Generation Unleashed – Come Alive: Review

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Music review by Luchae Williams

I was recently introduced to Generation Unleashed – a Portland, Oregon based youth ministry that caters for young worshipers aged 12 to 18 years old. Founded by Doug and Donna Lasit in 1993 as a small youth event, the ministry soon grew from a modest gathering in a school gymnasium to 2 separate conferences hosting more than 8 000 students annually!

The Generation Unleashed worship team has released a string of independent live recordings over the past years such as 2000’s Believe, 2002’s Everything to You and the popular God’s not dead in 2004. Their latest offering, titled “Come Alive”, was released in January 2016 and boasts the same energy that listeners of their previous albums have come to love and appreciate.

This offering was clearly recorded with young people in mind. Opening track, ‘Forever Yours’, fits the bill perfectly with a fresh dance hook that draws you in immediately. I also enjoyed the anthemic ‘Joy‘ and the catchy ‘Hallelujah‘, lead by worship leader, Adam Smucker.

Another praise song that that stood out was the electro-driven, ‘This is who we are’. It reminded me of a dance party with lyrics that says: “This is who we are/It’s what you have done/We’re no longer lost/The chains are undone!” I can definitely hear these being sung in teen gatherings! I love the vibrancy and the crazy praise that it inspires.

The album is made up predominately of worship tracks, which I don’t mind at all! One of my favorites has to be the album’s title track, ‘Come alive’. It is true to form a simplistic, but beautifully delivered, worship anthem that has easy to learn lyrics that you are able to apply to your own life.

I also love ‘Only Jesus’, an almost hymn like worship track that reminds us: “There’s no one who knows us/Just like He knows us/There’s no one who loves us/Just as we are.” Beautiful!

There are other intimate worship moments on the album, with songs such as ‘All of my hope’ and ‘How we need You, Father,’ but my ultimate fav has got to be their cover of the Jason Ingram song, ‘Great are you Lord’ made popular by All Sons&Daughters. One can’t help but put every fibre of your being into the words, as you sing along “It’s your breath/In our lungs/So we pour out our praise/To only You!”

All in all, I quite enjoyed my first listen to a Generation Unleashed offering. I found the album to be an easy listen and one I will most likely pop back into my CD player on a long day at the office.

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  1. We appreciate this! I’m the drummer on the album and I was encouraged by your review. Thanks!!