The Katinas release new single – cover of Hillsong’s Y&F “Alive”

The Katinas releases a compilation of popular worship songs, with a fresh “Katina” sound. Photo:

Contemporary Christian music group, The Katinas, well known for their lush Polynesian harmonies and vocal arrangements releases ‘Alive’, the second single from their newest release titled, Sunday Set. The single is a cover of the 2013 Hillsong’s Young and Free release and had always been a favourite of the 5 brothers, shares James Katina. “Our prayer is that the Katinas’ version will continue the song’s tradition of blessing those who hear it.”

The band has been touring heavily since the release of Sunday Set and has explained that their intention for the album is to take their listeners on a musical journey where both band and congregation can “go vertical” in their adoration and praise. The album puts a fresh spin on today’s popular worship songs and covers tracks such as Matt Redmans ‘10 000 Reasons’ and Hillsong’s ‘Oceans’ with signature “Katina” arrangements.

Debut single, ‘10 000 Reasons,’ was played on more than 200 radio outlets and hit No. 1 on CRC Weekly ( and No. 1 on CRC Monthly. “With the release of ‘10,000 Reasons,’ we are humbled to bring our arrangement of this classic song to our fans and to Christian radio,” said James Katina in a press release. “Our prayer is that others who hear the song will be filled with awe at the majesty of our Lord.”

A video for “10,000 Reasons” has been released on YouTube and has garnered over 77 500 views. 

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