Martin Smith — Love Song for a City: Music Review

Music Review by Luchae Williams

Martin Smith’s latest offering, titled Love Song for a City, gives listeners a front row seat to worship along with congregations across the globe.

With songs recorded in various cities around the world, including Singapore, Haarlem, Holland; Sydney, Australia, Holland and even Cape Town and Johannesburg, the album serves as an eye-opener, uniting believers across the world with one mandate: to worship the King of Kings.

‘Love Song for a City’
The album is opened with a track titled, The Call... and what a fitting opening indeed! What is essentially a free worship moment, with Smith belting: “We will rise up/From the shadows we will rise up/We’re singing over you”, this track sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The first complete track on the album, Come Holy Spirit, is a firecracker. The song starts off quietly, but eventually erupts into a thunderous proclamation: “Burn like a fire/Living flame of love”. My favourite part is the spoken word bridge, delivered by Holly Roe. Very powerful.

Uptempo praise song, Leap of Faith, has a fun melody and a cool, contemporary vibe.

Other new songs include worship anthems, I Will Sing and the catchy Jesus Only YouThe latter is a duet that he sings with his daughter, Elle Limebear, with the underlying message: “In Your arms I cannot fall, In Your love/I have it all/You’re the One who I was born to worship/Just one name.”

Smith fans will appreciate the edition of old favourites, God’s Great Dance Floor and Waiting Here for You. The latter gave me goosebumps, as the worship leader broke off into the old Christian anthem, “Majesty/Your grace has found me just as I am/Empty handed by alive in Your hands.”

Another oldie, Song of Solomon, is given new life and I quite enjoyed hearing it on the album.

Another new track, Veni, Sancte Spiritus, is an instrumental moment of worship that sounds as if it was unscripted. I personally love when worship artists include moments like these on their albums. There is just something so powerful about hearing a crowd of worshipers, on the other side of the world, lifting up the name of Jesus.

Martin Smith fans will welcome a well-put-together album, comprising of at least seven new songs and excellent live recordings of some of the artist’s biggest hits.

Smith’s well-calculated risk — releasing a live album, recorded in various venues — has certainly paid off, and we now have a collection of songs that reflect the true heart of a worshiper. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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