Ann Voskamp – One thousand gifts: Book review


Book review by Luchae Williams

Title: One thousand gifts
Author: Ann Voskamp
Publishing house: Zondervan

The beauty of reading a book of value is the amount of spiritual meat one is able to take out of it and apply to your life. Such is the case with the New York Times bestseller, “One Thousand Gifts” by farmer’s wife, Ann Voskamp. The book is a sequel to her hit “The Greatest Gift” and was named Publishers Weekly’s bestseller of the year 2011.

Named by Christianity Today as one of the 50 women most shaping culture and the church, Voskamp is a partner with Compassion International as a global advocate for needy children. She has also donated all the royalties of all her book sales to the needy. With all of this said, it’s pretty obvious that this book paints a picture of her heart — finding joy in giving back and finding peace in gratitude.

In the book Voskamp dares us to focus on everyday blessings – reasons to express gratitude in every single season of our lives. She shares how she discovered aspects of her relationship with God, as a mom (of 6!), as she began to realise that He is the beauty in every situation (good or bad). The book is filled with personal testimonies and anecdotes which serve as instruction as to how you can live a life of grace and gratitude.

Mothers all around the world have taken to this book, perhaps because Voskamp so graciously shares her testimony of trying to stay connected to God despite what the situation looked like. So often we, as women, become so wrapped up in living that we forget about the One who gave us life. Giving our attention to demanding day jobs, growing children and being wife (all while still trying to keep firm grasp on who we are, as individuals) can definitely take its toll on us. It is with this in mind that Voskamp dares us to “wake up to a thousand blessings” while living “fully right where you are.”

I found the book to be best read in small pieces, giving yourself enough time to linger on the many nuggets of wisdom that Voskamp shares, and allowing time for the shared wisdom to become thought patterns and thought patterns to become habits. This was an interesting read – one that greatly impacted me!

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