Woman forgives Islamists who killed her husband and son, and abducted her daughters

Deborah Shettima lost her husband and son after denouncey her Islamic faith for Christianity. (Photo: allchristiannews.com)

Originally published in All Christian News

A woman, who watched Boko Haram terrorists slaughter her husband and take away her two daughters, has forgiven her tormentors for what they did to her family, even though they returned again to her home in Maiduguri, Borno State, Northern Nigeria, and killed her 20-year-old son.

In the first attack on April 25, 2013, Deborah Shettima’s husband was killed, and her seven and nine-year-old daughters were taken from her. The heartless terrorists returned again to her home three months later and killed her son, in apparent remembrance of one of their Muslim sect leaders, Mohammed Yusuf.

The reason Shettima suffered this tragic loss at the hands of these cold-blooded killers, appears to be solely because she left the Islamic faith and converted to Christianity, according to Open Doors, an international non-profit ministry supporting persecuted Christians.

Shettima told Open Doors that she “felt at peace whenever I pronounce a word of forgiveness upon the people who destroyed my peace by killing my beloved husband and taking away my children.” She continued, “I have been asking God to please show me if my daughters are still alive, so that I could at least have a minute to smile again.”

However, the poor widow is not receiving any comfort from her family because they are continuing to pressure her to return to her Islamic faith. She has even been forced out of her family home that was built by her deceased husband by threats from neighbors if she does not renounce her Christianity. Her family are using these threats as an excuse to force her to recant her faith.

The courageous widow went on to say that nothing can make her lose her faith in Christ. She added that she had accepted Christ as her savior and if it meant that she would die for her faith, then so be it.

Deborah continued that it may yet be possible that the Lord will change her situation so that she no longer has to suffer these torments and threats to her life, but even if He doesn’t improve her everyday way of life, she will still praise Him.

According to Open Doors, the grieving mother has received over 20kg of letters of encouragement from faithful Christians around the world, although they have not been able to deliver the letters yet, due to reasons of security.

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