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For sale, to let, employment offered, etc…  Email advertising@gatewaynews.co.za ( or call 083 309 7030) for more info on our Advertising Notice Board package — and get your for sale, to let, employment offered, etc. ad listed here and in our weekly newsletters. THE ARMOUR 2021 DAILY PLANNER FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN Read the […]

‘Socially destructive’ statute seeks to redefine marriage, says Naidoo

The primary goal of the government’s proposed ‘Single Marriage Statute’ is “to provide same-sex, transgender and ‘all other forms of marriage’ full and equal status in all respects with monogamous heterosexual marriage or the biblical definition of marriage,” says Family Poliicy Institute director Errol Naidoo. Dismissing government’s claims that the proposed […]

Why are SA authorities blocking cheap drug that shows promise against Covid-19?

Why are South Africa’s health authorities still refusing to allow doctors to use Ivermectin when so much medical evidence shows the drug is highly beneficial against Covid-19? Specialist physicians and scientists from the US, UK, and Australia are loudly advocating this 50-year-old, Nobel Prize-winning and very cheap drug for use […]