Teenagers inspire the world with worship clips

Musical cousins Aldrich Lloyd Talonding,15, (left) and James Walter Bucong (19). (See video clip below)

Cousins Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (15) and James Walter Bucong (19) give all the glory to God, after videos of them singing worship songs were featured on www.godvine.com last week. God Vine is a website that features faith themed videos. The talented teens from General Santos City in the Philippines became a huge You Tube sensation when video clips of Talonding singing and Bucong playing skilfully on the guitar garnered more than 933 089 views in less than two months.

The videos, posted by a family member, went viral in a matter of days and even drew the attention of well-known talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, who invited them to America to perform on her show. In an announcement during one of her recordings, DeGeneres said that she was searching for the young maestros from the Philippines, commenting that Talonding has a lot of soul. Talonding and Bucong admitted that they did not expect such an overwhelming response to their videos and in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer stated:  “We only made the video for our friends.” The two have since appeared on various Philippine TV shows and have been invited to perform in their capital country, Manila, on numerous occasions.

These pastors’ sons believe that their real success lie in the opportunity to be able to minister to and share the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world. “God gave us the opportunity to share His great love through our music!” Their worship video clips are moving and passionate and many comments reveal that some aren’t even sure why they are so moved by the clips but feel more inspired after watching it, with one video clip so aptly named “A Christian song that sends chills up your spine.” A remarkable passion for worship is reflected in these viral videos, with Talondings youthful radiance and voice leaving many in awe. The pair see their music as more than just a way to entertain and revealed that they have been influenced and inspired by great worship leaders such as Darlene Zscech, Hillsong, Jesus Culture and Don Moen.

Cherish Bucong, James’ older sister and a family representative created a Facebook page for the 2, which has garnered 24 761 likes since it was created on the 30th April 2013. “They have no formal training whatsoever. They were just enhanced as years go by because they play as musicians of the church. Truly, everything goes back to the Lord who gave all the talent and gift,” she explained.

Talonding started singing at the tender age of 4 years old and Bucong taught himself how to play the guitar at the mere age of 9. Both are now passionately involved in their church’s worship team, where they feel committed to stay until the Lord leads them. “In everything that we go through, we decide as one, taking all decisions to the feet of Jesus. We pray and decide as one, with the Lord as the head of our family.”

They have been receiving prayers and messages from all over the world which they say motivates them to sing more for Gods glory. The minstrels do not have any current plans but to go where God leads and of course, create more videos clips.





  1. elizabeth horrell

    Absolutely beautiful!!! I hope someone helps them make a CD…I love their powerful worship!! People need to hear this kind of music!!

  2. Amazing talent AND faith!!! It is apparent God is going to do great things through this young duo.