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God wants us to sing in two directions!

[notice]Hugh Wetmore is a songwriter and student of worship trends. He invites you to join the worship conversation by commenting on his monthly column.[/notice] GOD WANTS US TO SING IN TWO DIRECTIONS Both of God’s “Instructions for Congregational Worship Singing”, require us to sing in two directions: Vertically and Horizontally. […]

Phillips, Craig & Dean release “Breathe In” in April

On the heels of a week filled with overwhelmingly positive reviews, several sold-out concerts abroad and their single “When The Stars Burn Down” poised to crown radio charts, it’s good to be Phillips, Craig & Dean! Christian Art Media says it is excited to announce that their latest recording Breathe […]

PE cop shop burn!

Port Elizabeth Burn 24/7 coordinator Pete Gooch writes that the fire hasn’t gone out in PE: on Friday, February 17 there will be a Burn with a difference –at the Mount Road Police Station. “They have a chapel , its not too big but with no chairs in it can […]