WATCH: Singing SA president echoes Africa group’s Israel assignment

President Cyril Ramaphosa sings ‘Africa will be saved’ in Grace Bible Church, Soweto last Sunday. WATCH VIDEO BELOW (PHOTO: Youtube screenshot).

By Morwa Mosupyoe
Mizpah House of Prayer

The Hebrew month of Elul is the 12th month of the civil calendar and sixth month of the ecclesiastical calendar

The month of Elul is a month of repentance, soul searching, forgiveness and — most importantly — of desiring to reconnect to God as individuals, families and nations, while reflecting on the past year and looking forward to a new season.

It was by divine appointment that, leaders from across Africa converged in Israel for a leadership summit on the first day of the month of Elul under the theme “Building Great Nations”. They only became aware of the kairos timing in Jerusalem, on day one of the summit.

It was also not a coincidence that the gathering took place during the 12th and sixth months respectively, as both are numbers prophetically linked to government and people — and for us South Africans the number six is significant, as the nation under President Ramaphosa is the sixth administration since the advent of democracy.

The atmosphere at the African leadership summit was that of unity and peace with the majority of delegates coming from South Africa and Nigeria. We all understood our redemptive mandates, especially as the summit took place in the midst of violence and chaos that erupted in SA.

Leaders from Nigeria, SA and other African nations united in prayer at the recent Africa Leadership Summit in Jerusalem.

Our assignment was spiritual and travailing for our nations from Israel , the altar of God, during the month of Elul was critical as we all reflected, repented and stood in the gap for our countries.

One of the portals we visited was Mount Zion, which is the area of the Upper Room where the Holy Spirit manifested in the form of the sound of a rushing wind and as fire.

It was at such gates that we held hands and sung old classics like If you believe and I believe and we together pray, the Holy Spirit MUST come down and Africa will be saved. And we knew it was not just a song but a declaration from Africa. Hence it was surreal to witness President Ramaphosa rendering a solo rendition of the same song and even conducting a Grace Bible Church Choir in Soweto on Sunday, just a few days after we got back from the Africa Leadership Summit (ALS).

The President not only sang and declared but also rendered a public apology to Africa during former President Mugabe’s State funeral. His apology in front of other heads of African nations at the funeral is an eternal uncommon seed.

It takes a great leader to acknowledge, confess, show remorse and regret on behalf of the nation. It is a sign of humility and the gates of repentance and forgiveness were opened by our president and we need to all tap into that because both repentance and forgiveness are central and fundamental principles of Christianity

Our soul searching and repentance is a matter of putting our hearts as individuals, families and nations in the right place and it is as we bring our hearts to the Lord that He fills us with love for one another and a spirit of tolerance permeates the people

The declaration in song and a public apology from the first citizen is a sign of revival and we need to celebrate and tap into that gate.

In a further link between the ALS and a move of repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation following the recent xenophobia-linked unrest in SA and Nigeria, the convenor of the ALS, Pastor Segun Olaniepekun, has arranged a reconciliation meeting between South African pastors and leaders in Pretoria on Thursday.



  1. This is really heart-warming and praise-worthy. Thanks for an excellent reporting plus indepth spiritual insight. I was priviledged to be part of the Nigerian delegation to the ALS. I say a resounding Amen to the rhema from the Holy Spirit: Africa shall be saved!

  2. I started crying. Our President singing. Great is the LORD

  3. Mr Ramaphosa may as well start a choir. Africa may yet be saved, but South Africa, South Africans have been abandoned by God to immorality and a debased mind as we rush to more and more idolatry.

    This week the fool judge whose praise Christians were singing because he supposedly spoke in tongues in Parliament decided that parents in South Africa should be made criminals for obeying God’s requirement that corporal punishment should be done to their children.

    Our dear chief justice ought to read his Bible more than his Western inspired law books

    • Billy, Amen. Well said. Pieter and Ian, you need to understand the Bible. It is true Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world, then you added your worldly/human explanation of what God wanted to say.
      How the Christians sings the praises of Ramaposa… Even after forcing RSA to consult the dead on the way forward for our country.

  4. Billy you need to understand the constitution

  5. All in all, Jesus clearly said that His Kingdom is not of this world. That means we should not try and establish it here, a so-called Christian government. Christ will establish it after Judgement, not before. In the New testament there is just one true Jerusalem, the one up above Gal 4:26, Heb 12:22 & Rev 3:12. Thanks Billy for your statement.

  6. Thank you for great reporting. For your insight. The world is struggling as evil becomes more prevalent but may we as believers praise our God and pray Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let us encourage one another. Thank you Andre and team for amazing reporting that keeps us informed… even if not always in agreement.

  7. How can the Presedent say and sing proclaiming being a Christian if he’s consulting the dead ansestors graves to seek so called guidence for the country? Double standards. So sad.

  8. My thoughts when I saw this video of Pres R singing this Holy Spirit inspired song were: double speak. Unless Mr R was born again at that same event