Love Has a Name — Jesus Culture: Review

Music review by Luchae Williams

Popular worship collective, Jesus Culture, released it’s brand new live album Love Has A Name in August.

The offering, recorded at Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento, features Christian music giants Bryan and Katie Torwalt, along with Jesus Culture Music newbie Chris McClarney and Derek Johnson.

Of course, founding members, Chris Quilala and matriarch Kim-Walker-Smith return to pen and sing on this their 10th live album with the worship team.

Opening track, Halls of Heaven, is said to be one of the favorites on the album. The praise song, led by Quilala, speaks about coming into the presence of God, like a child. In a “behind the song” video, he explains, “Halls Of Heaven is really about just coming like a child into His presence. Me being a father, I love it when my kids run up to me in the morning, they come in bursting through the doors, jump on our beds and tells us whatever dreams they had that night, whatever.

“They just feel unafraid to be themselves around me and I think that’s how God obviously feels about us. He loves us unconditionally and he asks us to come boldly and come just as we are. ”

The track is preceded by an upbeat Let Our Faith Become a Mountain. This is through and through your typical Jesus Culture praise song lead by Walker-Smith. True to its name, the song serves as a way to build the faith of the listener, with a bridge that says: “We will stand unaffected by the chaos/We will stand no matter what the cost/No more worry, no more fear/Every doubt will disappear.”

I enjoyed title track Love Has a Name, featuring Walker-Smith. Reminiscent of the 2011 release with the same title, found on Jesus Culture’s Awakening album, the song speaks about the power of the name of Jesus. Kim’s vocal is still quite impressive, able to dip and soar, not holding back when she feels urged to go into free worship. Because of this, the track is a full 10 minutes long!

I also enjoyed Kim on worship track Never Stop, where she sings “You never stop singing Your love to me/For the rest of my days, let me ever be listening.” It is such a beautifully penned song, with a catchy hook, in my opinion.

Powerhouse worship ensemble, Brian and Katie Torwalt, come with their own sound — a much welcomed addition to the album. In Flood the Earth, a moving ballad, Katie invites the Spirit of God to sweep us away.

Brian is featured on the mid-tempo Sound of Adoration.

If you’re a Derek Johnson fan, you will enjoy his contribution, Love Overcomes. It’s an easy-to-listen-to track that quite simply says: “Your love overcomes/All my hope is in You.”

My most favorite moment on the album is the power packed-contribution by sultry singer, Chris McClarney, called My One My All. Besides for the absolutely stunning vocal of the worship leader, the song itself holds a depth that really impacted me. I love that McClarney is able to dish out a song, simple in lyric, with such conviction and passion.

In Love Has a Name, Jesus Culture followers will appreciate an album that stays true to the collective”s format — vocally impressive power ballads and catchy pop-infused praise. Worship teams will appreciate the bulk of the album, which holds a definite congregational sound.

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