Prayer and presence of God stop PE rape attack

Michelle Campbell (PHOTO: Facebook).
Michelle Campbell (PHOTO: Facebook).

An attempted rape on the Port Elizabeth beachfront was dramatically averted early on Sunday morning when the victim began to pray out aloud that she was protected by the blood of Jesus.

 Recounting the incident, well-known PE public relations practitioner and entepreneur, Michelle Campbell said a calm came over her as she felt God’s presence and guidance from the moment that she started to pray.

Her ordeal began when she and a friend, John Lovemore, were confronted by two armed men as they were taking a stroll on King’s Beach early on Sunday morning. The men demanded cell phones and money after stabbing Lovemore in the arm and hitting him on the head and neck.

 “When we told them everything was in the car, they asked for the keys and at that point, we made a conscious decision to just cooperate,” Campbell said.

Campbell, who is the owner of Michelle Campbell Publicity, said that while one man left to ransack the car, the other grabbed her from behind, pushed her and told her he was going to rape her.

“He started to undo his zip… He told me that if I screamed or resisted, he was going to slit my throat with his knife. Then he said that he can run faster than me.” At that point Campbell started praying aloud and said that she could immediately feel calmness wash over her as God began to guide her and show her exactly what to do.

“I said ‘I am protected by the blood of Jesus’ (out loud) over and over, a few times. He immediately stopped, got off me and we both stood up and faced each other. I put my hands on his chest and told him ‘In Jesus name, you don’t want to hurt me.”

Campbell said she remembers feeling God’s presence and a sense of surety that everything was going to be okay, as the prayer diffused the situation.

“I recall seeing fear in his [the attacker’s] eyes and knew that he too was just a victim of circumstance.”

Campbell said that she felt pity for the attacker and introduced herself and Lovemore to him, in an attempt to humanise them to the attackers. She also asked him his name, but he did not reveal it, apparently out of fear.

“His face just crumpled and he started to apologise, telling me that he was actually a good person. I told him that I believed him; that I forgave him and God forgave him too.” The attacker showed remorse and Campbell reassured him that everything was going to be okay. After a while the other man came back, handed them the car keys, and they left.

Campbell said that she had always believed in God but about seven or eight years ago she began a one-on-one relationship with Him. The relationship has continued to grow from strength to strength.

She believes that the Lord turned the attack on her and Lovemore around for His glory, and wants her to tell her story to as many people as possible. The night before her first media interview she woke up with voices in the room and a sensation of being choked. She knew that the enemy was trying to silence her and that gave her the resolve to spread the story as far as she could.

“The Lord once again showed me that He will always be there for us. God told me that He would bless me for giving my testimony and boy has He done that!”

 Campbell said she has received an overwhelming response both locally and internationally, as people have responded to her story, sharing that their faith had been renewed. She has made a promise to God to use her prominent role in society to give Him glory. 

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  1. PRAISE GOD Michelle! What a woman of faith and coursge.
    Pastor Harry heydon,
    The MUSTARD SEED Project

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Please will you have a look at our webpage as it is something that you will be able to relate to.
    Pastor Harry Heydon

  3. Assie Van der Westhuizen

    To God be the Glory!

  4. He is Great indeed.

  5. What a powerful testimony! Michelle is a woman of outstanding courage! I thank God for your presence of mind to call upon the Lord in such a potentially harmful experience. I pray God will protect your emotions in the future! God bless you!

  6. Once again proof that nothing evil can stand in the face of the Blood of Jesus! Jesus’ Blood redeems, cleanses, protects and saves! May God bless you as you testify to the power of His Blood.

  7. Thank You Lord; for Your Protection! We serve an Amazing God!!

  8. WOW WOW WOW!!! To God all the Glory! What an ensuring testimony….

  9. Wow,God is GOOD all the time, praise Him for his protection!!

  10. i can do all things through christ who strengthens me, i am happy every thing worked out and you are ok because in the name of Jesus you dont have to fear anything

  11. I would like to say that it’s fantastic to see that a potential rape was averted, such crimes ruin lives. I would also like to ask a question: Does God really only prevent rapes when they’re about to happen and the potential victim has the presence of mind to call out his name ? Should not all church going ‘Christian’ people be automatically be saved from such crimes ? In fact, an omnipotent God would stop all rape across the board would He not ?

    • People have free will. God doesn’t just stop rape across the world just like he doesn’t stop everyone from eating too much or texting while driving or anything else that has bad consequences. With free will, people are free to wallow in the messes they make. And YES, God will come to our aid when our lives somehow entwine with those who live deeper in the flesh.

      That said, there is a part of your comment that I agree with 100%. Sometimes people will wait until there is a crisis before they ask for God’s protection. And yes, the results can be miraculous, and very dramatic. But it is not the better way to live. We should be in constant communication with Him and most of the miracles should go unnoticed be us because they were avoided long before they ever had a chance to appear on our radar. YES, I believe God is doing this for us 24/7.

      This doesnt mean crisises never happen to those who pray, but they pobably happen far less frequently.

    • Hi Neil – we have freedom of choice so it’s up to us if we call on God to help or not. He won’t interfere where he is not asked to. It is also everyone’s choice or not to hurt or not hurt another person x hope this helps!

  12. No Neil, sometimes God uses people like Michelle to show His mercy, love and goodness to other people. Through what happened here two other people were shown the way to Christ.

  13. Glory to God,God’s grace is always sufficient,if we can all learn to have that faith that he is with us in every situation and nothing is impossible for HIM.AMen


  15. What an awesome God we serve. thank you Lord for protecting my sister in Christ.

  16. Our Lord…. supernaturally powerful… in His Blood there is POWER!!. AMEN all praise to Jesus!

  17. Wonderful to be plugged in with God! Thanks for being prepared to sharing this horrible experience with us – for us to learb from it. Good luck with your service to God and us fellow Chritians.

  18. “You cannot petition the Lord with prayer ” The Doors
    With that said, the reason I know this to be true is the following:
    Babies, girls, and women are being raped every day and night. The ones old enough to pray, pray to GOD for it to stop. The ones not old enough to PRAY die or are brutalized, maimed and then left to die in the most horrible way . In Africa, it is a common belief that having sex with a 4 year old will cure AIDS. GOD does not answer prayer.
    Jesus loved the little children.

    I know this goes against you business model and I know you know I speak the truth. Maybe you should start, your salvation depends on it.
    I also know your sorry I believe this and feel that way.
    God works in mysterious ways.

  19. I was molested as a little girl, and although I became a follower of Christ as a little girl too, I was still molested. For a time this made me really angry at God. But instead of running away I ran towards Him and didn’t stop until he showed me where he was when I was molested. He was standing between me and my attacker, taking the abuse. Whilst my body was harmed, Jesus covered my spirit. He covered my identity as his, and my eternal life in His kingdom. No act of evil will ever be able to take that away from me. God doesn’t allow or condone rape. He forbids it. It is the human race that allows it. Through prostitution, pornography, sexual slavery and and abuse of women and children. It is the selfishness of humanity, not God. What happened to Michelle is grace, for her and for her attackers. Those men were given a chance to repent, to not become thieves and rapists. Who knows how many opportunities there have been for every rapist in this country to choose to not abuse and rape, but instead they chose to do just that. They chose to ignore God.

    • Dear Claire,
      Thankyou for sharing your understanding of how Jesus stood between you & your attacker & covered your spirit, keeping you safe for eternal things & destiny.
      I too was sexually abused from a very young age by someone who was supposed to protect and nuture me, not violate me.
      l too was born again from a very young age & the abuse continued.
      Its only about 6 years ago that l learnt, thru prayer counselling what happened to me.
      It was devastating.
      The Lord has taught & shown me much in helping me to heal, however your insights have revealed a very precious clarity about how l was protected by God when l do not & did not understand why this travesty was allowed.
      Just this morning l was thinking, oh well God, you are The One who restores, renews, refurbishes my soul (Ps 23). At least l can pray for otgers victims of sexual abuse with compassion & understanding.
      Thankyou for sharing.
      It is very valuable insight that’s registered wirh me & will probably help others struggling with this issue. Praise God. Saved for eternity.

  20. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing this. It has given me hope and comfort to strive and seek God’s love more now than ever. Thank you

  21. Amen Sister!!!! We serve an amazing God!!! I have similar testimony and can honestly say that I could not do it without him.

  22. To God be the glory

  23. All glory to God! To know Him intimately all things are possible!!!

  24. Kateboski ! should have led them to christ though

  25. We too have a similar testimony and thanks to our great and gracious Lord we came out alive. Thanks Michelle.

  26. Sorry – I’m a believer too, but all I got from this is – 2 criminals, 1 certainly and the other likely a rapist are still at large in PE. Forgive and understand circumstances, that is well – BUT I hope they reported this to the police and that they are caught and brought to justice before someone else is stabbed and raped.

  27. God is awesome,he is the only true god. He is,was and forever will be. He is coming soon. Praise His wonderful name.

  28. I can relate to the part of being choked the night before her first media interview. It has happened a few times to me also, every time either just before or after i have witnessed to someone concerning Jesus Christ.

  29. To God be the Glory, we serve such a faithful and living God and its an honor to do so.

  30. What a mighty God we serve! Praises to Yahweh, the almighty.

  31. Praise our mighty Lord!

  32. Wow!!! Almost speechless. Now everyone can see how wonderful and almighty our God is!!! I would like to know what the attacker was experiencing, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he came forward and gave his own testimony.

  33. What an amazing testominy, we surely serve an amazing God, and all the Glory to Him!! Thank you Jesus that you are ALWAYS there to protect us, to guide us and to Love us.

  34. Glory to God. Great faith and testimony.

  35. Well done Michelle! We have a truly AMAZING God! Thank you Jesus for saving Michelle. We need to call on Him daily, especially for our country and the sake of the children. God bless

  36. This is just awesome!!

  37. Hi Michelle,
    This isnt the first time I have heard that using our Heavenly Fathers names saves a terrible outcome. My prayers are with you and Lovemore. God has used you to give glory to his name through your courage and faith.