Kari Jobe SA tour opening night leaves songstress in tears

Kari Jobe during her powerful SA tour opening night in Port Elizabeth. (PHOTO: Nancy Morkel)

Kari Jobe, award winning Christian singer/songwriter, kicked off her South African tour in Port Elizabeth last night, at Word of Faith Christian Centre.

Sharing her love for the Holy Spirit and Africa, she explained that it was her first visit back to South Africa since a ministry trip 14 years ago with the ministry school she had attended. “I was so impacted by your hunger for the presence of God!” she shared, recalling her experience with South African worshippers back then.

Jobe’s bassist suffered from a sudden back spasm a few minutes before the opening of the concert and prayer warriors interceded while a chiropractor was called in to offer assistance. Despite that, the worship concert was a roaring success and Jobe was in tears by the end of the night. “This was the best concert we’ve done!” she shared, much to the joy of the Port Elizabeth crowd.

The songbird hosted a Questions and Answers session before the show, where premium ticket holders had the opportunity to ask her questions regarding ministry and worship.

Audience of One
Jobe answered questions regarding worshipping an audience of One, regardless of fancy lighting and sound on stage. “I’ve fallen in love with the Holy Spirit!” she explained, sharing that there is nothing like the Holy Spirit and being close to the Lord. With regards to song writing, the award winning songwriter advised aspiring song writers to ‘write, write, write!’ “A lot of times my songs come out of me spending time with the Lord,” she shared, encouraging others to focus on being with God more than on waiting for a song to be birthed. “A lot of the material that the Lord speaks to me about becomes a song.”

Another question posed was regarding church leadership getting involved with song selection for a worship set. Jobe shared that she believes that worship leaders must honour their leaders and submit to them at all times. “I was one of 15 worship leaders!” she explained, sharing that she has been in the situation where song selection had been decided for her, but she maintained an attitude of honour.

When talking about leading others into worship during a difficult time, Jobe says that she can relate and that it can be a bit daunting walking on to a stage and seeing people that are hungry, hoping that you can lead them into the presence of God. “I appreciate those moments a lot, because I can say: ‘You showed up!” she shared, referring to the Holy Spirit.

Jobe will host “A night of worship with Kari Jobe” in Johannesburg (New Life Church) on July 25, followed by Durban (Grace Family Church) on July 26 and Cape Town (Hillsong Church) on July 28.

Tickets can be purchased at www.itickets.co.za


  1. What an awesome evening. God showed up! One can’t put a price on it, it was a night to remember. Kari and the band where amazing and God honoured there giving their all. I was so blessed and revuvenated in the Lord …I will never forget it! Thank you Kari and your amazing team for coming to SA, please, please come again. Me and my family drove over 3 hrs to get there and will do it again!

  2. We where SO blessed by the whole event! That girl is the real deal and what you see on the DVD is who she is in real life before her King and ours… I would encourage the Body of Christ in PE to support such opportunities as a full house will ensure more events like this to be hosted among the friendliest people in the country, the people of the “friendly city”!! Come on guys, let’s support what is being offered… :)

  3. I also love OUR LORD as Kari does,may the holy spirit fill you up with even more!!!keep on going girl!God bless!