Darlene Zschech, starts chemotherapy

Darlene Zschech.
Darlene Zschech. (PHOTO: Facebook)

Former Hillsong worship leader and pastor, Darlene Zschech, has recently started chemotherapy for breast cancer. 

She announced the news to the world on her blog on December 29, 2013, less than 9 months after she released her first live solo album, Revealing Jesus, a project that reflects the true heart of  the pioneering Australian worship leader who has revealed Jesus to so many people across the world for more than 20 years. According to her blog announcement, routine exams revealed the malignancy on December 11.

 “Even though the past days have been very tough at times, the Holy Spirit has brought me endless comfort and the Word of God is literally holding me moment by moment,” she posted, saying she had already undergone surgery ans was rleased from a hospital in Sydney on Christmas Eve. 

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Zschech, well known for her contribution to the song “Shout to the Lord”, is finding comfort in the prayers pouring in from across the world and says that her husband, children and members of their church Hope Unlimited in New South Wales, Australia, have been heroic and supportive through this trying time.

“Our church leadership team have anointed me with oil and prayed with unity and authority; a band of trusted friends have helped me prayerfully and practically, and it is only now that I have felt able to share this with you,” she posted. “I have seen two absolute miracles in my body thus far, and I know there will be many more to come.”

Zschech’s heart was put on display in the Revealing Jesus project where songs such as “In Jesus name” and “Victors Crown” shows her faith in the Lord and her unwavering determination to give Him all the glory, reports CBN Asia. In an uncanny coincidence she sings “I will live, I will not die, the resurrection power of Christ, alive in me, alive and free, in Jesus name!” in the song “In Jesus name”. In the song she says that she hates cancer and declares victory over cancer – a declaration that she now has to stand on for her own healing.

Zschech’s trust in God is made clear in the poignant post on her blog:  “Let’s stand together and pray for ALL of those walking through such challenges at this time. Praise God that His name is GREATER than anything we are facing!” Zschech has expressed optimism for 2014 and urged her blog followers to keep bringing thanksgiving to God because that is where our hearts are fuelled and our souls find peace.



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  1. The Holy Spirit who raised Jesus fron the dead quickens our bodies with you all the way in Jesus

  2. Blessings

  3. With you in this fiery trail

  4. Just prayed,cancer shrivell up at the roots in Jesus name!!!thanx Lord for doing it!!!