EC singer celebrates ‘Changing Tides’ with debut EP

Eastern Cape singer/songwriter, Cobus Tait, released his debut EP in December 2015. (Photo: Shaun Fergus)

Eastern Cape born musician, Cobus Tait, released his debut EP, ‘Changing tides,’ on December 5, 2015. Recorded at Katalyst Music Productions, the 5-track EP was produced by Mzansi Gospel Award winning producer, Gideon Murray, who has worked with the likes of Hugh Masekela and Riana Nel.

Tait, a former marijuana addict, explains that the album title represents the work that God has done in his life. “We chose this title mainly because of the change in my life. I am riding a new wave! God is at work within us and He is constantly changing us.”

Photo: Garth Shaw/Marionelle Shaw

The 28 year old singer fell in love with music at the tender age of 13, when he bought his first guitar with money he earned from washing car windows at a petrol station. The guitar helped him to develop his skill which motivated him to join a band in 2007. The band, called Sekelmaan, went on to record their first album, “Droogte in September” with Centre Stage’s Andre Strydom. Although they began to see small successes Tait could not shake the feeling that he was still not satisfied. “For me happiness was doing shows with my band, being on the first rugby team, dating the popular girls…” He explained. “Bunking school, smoking and drinking… but all of this was part of the temporary happiness and I needed to fill my life with these things continuously in order to be happy.”

Tait was on a downward spiral, holding on to alcohol and marijuana for comfort. “I passed out on sidewalks and in my car. I got so drunk that I could not get into my own house and I hurt a lot of people through my actions.”

Photo: Natausha Pretorius

In 2011, Sekelmaan split up, which resulted in Tait moving to Cape Town. It was there that he began to notice a change in his close friend and it left him surprised and inquisitive. “The changes I saw in my friend’s life were so real, it frightened me!” He said. “This was not the same guy I used to hang out with. He now lived as if his life meant something.” He learned that his friend had given his heart to the Lord and started attending church with him, curious to learn more about God.

Tait surrendered his life to Christ on July 22, 2012 and deems it the best decision of his life. “Before I met the Lord I was a broken man, I think that’s what makes this EP special… the songs are part of the healing process God started in my life.”

“Most of my songs have to do with my walk with God and how I experience Him and His creation. I am so thankful to God that I can worship him through my own songs. God has put a new song in my heart.”

With talks of music videos and live shows in the pipeline, he emphasises that God has to be in the centre of it all. “In life we will go through lows and we will go through highs. No matter what we are going through God is there through it all.

Cobus Tait’s EP, ‘Changing Tides’ is available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon. It can also be streamed via Sound Cloud. Hard copies of the EP can be booked via email or Facebook.

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