Planetshakers – Overflow: Review

Overflow reviewMusic review written by Luchae Williams

Popular Christian band Planetshakers released their latest live recording Overflow in September 2016. Recorded at the annual Planetshakers Conference in Melbourne, Australia, the album features 15 brand new songs, and captures the worship of more than 12 000 conference delegates in attendance. The album is a festival of synth and drums, accompanied by hot dance tracks and passionate worship moments, in typical Planetshakers style.

Album opener Come right now is a classic dance party with a fun vibe. This sounds like something you would find on a youth service set list. The opening lines says it all: “Nothing excites us like Jesus/Cause in His presence there’s freedom!”

The same description can be given to the second track, titled River. The upbeat praise song speaks about the never ending river of God with a bridge that boldly declares: “I don’t care what it looks like!/I’m diving in/Nothing will stop this passion/I’m praising Him!”

The album has a few similar sounding praise songs on it, such as the catchy Overflow, dance track I’m free and the celebration song Give my all which urges the listener to give their all to Jesus.

Amidst the uptempo you’ll be pleased to find a host of intimate worship moments too, with some of the best picks written by songwriter, Mitch Wong. I know you are is a prime example. The ballad is written to God, declaring that He is everything that we need.

Another Wong track, Sings my soul, seems to be a firm favorite among Planetshaker followers. This ode is a powerful worship song that speaks about the work of Christ on the cross. It has a hymn feel to it, with lyrics that match. My favorite part of the track is it’s simple chorus that says “Sings my soul/Sings my soul/The song from my heart overflows/Sings my soul to thee!” The song continues in spontaneous worship which has been recorded as a whole track titled, Heart Song. This frees up the listener, creating a beautiful space of free worship to soak in.

Another must listen is Join with the Angels, a piano driven ballad with a catchy melody that speaks about abandon worship. This is my favorite worship moment on the album by far.

Another favorite, probably my top pick out of the whole collection, is the Gospel praise anthem, Gotta give Him the glory. What a breath of fresh air! It has elements of black Gospel music and RnB, with vocals to boot, that really gives the track a different flavor. The song is not very wordy at all, and has a really easy chorus that repeats: “Gotta give Him glory!”

The album ends off in true Planetshakers style: with lots of electro beats and an anthemic melody that speaks about revival. Here comes the revival is a head bopping dance song featuring Boom. Quite a fitting end, if you’re a big Planetshakers fan.

Planetshakers followers will appreciate the accompanying DVD which showcases seven songs recorded live at the conference. So if you’re a huge fan, this would be something worth adding to your collection. Planetshakers newbies might struggle to get into it, if they do not have a taste for electro house tracks. But those who are looking for new music to add to their children and youth ministry worship sets, this is a definite winner!

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