“Dialogue (First Chapter)” a conversation with God says minstrel, Marlon Nelson

Marlon Nelson, former worship leader of Durban Christian Centre wants listeners to connect with God through his music (PHOTO: Facebook)

“The Lord has a desire to respond to our worship” says former Worship Leader of Durban Christian Centre and full time minstrel, Marlon Nelson, about his current offering: “Dialogue (First Chapter)”. The live DVD recording of the album is set to take place this Friday (March 28, 2014) at the church’s inner city campus and will feature a host of the best Christian musicians Durban has to offer. Nelson will also be ministering and sharing revelation from the album and his previous offering “Walk by faith” at Word of Faith Christian Centre in Port Elizabeth on Sunday (March 30).

“I am so excited about this album because it was born out of a desire to communicate to the listener that God has a real desire for worship to be a conversation rather than a service; where anything is possible as opposed to simply going through a set list!” the passionate minstrel explains.

Nelson was in full time pastoral ministry for eight years and led worship at the Durban-based mega church for 16 years before being released into full time music ministry by his Pastor, Dr Fred Roberts, in November last year. He professes to function out of a personal love for Jesus, which helps to keep him focussed, humble and connected to God. “Most of the songs the Lord has given me are birthed out of gratitude and awe of how He has loved an unlovable me,” explains Nelson.

Born and raised in Wentworth, Durban, Nelson recommitted his life to the Lord in 1997 after 20 years of drifting and became a member at Durban Christian Centre, where he volunteered in the choir and later lead worship. He was called to full time ministry in May 2005 as a district pastor at DCC and was appointed as the Worship Director in 2009. His debut CD “Walk by Faith” was released in November 2009 and was preceded by the DCC Worship Teams debut album “Glory all around” a year later, where Nelson played a pivotal role.

“After my PE visit, the next travel stop is Rivers in East London for the One Voice worship experience,” he shared. Nelson will feature alongside Loyiso Bala, Neville D, Don Moen and other well established Christian artists during the conference. Nelson’s word-based understanding of contemporary worship is opening up doors for him into Africa, with Dialogue (Second Chapter) already on the drawing board.

More information on the Durban and PE events is available via the following links:

Dialogue (First Chapter) Live DVD Recording in Durban: March 28, 2014 at DCC Alhambra (Inner City Campus)

Marlon Nelson live at Word of Faith Christian Centre, Port Elizabeth: March 30,  2014 at the 9am, 5pm and 7pm services.