Britt Nicole – Britt Nicole: Review

Music review by Luchae Williams

Contemp Christian music darling, Brittany Nicole Waddell (better known as stage name, Britt Nicole) released her fourth studio album in October 2016. The self-titled album precedes the highly successful Gold, released in 2012, which earned her a nod at the 55th Grammy Awards in 2013. After the four year wait, fans have been eager to see what the Gospel pop sensation would come out with next.

In a trailer posted on her Facebook page the singer describes this new collection of works as her story. “Everyone has a voice; everyone has a story. This is my voice; my story. These songs, these melodies, this message of hope, for such a time as this. I am Britt Nicole.”

With production that is best described as “edgy” and songs that would probably be better enjoyed by a younger listener, the singer has certainly placed her own personal stamp on this album. Every song really does tell a story — whether it be about finding the love of her life, needing a night out with her friends, or her dedication to her children.

Album opener, Through Your Eyes, introduces the listener to a groove-infused album, complete with synth and electro dance beats. The song speaks about seeing yourself the way God sees you. The same uptempo vibe is carried through to the next song,  All The Money. The latter is a pop song directed to the singer’s husband, as she sings about true love versus wealth. With its catchy beat and mainstream sound, this song could easily hook a secular crowd as well.

I found myself appreciating the songbird’s rich, husky vocal in track, Better. Accompanied by a mellowed-out electric guitar, she ministers to teenage girls facing adversities, letting them know that “in time, it’ll get better” ,Another one aimed at young girls is the vibey Work of Art that speaks about being made in the image of God.

Another more mainstream song that I really enjoyed was the catchy Fallin in Love — a cleverly produced mid-tempo track that showcases the singer’s impressive vocal. This is such an easy listen and I found myself boppin’ to the beat. Ballad, No Filter, also tackles the topic of relationship, as she speaks about putting on a show for social media. This well-written song speaks about a very real issue that young people face today and I thought it was a refreshing addition to the album.

She sings about love again in track All Day, where she expresses her devotion to her children. Again, this is probably a song that would do well on secular radio as well.

The album is closed with a beautiful love song to God, titled, After You. The emotive track speaks about running after Him and not after the world.  In my opinion, this is one of the best songs on the album and is definitely worth the listen.

With soulful vocal and songwriting that is both uplifting and fresh, Britt Nicole has shared a piece of her story with us in this album. It does not fall under the “praise and worship” category but that’s okay — this collection of songs still holds messages, and touches topics, that today’s youth could do well listening to. I think it’s a worthy investment and I am definitely adding it to my teenager’s playlist. If you enjoy RnB and Pop, then this is one for you too.

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