responsibility toward the land and the community we inhabited, she said.

“Although we need to reach our full potential in this regard, it all begins with a change of heart, a personal relationship with God. That is what it is all about.”

She said we all have a polluted way of thinking due to the influences of the world.

“We need to start by cleaning our house, finding out what God wants us to do, and work from there.”

She said God began with a garden, where all our needs were met from the start.

“All we needed to do was to have dominion over the land, to build, to plant and to prosper. We broke that covenant with God, but it is still his main purpose for us on earth.”

Clear strategy
Dr Chisango, the last speaker of the day, talked about the significance of having a well-thought out strategy, tabled and drawn-up as a policy, to take us forward.

“The enemy had a strategy long ago, giving some people the authority to destroy God’s way of ruling the earth. We should change our thinking by taking up our authoritative positions in God, drawing up a sound policy document, in taking our agenda forward,” he said.

The day ended with a lunch after which the floor was open to the audience to engage with the speakers in discussing the plans to move forward.


  1. Sarah Odwa Xotongo

    Well written and well captured! I feel extremely privileged to have been there to witness history in the making!!!

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    Arise and shine,the glory of The Lord is upon you (paraphrased-see Isaiah 60:1)