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‘Roe v Wade’ — Movie review

Vaughan Luck, founder of the Student Prolife Movement in South Africa and member of the steering committee of the National Alliance for Life reviews this important new movie that sheds light on the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade case that legalised abortion in the United States and set a new […]

‘The Chosen’ announces when Series 2 will be released

By Ben McEachen — Eternity News The hugely successful online TV series The Chosen – based on the gospel accounts of Jesus Christ – has announced when Season Two will be available.ADVERTISEMENT “The Chosen [Season Two] is going to be released on Easter Sunday,” creator and director Dallas Jenkins revealed in a livestream event this […]

TruthTV’s top tips to help you parent in 2021

By TruthTV With kids at home a lot more than usual, it can be hard to balance out TV time, school work and active playtime. Television specifically can be quite a challenge, as the sheer volume of unlimited (and unfiltered) content piping into our homes has meant that we’re often […]

WATCH: Mini documentary makes case for home schooling

Education of children is the responsibility of parents and not the state, says a new mini documentary Home Education: Anybody Can Do It made by Frontline Fellowship. Making a case for home schooling — especially for Christian families — the documentary makers invites parents to “explore the richness and wholesomeness […]