Get listed on the Gateway News Christian Directory

Every church and ministry should be on our Christian Directory!

For just R250 per year you:

  • are permanently featured on a busy Christian website
  • you are helping us to bring hope in Jesus through news(See  — See 3 minute video on what Christian leaders say about our news ministry:
  • The Christian Directory is promoted every fortnight in our Gateway News Connect newsletter and as a bonus promotion we feature every new listing in an edition of Gateway News Connect!
  • You may also update your listing from time to time to share your latest news and developments.

To get listed:

  • Send an email to specifying
    • which directory category you wish to list in,
    • and including general info about your church, ministry, etc; up to five photos; links (e.g. to your website, facebook, a youtube video); and your contact details.

For more info, call 083 309 7030 or email

Churches, minisitries, Christian schools, Bible colleges, Christian media,Christian bookshops…..this is for you!


  1. Julian Pledger

    This is a great idea and just what I need.Maybe it would be good to include the BEE status of the mission,this will encourage business support and intelligent giving.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Good point.

      • I would differ on this point. Our Father is not into BEE as He created us all equal. Let us as believers in Christ take the lead and show our leaders what it means to truly care for one another regardless of ANY status

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    I’m delighted that you are reviving the Christian Handbook tradition pioneered by Marjorie Froise (through a number of editions) from the 1990s. In hard-copy, it sold well and was widely used. The last edition I have is 1999/2000. This will also be a useful fund-raiser for Gateway News, which deserves all the support it can get.

  3. ngobeni

    I like yp preaching yo gospel …very..very blessings to us.

  4. Wow I’m truly amazed of what GOD is busy doing in people’s lives!He loves us so much

  5. I would love to get a copy of the book three heavens

  6. Pastor Raymond

    Where God is there is liberty.

  7. Watched “Watchmen on the wall with Errol Naidoo” and love what I saw. Someone standing up.

  8. Banking details please!