12 000 Christians worship at State Capitol of California

Worshipers in front of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, California on Sunday.

Originally published in GOD TV

Worshippers across the nation have gathered on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, California. Over 12 000 came with hearts united in prayer for America’s breakthrough and witnessed salvations and miracles.

Once again, Sean Feucht has led thousands of Christians into the presence of God, and salvation, healings, and miracles are happening in their midst. The Christian activist has been touring across America raising the banner of Jesus Christ. All the while, actively holding a peaceful protest against the government’s “double standards” towards the Church.

On Sunday afternoon, thousands invaded California’s State Capitol Building. Feucht’s team set up a “monster sound system” to accommodate the crowd. However, the actual number of people that showed up surprised them.

Feucht shared on his social media, “JUST GOT WORD: Official Capitol Hill Police estimate over 12,000 tonight at the capitol building!!! WHAT IS GOD DOING IN AMERICA!?!? ONLY GOD COULD DO THIS!!! ”

In another post, he added, “GOD IS NOT DONE WITH CALIFORNIA.” He further noted that the attendees came from different “denomination, background, ethnicity and tribe”. With the temperature recorded 109 degrees when they started, Sean gushed over the fact that “NO ONE CARED.” They still pushed through with expectant hearts of what God would be doing for the country.

He continued, “Wild worships, salvations, revival and salvations!!! GOD TOLD ME, ‘WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED.”

Revival in California
One attendee shared her experience. “We could hear ‘Raise a hallelujah’ from a few blocks away as we drove up. Even before that, as soon as I got off the freeway on Alhambra entering downtown I started crying.” She continued: “God’s presence hit me and got stronger the closer we got. And while walking towards the capital, tears were streaming and all the heavy burdens lifted off me. It was amazing.”

Although they invited Califonia’s governor, Gavin Newsom, to the event, there were no reports of his appearance.

Furthermore, the gathering stands as an opposition towards the state’s passing of a bill reducing penalties for sexual offenders of “willing children”. Feucht commented, “THIS IS NOT OK. I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS IN MY STATE. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “WILLING” CHILDREN.
Show up Sunday at the capitol steps from 5-8 pm and we are going to make some noise.” He ended, “Time to fight. Time to pray. Time to act.”

abc10.com reported that California’s Senate Republican leader Shannon Grove attended and spoke at the event.

Grove, like Feucht, has been critical of Newsom’s handling of the pandemic. She said the guidelines set for churches were not consistent with policies set for secular organizations in a press release.

“I am extremely disappointed by the Governor’s guidelines for reopening Houses of Worship, especially as today we remember those who bravely sacrificed for our freedoms, including those guaranteed by the First Amendment,” Grove said.

On Monday evening Feucht led a worship rally in Seattle, Washington, despite the city seemingly trying to prevent the event by closing down the park where it was scheduled to happen, reports q13fox.com.

“A sidestreet across from Gas Works Park was packed tightly with people with a singular message, ‘We’re just out here worshipping Jesus,’” said attendee Vlad Kostenko.

In between singing worship songs, Feucht declared the event a prayer protest.

“I think this is kinda turned into a protest because the government will support protests, which are great. I’ve gone to plenty, but then they won’t allow for churches to gather and it’s still so important to communities, because for me, it’s my life,” said attendee Sofia Amador.

The event was originally supposed to take place at Gas Works Park, but ahead of the weekend, the city decided to close the park due to anticipated crowding that could be a health hazard. With it being the only park closed in the entire city, attendees felt it was clearly to prevent the large event.

“They closed that down. They don’t want us in there. They don’t want us to speak on this, they don’t want us to preach, so we’re going to preach no matter what. They can’t do anything about it,” said attendee Brett Saylar.

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