We are going back to Jerusalem in 2015: to celebrate Pentecost and to get oil for our lamps!


[notice]hendaBy Henda-Marié Marais, Tour Co-Ordinator for Empowered 21 Global Congress in Jerusalem in May 2015. Click here for more info about the Holy Land Tour and to find out how to Join Us in Jerusalem in 2015.[/notice]

As we are living in the last days and with the soon expected return of the King of kings, Jesus Christ, each one of us needs to ask ourselves: How do I prepare for His return?

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In Luke 12:35 – 48 Jesus tells a parable of men waiting for the return of their master. In this passage it is clear that part of the preparation is not only for men to” know the will of the master” but to “be watchful and to prepare themselves for His return.”  Our lamps must be “burning and our waists girded.”

How do we fill our lamps?

To have burning lamps means that we and the ministries where we have been called to labour have enough oil to last in the possible delayed season before the return of Jesus Christ. It probably means that we will need to endure many trials, temptations, tribulations, false accusations and demonic onslaught in the last days. To overcome these trials and to be found faithful and not one that “falls away when tribulation and temptation comes” — we have to be filled with the Holy Spirit as a lamp is filled with oil. Only then can our lamps be burning brightly.  Without enough oil we might give up in our preparation and not be ready when our bridegroom returns.

We need the Holy Spirit
We need the Holy Spirit to help us prepare ourselves for His return. We have to be filled continually by spending time with Him in prayer and fasting, getting to know Him through His word and then GO and do His will. Many of us, church leaders and church members, are so busy in the doing, but our lamps are not burning brightly and we are not preparing ourselves to meet our Master.

Before Jesus ascended to heaven He promised to His disciples that He would not leave them as orphans, but “He will send the Helper, the Promise of My Father, but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.” Not long thereafter, the Promise came to pass and the disciples – those who were waiting with one accord in one place — were empowered! They suddenly changed into bold men of God, proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. 3 000 people were born again, and many signs and wonders were done through the apostles. More than 2 000 years ago, Pentecost marked the birth of the Church and the world was changed forever!

In May 2015, we are going back to Jerusalem —  to celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, to pray for revival and to also be again empowered from on High — to know the Master’s will and to prepare ourselves for His return – to get oil, to make sure we have enough so that we can FIRST PREPARE OURSELVES and then GO and fulfil his last command: “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations!”





  1. Thank you Henda for making it very clear on how to fill our lamps. I truly appreciate your last statement, that we must be filled ourselves even before we think of ministry to others. The precious, patient and graceful Holy Spirit within us, will attract, bring enlightenment and true bread to those starving for Christ’s salvation. Running in our own strength brings death. I am inspired to be empowered by the living Spirit that raised Christ from the dead! Maranatha!

  2. The Holy Spirit is such a Precious Person. He always promotes Jesus Our Messiah, and quietly works in the background. He is the Facilitator of God The Father.

  3. The event has also been posted on the Mighty Men Tartan and
    Mighty Men Conference, Western Cape
    Facebook pages.

  4. Hugh G Wetmore

    Henda is right when she sets this old and dynamic Elim Chorus #615 in its Second Coming context. May I share a new version for everyone to sing? (And we must be filled with the Spirit wherever we are on every day of the year!)


    Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning,
    Give me oil in my lamp, I pray.
    Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning,
    Keep me burning till the Bridegroom comes.

    Keep me burning, keep me ready,
    Keep me ready till the Bridegroom comes.
    Keep me burning, keep me ready,
    Ready till Lord Jesus comes.

    Without oil in my lamp, I’ll be locked out,
    Without oil in my lamp, I’m out.
    Without oil in my lamp, I’ll be locked out,
    I’ll be locked out when the Bridegroom comes.

    But with oil in my lamp, I’ll be ready,
    But with oil in my lamp, I’m in.
    But with oil in my lamp, I’ll be ready,
    I’ll be ready when the Bridegroom comes,

    Words: Original author unknown (pre 1952); Public Domain
    Amendments: Hugh G Wetmore © 2012
    A closer rendition of Matthew 25:1-13
    Tune: Give me oil in my lamp (by Hathaway, Elim Choruses 615)

  5. Holy spirit is the oil in our lamps and Holy Spirit is within us.power from on high thank u Jesus