Gateway Worship Voices: Kari Jobe – Review

PHOTO: The Christian Manifesto

Music review by Luchae Williams

Kari Jobe fans will be thrilled to find Integrity Music’s latest release, Gateway Worship Voices: Kari Jobe. featuring the well-known Dallas songbird. Home church of Jobe and Senior Pastor, Thomas Miller, the Gateway Church worship teams’ albums have contributed numerous songs that have have ranked high in popularity on the “most used in churches” list, according to CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International).

The global release of Gateway Worship Voices: Kari Jobe was announced in April 2016, introducing the Gateway Worship Voices series which aims to introduce more of the church’s worship leaders and singers to the global Christian music arena. The album boasts a collection of Jobe’s more popular songs such as the powerful Revelation Song, written by Dove Award winner, Jennie Lee Riddle and My Beloved, a worship ballad taken from her best-selling, self-titled debut album.

I was thrilled to find many of my favorite Jobe tracks on the album – such as the intimate mid tempo No sweeter name. The song speaks about the precious name of Jesus, our light in the darkness and hope in a hopeless world. Many may recognise the track from Jobe’s debut release but may not know that it also appeared on the Gateway Worship 2006 release Living for you.

Another fave, You are good, also finds it way onto the compilation. This popular worship anthem speaks about the goodness of the Lord that leads us to repentance and draws us to His side. I’ve always been fond of Jobe’s writing style — it is uncomplicated and sincere, much like her vocal style.

Some of my other favorites on the album are grace song We cry out and the heart cry You are for me — a track that has helped me to speak life during the most difficult times in my life. It’s obvious that Jobe is through and through a worshiper.

If you are not familiar with Gateway Worship you will come to appreciate their worship with songs such as Holy, Holy, Holy (Savior and King), Worship the great I am and the dynamic O the blood – yet another impassioned worship song, this time speaking about the power of the blood of the lamb that saved our lives. I enjoyed every one of them!

The CD comes as a combo with a bonus DVD filled with resource content, such as enhanced lyric videos, split and click tracks and downloadable lyrics and sheet music. It’s pretty obvious that the combo was put together with church worship teams in mind, and rightly so! The songs on this compilation are congregation friendly and filled with inspiring messages of hope, faith and worship.

If you are looking for new music from Jobe and Gateway Worship, you will probably not find it on this album. However if you are a fan of excellent worship and Kari Jobe, you will appreciate that all your faves are on one disc, saving you from hitting the skip button to find your choice picks. I enjoyed this one, without a doubt!

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