Passion: Follow You Anywhere – Review

A music review by Luchae Williams
The well known Passion music collective released a new live album titled Follow You Anywhere, on February 1st. The album was recorded live at the sold-out Passion 2019 conference. The conference caters to nearly 40, 000 young people, from across the world, who come to worship God together in stadiums and arenas across America at the Passion events. The conference is also well known for their deep worship sets that are aimed at worshippers between the ages of 18 to 25 years old.

The 2019 album was the first ever recorded at the Passion City Church in Atlanta, home base to the conference. It features Passion favorites such as Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker and Melodie Malone as well as guest artists, Crowder and Sean Curran.

“So much hard work and heart went into writing these songs over the last year,” explains Stanfill. “Our band, the songwriters, our design team and our sixstepsrecords/Capitol CMG team all leaned in together to make this album what it is. To now lead these songs at Passion 2019 and see a real love and devotion to Jesus come to life in these students is a beautiful thing. It’s why we do this. It’s why we write these songs. We believe that God is calling us to join him in the story he is telling in this moment and in this generation.”

Follow You Anywhere

Worship leader, Sean Curran, kicks off the album with an almost anthemic worship song called Welcome The Healer. The song serves as a terrific opening track, setting the atmosphere almost immediately, with a belting chorus that says: “We welcome the healer in this place/We welcome the author of our faith/We welcome the God who makes a way/His name is Jesus!”

Curran also leads worship ballad, Bigger Than I Thought. This singer is a worship leader of note and I appreciate his ability to flow in and out of free worship. Bigger Than I Thought is a personal worship song, directed at God, that speaks about a God who understands and knows us more than we can comprehend. I loved the lyric because it created a moment of intimacy with the Father, reminding me that He is interested in every detail of my life.

GMA Dove Award-winning singer, Brett Younker, leads an upbeat worship track called Lift Up Jesus and Melodie Malone sings the enchanting Fade Away. Both songs have likeable melodies and are easy to get hooked onto. I particularly loved the chorus of the latter, as Malone sings: “If You’re not in it/ Then I don’t want it/ Let all else fade away/ Take the whole world/ But give me Jesus/ Let all else fade away.” Yes and amen!

Passion conference worship leader, Kristian Stanfill, leads three tracks on the album, including the title track, Follow You Anywhere. This song is an anthem that speaks about wanting God more than anything else. Behold The Lamb is a worship song with hymn-like elements that make it memorable. More To Come is also a worship ballad, reminding us how great our God is.

I must admit, I was most looking forward to Crowder’s additions to the album. This eclectic worship leader’s musical style, smokey voice and excellent song writing capacity certainly catches your attention from the get go. Hundred Miles – another worship track – has traces of soul and country music, with a big bridge that says “Hallelujah!/Sing to the Lord!/Hallelujah!/My soul rejoice!”

The album closer, also lead by Crowder, is called Yet Will I Praise You. This is such a song in season for me and I love the message that encourages us to praise God through the storm and fire. It certainly is fitting for the theme of album and leaves you truly desiring to follow Him anywhere.

If you’re a Passion conference aficionado, this is definitely one to add to your growing Passion album collection. Passion newbies and those who enjoy a solid praise and worship album will not be dissapointed. As always, the collective has put together songs that are Biblically sound, delivered by worship leaders who clearly have a passion for the things of God. This was a good listen.

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