PROPHETIC TESTIMONY: Dove and dream foreshadow revival through praise and worship

A “giant dove” in the clouds over Pretoria, photographed in April 2015 by Danie Marx. The “dove” is one of several signs through which he believes God is calling on Christians to praise and worship Him in preparation for a time of revival

Danie Marx has been hearing God’s voice for a long time and recently, through some divine signposts, he has heard the Lord say it is time for revival to be ushered in through praise and worship.

The first time Danie heard God’s voice was back in 1984 when he was showering after a Northern Transvaal squad rugby practice at Loftus Versveld. He heard a voice saying: “I have got an appointment with you.”

“Who is that?” Danie wondered at the time. And the voice again said: “I have got an appointment with you.”

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Danie’s thoughts went to his girlfriend, Teresa — now his wife of 37 years — who had been urging him to go to church. At the time he did not know about Jesus or the Holy Spirit but he did know there was a God.

So he went to church. It was a Dutch Reformed Church and it was packed. Danie, who was dressed in a suit was the last person to arrive. Eventually he found a seat in the back row. He listened to the dominee (minister) preaching in Afrikaans about Jesus and His love.

Then something miraculous happened. The dominee stopped preaching in the middle of the sermon and said: “There is somebody in this building whose God is sport.”

Danie said the preacher’s words “hit me like a hammer on my forehead because at that time, I was practicing [rugby] seven days out of seven days, three times a day.”

When the sermon ended Danie rushed to the front of the church and said to the Dominee: “This Jesus you were talking about, I want to accept him.”

Danie said: “My life actually started on that day back in February 1984.” He said despite his upbringing, where he had learned that “cowboys don’t cry”, he did a lot of crying over the next two weeks and God radically changed his heart.

Danie went on to work with Campus Crusade for Christ with rugby colleague Pierre Spies, father of modern-era Springbok legend Pierre Spies. Still involved in Christian outreach and serving at The Bridge Church in Pretoria, he said he is “very excited” about what God has recently revealed to him about His plan for revival through praise and worship.

This is his testimony, in his own words, of what God is saying now: “On my way home to Pretoria on the 14th April 2015 on the R50 Delmas road about 5 km before Pretoria, I suddenly saw this huge giant white dove in the clouds before me. It was as if someone lifted my head upwards to see it. I grabbed my cell phone immediately and took a few photos and only thereafter I realised that I had only about 5 to 10 seconds to take the photos, because the dove disappeared so quickly thereafter.

“Since April 2015 until August 2018 I really struggled to figure out why the lord showed me the dove in the clouds. I know the dove, in Bible terms refers to peace, similar to when Noah sent out a dove and the dove returned with an olive branch.  Another example of a dove in the Scripture is when JESUS CHRIST was baptized by John the Baptist, a white dove appeared and confirmed that JESUS CHRIST is the SON of GOD.

A painting of the “dove” in the clouds by Pretoria artist Marlaine Michie. Danie asked Marlaine to paint the dove earlier this year. She pointed out to him that there is a heart shape under the left wing. Danie feels this confirms that the timing is now, for the message about praise, worship and revival

“In August 2018 (3 years later) God gave me a dream where I first saw that the Church globally is empty (remember we only heard about Covid-19 in Dec 2018). And immediately thereafter HE showed me a massive open field with millions of people standing together. The crowd was huge and while looking down on this big crowd I saw a giant eagle landing about 60m to the right of the people. And as the eagle, with its open wings, turned around to face the people, a few thousand started to run to the eagle immediately. When they reached the eagle and came under the eagle’s wings, worries, sorrows, concerns and fear immediately disappeared and a great peace came upon them, which was visible on their faces.

“These people turned around and started to call in the other people in this crowd of millions of people. There was a second group who was hesitant to run. I saw them run and stop. While the first group started to call them in, they started to run and when they reached the wings of the eagle, exactly the same happened to them as the first group; worries, sorrows, concerns and fear immediately disappeared and a great peace came upon them. The eagle represents JESUS CHRIST!

“I was asking the LORD: ‘JESUS, who are these groups of people?’ HE answered me and said: ‘My son, it is My children! The first group is my children who have a spirit of discernment, because they recognised Me immediately and the second group is also My children, who do not have a spirit of discernment.’

“I immediately asked the LORD: ‘Why are they only a few thousand, and the LORD said: ‘Narrow is the road,’ to me and repeated it three times. I was so shocked, because I thought many more will be saved. I then looked back to the remaining millions of people and saw them freeze, because they couldn’t move. I asked the LORD who they were and He answered, they represent the world. I asked Him again: ‘Why are they so fearful?’ and He said: ‘They are the ones who are cold for the Gospel.’And then there was a long moment of silence.

I then asked the LORD: ‘How are we going to get these people in the Kingdom?’ He said: ‘My son, the same way as King Jehoshaphat received his victory over his enemies, by praising and worshipping me, by praising and worshipping Me.’ The LORD JESUS repeated it 7 times. Then I saw the churches started to get fuller and fuller and they started to praise and worship the LORD continuously for hours. The praise and worship became longer and longer every Sunday. Then I saw miracles, signs and wonders and even dead people come alive during the praise and worship. Then suddenly I saw some of these millions of people that were frozen up, starting to run to the Churches and they fell down before the LORD and started to repent. I was so surprised, but I was so very excited.

“Just before I woke up, I heard the voice of the LORD say: ‘Wait until I speak to you again, then go and tell the Churches about what you saw and heard!!!’ That is exactly what I am busy with now. I know now that we are in the very beginning of a spiritual awakening and only thereafter will come the biggest REVIVAL!!! This revival will quickly spread across South Africa and then abroad!!!  HALELUJA PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

“When will this revival will break out, I don’t know. GOD didn’t tell me when, but He said to me, it is time to go out. It is very dangerous to speculate with dates and years, but in my spirit it could be within the next 3 to 4 years that this revival will break out in Pretoria. The most important for me is to stay obedient and sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT.

Danie, dressed in white and carrying a red cross

“What I am currently doing, is walking with a red cross dressed in a white overall all around Pretoria every second Sunday morning to make the people aware that they should run back to JESUS and go back to Church. The red cross symbolises that JESUS CHRIST paid the full price for our sins and the white overall is because He has washed us whiter than snow and there is no condemnation for those who are in JESUS CHRIST. I pray over Pretoria the name and the blood of JESUS CHRIST, to hijack and arrest the people of the City of Pretoria for the extension of His Kingdom. 

“Please remember one thing: It is all about JESUS CHRIST and the extension of His Kingdom and not about us, we are just the vessels and instruments.”

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