Holy Spirit’s prompting helps Nashville man save babies from potential abortion

Scott Hord (PHOTO: Charisma News)

Originally published in Charisma News

When Scott Hord heard the Holy Spirit say: “Run,” he knew exactly what the Holy Spirit meant.

Hord knows the neighbourhood surrounding the Nashville Planned Parenthood because he shows up there every weekday morning to minister to women and rescue babies from being killed.

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He knows the street of DB Todd, the flow of traffic and how the lights work. He knows that the light at the busy intersection of Charlotte and DB Todd takes approximately three minutes to turn from red to green.

Recently, on a particularly rainy morning when the streets were flooding with water, Hord and his team from Scott Hord Ministries were standing under umbrellas in the rain. A car pulled into Planned Parenthood’s parking lot. Hord tried to get the female driver’s attention, but she didn’t stop and she didn’t get out of her car.

Instead, she pulled out of the parking lot just as quickly as she came in. As Hord watched the car drive toward the light, he heard the Holy Spirit say: “Run!”

“I couldn’t run with my umbrella,” Hord says.

In the pouring rain with the streets and the sidewalks overflowing with water, he dropped his umbrella and obeyed. “I saw the light turn yellow and then red,” he says, “and I knew by the time I reached her car, I only had 60 seconds to share my heart.”

The woman saw him running to her car, slowly opened her window and said: “What are you doing?” Scott explained that the Holy Spirit told him to run after her. He asked: “Can I share my heart with you?” She said, “Yes.”

Hord shared his belief in the value of the baby and the value of the mother. She explained that she couldn’t keep the baby because she already had two kids and could not afford another. He also promised that he would walk with her if she kept the baby.

She chose to keep the baby. Hord gave her his number and provided her with helpful resources. Shortly after he walked back to his team’s spot in front of Planned Parenthood, another car pulled in quickly, ignored him and his team, then exited the parking lot quickly in the direction of the busy intersection.

He saw the light turn yellow, then red, then, as he and his team started bursting out in laughter, he dropped his umbrella and ran. Two babies were rescued that day.

As of the writing of this article, Hord and his team have rescued 399 babies and have helped 399 mothers.

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