The Story’s Not Over – Jeremy Camp: Review

Music review by Luchae Williams

American contemporary Christian singer and songwriter, Jeremy Camp, is a seasoned recording artist with 12 albums under his belt. The singer released his latest addition, The Story’s Not Over, in September 2019. After 20 years in the industry, the singer felt led to pen an album that serves as an anthology, reflecting the goodness of God.

The Story’s Not Over follows a reflection period in my life and share my story about how God rescued me through all I’ve been through, but it’s not over. I want you to always look back and see how God’s been faithful, remembering the good in the midst of those hard times.”

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The album has a touch of Camp’s signature rock sound, with a large dose of contemporary pop and an evident electronic element to it.

The story’s not over
Album opener, Only You Can, gives a clear introduction to the sound of this album: a contemporary hodge-podge of synth and dance-styled anthems that confess the glory of God. My favorite part is the bridge that says: “I lift my hands up to the only unstoppable king / The one who can see far beyond the things that I see / And in the moments when I’ve lost the strength to believe / I won’t give up on the only one who won’t give up on me.”

Title track, The Story’s Not Over, is an eclectic contemporary pop song, complete with synth and a funky beat. The song is a message of hope, speaking about the faithfulness of God.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is the vibey Should’ve Been Me — a mod take on Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. The song is such an enjoyable listen with a powerful bridge that says: “No longer dirty / No longer afraid / I am no captive, I am no slave / No longer guilty / No longer in chains / Hallelujah, I’m free!”

Teaming up with Christian hip hop duo, Social Club Misfits, on track You Don’t, the singer delivers what is best described as an urban-meets-soul song that speaks about our unchanging, reliable Father. This is such a great listen!

I loved the message behind Keep Me In The Moment. Camp’s stunning rich vocal tells the story of a man desperate to not miss what God has for him. The song has an almost country flavour to it, with a catchy chorus.

Indestructible Soul, with it’s cheeky hook, speaks about finding hope and strength in the Lord. The chorus says: “I know my soul is indestructible / When I’m standing in Your love My fear, it turns to dust / I’ve got this hope, and it’s unbreakable / No power’s strong enough, Nothing can overcome.”

Album closer, Wildnerness, is one of three power ballads, recorded in true Camp style. You can find the same emotive pop-rock styled ode in Out Of My Hands and Father.

With quite a list of accolades and hits to his name, Jeremy Camp has proven that an artist can change and adapt his sound to adjust to current genre trends. His penchant for telling stories and sharing his life’s testimony through song is evident in this album that so boldly reflects his passion for Christ. If you’re looking for an album with high-energy pop anthems and feel-good sing-a-long songs that share anthems of hope and faith, this definitely is a great one to add to your collection.

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