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Insanity of nations recognising Palestinian state: Isn’t it time politicians sought wisdom from above? — Charles Gardner

By Charles Gardner, UK correspondent As I awoke this morning, bleary-eyed, to an alarming end-time scenario, I once more found myself exclaiming with rising exasperation: “The world’s gone mad!” The news that Spain has recognised a Palestinian state looked like a signal for re-igniting the Spanish Inquisition that brought such […]

Christian politician facing third trial for Bible tweet submits defence to Finland’s Supreme Court

Originally published in The Christian Post Finnish Christian parliamentarian Päivi Räsänen submitted her defence to Finland’s Supreme Court after being taken to trial a third time for tweeting a Bible verse half a decade ago in opposition to homosexuality. Räsänen’s defence argues she was within her international rights to express […]

Dutch prophetic leader says blessing Israel is key for future stability in South Africa

God is starting to bring a dividing line between those who bless Israel and those who don’t, said Dutch prophetic leader Arleen Westerhof at a recent meeting in Cape Town. Westerhof, who is co-leader of God’s Embassy Church in Amsterdam, Holland, founder and facilitator of the Netherlands Prophetic Council and […]

Prayer Marathon 4 SA Elections

This innovative election prayer campaign initiated by Dr Hanri De La Harpe offers you an opportunity to sign up for prayer slots, join related WhatsApp groups and view informative blog posts here. You can sign up here: https://praynow.co.za/ and view the introductory video above.#vote