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WATCH: After winning Olympic gold Fiji rugby team break into song praising ‘Blood of the Lamb’

Originally published in Lifesite News After winning Olympic gold, Fiji’s men’s rugby team raised their powerful voices to God and sang:  We have overcome  We have overcome  By the Blood of the Lamb  In the Word of the Lord  We have overcome    The song that filled the Tokyo stadium is […]

WATCH: Petition handover –‘Do the right thing, Mr President and stand with Mogoeng’s right to stand with Israel’

The attack on Chief Justice Mogoeng’s right to express his Christian views on Israel is not new but a continuation of an ancient battle spoken about in Psalm 83 which says that those who hate God will attack the very people of God, said Vivienne Myburgh, national director of the […]

WATCH: Religious leaders urge president to open up gatherings to 50% — FOR SA

Religious leaders on Wednesday night called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to open up religious gatherings to 50% of the capacity of venues, says Advocate Nadene Badenhorst, legal counsel of Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) in a video report back. Badenhorst said the gathering, called by the president ahead […]