In conversation with Loyiso Bala

Loyiso Bala recorded his 2nd Gospel worship CD/DVD at Rhema Church in Johannesburg on the 14th March. (Photo: Face Book)

[notice]Luchae Williams chats with Loyiso Bala about his latest album and upcoming concerts[/notice]

“I constantly remind myself of Jesus and His presence in my life,” says Loyiso Bala, RNB singer and South African Christian recording artist, who will be performing with his band at Word of Faith in Port Elizabeth on April 18, and at the One Voice Conference in East London, from May 26 to 30.  Bala entered the South African music scene at a young age and in spite of numerous SAMA Awards and many successes, still felt that there was a void in his life. He began an extravagant love affair with God, which resulted in him joining the Rhema Bible College in 2011. Three years later the smooth singer is married, has a beautiful baby girl and two Gospel worship CDs under his belt. Bala feels that his music has the ability to draw others to the Gospel, and is excited about sharing God with South Africa through his worship.

I chatted to him about pursuing God, his first Christian/Gospel CD “Love Complete” and the release of his 2nd CD/DVD “Power Love Sound”.

1. Firstly, congratulations on the success of “Love Complete”! What brought about your move to the Christian/Gospel “genre” and was it an easy transition?
The idea came to life during my time at Rhema Bible College about three years ago. I always knew that sometime in the future I would probably do a Gospel album. The more time that I spent in the Word and the stronger that my admiration of Christ grew, the [more it was apparent that the] best way that I could express this new feeling was through music. And so, Love Complete was birthed.

2. We love the funky, fresh sounds of “Love Complete”! Take us through the writing of the album: Where you drew your inspiration from/the message behind it.
The album is a collection of Love Songs from me to Jesus. I have always strived to understand love and to define it through music in previous love songs that I’ve written in the past. The Bible tells us that “His love is made complete in us.” It is that scripture and the constant revelation of it that inspired the lyrical content throughout the album.

3. Do you have any special stories/testimonies of lives that have been changed or people who have been affected through your God-inspired songs and worship?
I get messages on social media all the time of people whose lives have been transformed by the songs that I sing. My prayer has always been that these songs will be a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to touch people’s lives in accordance with their present need. And I’ve also seen this happen during my performances. It used to freak me out at first but now I’ve come to understand that it is not me but the Holy Spirit.

4. With the “buzz” of the entertainment industry always pulling at you, how do you keep things in perspective and focused on God?
I don’t easily get drawn into the buzz of the industry. Thank God that I love being with my family way more than being out in the streets. The love that I have for them definitely keeps me grounded in Christ. I also have to constantly remind myself of Jesus and His presence in my life. Sometimes, all that needs to happen is for us to forget about Him bit by bit before all hell breaks loose.

5. “Power, Love, Sound” your latest offering, has such an interesting title! I’m sure there must be a deeper meaning behind it :)
2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of Power, Love and a Sound mind.”

Whenever my soul gets troubled or is in a place of fear, this is the verse that strengthens me. There is a lot happening in the world at the moment that is making us all fearful and helpless. But when we remember this verse and who we are in Christ, our faith levels will rise above our trouble and we will be able to conquer anything. This is the message of Power, Love, Sound.

6. This will be your 6th album to date! What do you feel is different on this one?
My previous albums, including the secular ones, have always done a good job in making people feel good about themselves. This does that too but it also pushes you to do something about it. For, Love is not just a feeling but a weapon that we must use to conquer evil. For it was the love of Christ that brought us to repentance.

7. We loved the cross-cultural sound on “Love Complete”! Can we expect to hear more of that on “Power Love Sound”?
Expect that and more :) I believe that a new audience is going to be drawn to the Gospel through this album. We have crossed over into genre territories that other Gospel artists have not dared to go. Whatever sound is out there, it is in this album.

8. When will the new album be released and where can listeners find it?
The album will be released end of May with the first copies sold at the One Voice Conference in East London where I’ll be performing. It will be a CD/DVD combo at the price of a CD. That is how far we are willing to go this time around to give our fans more value than what they’ve paid for :)

9. We are so excited for your visit to the Eastern Cape! Tell us a bit more about the Loyiso Live experience and what we can look forward to.
I am so excited about this concert. It will definitely be a live experience as I will have most of my band members with me on stage. Look forward to some new songs from the new album, but more than that, look forward to a great time of dancing and singing like crazy before The Lord.

10. What are Loyiso Musics’ plans for the future?
With the release of the new album and an exciting project with Bala Brothers later in the year including some production work with Idols finalist Zoe, the future looks better than ever before.

Tickets for Port Elizabeth worship experience can be purchased through Computicket. For more information visit loyisomusic.