11-year-old born with heart outside her chest inspiring world

Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova

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in For 11-year-old Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova, life has been difficult as she was born with a very rare condition.

When doctors found out during her mom’s pregnancy that the baby had a pentalogy of Cantrell, they suggested abortion. Because it is a condition where her heart is outside her chest. Hence, her heart is too exposed that her rib cage and abdominal muscles cannot protect it.

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According to medical science, Virsaviya’s condition “affects only 1 in a million live births.”

Doctors also predicted that her unborn baby girl wouldn’t survive. It broke her deeply. But despite the heart breaking news, the mom, Dari, decided to keep her and fight for her baby’s life.

Perhaps she trusted God amid the harrowing ordeal. The mom even has a tattoo on her left shoulder, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” from Philippians 4:13. And indeed, although born with some complications, her daughter survived.

Today, 11 years have passed, and Virsaviya is a happy young girl living her best life in Florida. She defied the odds and proved the doctors’ predictions wrong as she is enjoying her pre-teen life. Every day, she can also do most things anyone her age would do without pain. And her mom is so proud of her.

Virsaviya still has to be very careful despite seemingly living a normal life. She needs to always watch out not to hurt her chest since nothing protects her exposed heart. But according to the report, the young girl always “wears a chest covering.” For in such a way, her vital organ won’t get damaged.

Also, the 11-year-old has conoventricular VSD. It is “a condition where she has a hole in her heart where portions of the ventricular septum should meet,” according to the outlet. Which makes all the more reason that she has to be more careful. Because sometimes, her oxygen level really gets low that she has to be admitted to the hospital.

But despite it all, Virsaviya remained positive and didn’t allow her condition to stop her from living the best life.

“Sometimes it can be difficult when my oxygen levels are low,” said the 11-year-old. “And I feel lightheaded and dizzy. But I love staying active and singing and dancing with my friends.”

Virsaviya is inspiring the whole world today with her story. And she remarked, “My heart is different, but it makes me completely unique and I love that.”

In her Instagram, the 11-year-old wrote in her bio the symbol of the cross.

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