Andrew Ehrenzeller – Children of promise: Review

Jesus Cultures, Andrew Ehrenzeller releases his debut album, Children of Promise. (PHOTO: Jesus Culture Music)

Music Review by Luchae Williams

Jesus Culture newcomer, Andrew Ehrenzeller, recently released his debut album ‘Children of Promise’, amidst the onslaught of a life threatening illness, as reported by Gateway News last month.

This worship leader/songwriter, known for his lyrical depth and prophetic edge has shared that he leads from a place of being sheltered in God… being seen yet still hidden.

I loved the sound of this album – it feels fresh but the sound is familiar, if that makes sense! I was caught up from the very first song, Cornerstone, which says “Oh precious is the cornerstone, I am made to rest upon.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find that his songs have a modern rock vibe to them, while still remaining very catchy but with a poetic lyrical content that makes it all that much sweeter! Title track, Children of promise, is a prime example.

One of my favourite tracks, Better than life, shows exactly how Ehrenzeller has taken age old Biblical truths and complemented them with a catchy melody, to create a feel good track that speaks of the certainty that we have in God – “Your love is better than life!” I could listen to this song on repeat!

Cover me, an anthem, is another song that gripped me. I also enjoyed I will bless the Lord, a dance-praise song that features what sounds like an electric mix and incredible vocals! This song reminds me of Friday night youth groups and singing your heart out to the Lord, at the top of your voice – blatant worship!

By the way, do yourself a favour and have a listen to track 10, titled Farewell Babylon. This track took me on such a musical journey, leaving me amazed at how Ehrenzeller can couple deep lyrical content with such a light-hearted sound.

Ehrenzeller’s writing team boasts the likes of Kim Walker Smith, Kari Jobe and Banning Liebscher. Impressive!
But what is even more impressive is the heart behind the voice and you can feel this worship leader singing from a place of deep revelation – something that no amount of accolades can buy.

Oh, and I must add that his album cover art is a masterpiece on its own – Sailboats sailing off into the distance, towards a snow covered mountain – In my opinion a reminder of the journey we are all on.

So in a nutshell, I am taking this one home to my rock star hubby because although we have different musical tastes, it is definitely an album that we will enjoy together, at full volume!

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