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For sale, to let, employment offered, etc…  Email advertising@gatewaynews.co.za ( or call 083 309 7030) for more info on our Advertising Notice Board package — and get your event, for sale, to let, employment offered, etc. ad listed here and in our weekly newsletters. Click on Heartline banner for free resources for churches […]

TESTIMONY: Girl with the stockings — Lindy-Ann Hopley

  I have always loved fashion. I love expressing God’s extravagance through what I wear. As I was getting dressed to attend a youth conference (Young Saints at Bethel Church in Redding, CA), God told me to wear a pair of funky patterned stockings with my pencil skirt. I was a bit unsure, but I am always excited to see what the Lord has planned. I came to the conference a […]

Pence asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe: ‘Nothing has been more destabilising in our society’ than abortion

See also: US Supreme Court hearing arguments in case that could overturn landmark abortion ruling in Roe v Wade By Sam Dorman — Originally published in Fox News Former US Vice President Mike Pence called on the Supreme Court to overturn the landmark decision in Roe v Wade, arguing that it has destabilised the nation […]