Bethel Music releases new instrumental album, Synesthesia: Without Words

The new Bethel Music album will be released on July 31st, 2015 (Photo: Hallels)

Major Christian worship label, Bethel Music, releases the second installation of their instrumental music array: “Without Words: Synesthesia”.

The album will boast the instrumental version of choice songs from the last 4 Bethel Music albums, “For the Sake of the World” (2012), “Tides” (2013), “You Make Me Brave” (2014) and “We Shall Not be Shaken” (2015).

With their first instrumental project “Without Words” having a more organic, natural sound to it, this second installation will feature a more electronic feel, complete with vocal layering and swirling synths, which some say will be the perfect soundtrack during personal worship time.

The Bethel Music website explain that this latest project is set to invite listeners into a vibrant experience of communion, rejuvenation and discovery. “Our relationship with God is the most vibrant, multi-dimensional relationship we could ever have. There is a world in living colour that He wants to reveal to us and in us. “Without Words: Synesthesia” paints a limitless landscape for that to happen.”

The project invites it’s listeners to enjoy and find new expression during their worship, with 11 well-known worship anthems in the mix, including popular tracks such as ‘Oceans (Where feet may fail)’, ‘Ever be’ and ‘It is well’.

The album will be released worldwide on July 31st, 2015.

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