A creative army is being raised up — Kate Fitz-Gibbon

A call for you to rise up into a new way of being and living with God.

Divine connections.

Hello Beautiful Humans,

Last month I put out an article inviting creatives, entrepreneurs and big dreamers to get in touch for a creative hub being hosted in March.

Since then two hubs have been hosted in Joburg, and God is really on the move.

I’m going to feedback to you on what happened at them, and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to read the last article, let this be your invitation into what God is doing.

Electric conversations.

A little recap – the creative hub is a space to discuss your God dream, find like-minded kingdom thinkers and real collaborations. It’s people coming together to find how the dream God has given them is a piece of the puzzle of what He is doing on a grander scale.

At the same time, we are hoping to build a dynamic series of God initiatives that will put the creativity, innovation and dreams on display for His fame.

Right now, you may be sitting with a God-sized dream and wondering how on earth you are going to accomplish everything you are meant to accomplish? That dream was most likely never meant to be fulfilled alone, and that’s why it’s bigger than you. What we discovered as groups of people sat around tables and discussed what God has placed on their heart, is that there are common threads in the various dreams people have, and that one dream compliments another beautifully.

Like-minded kingdom people.

Now, I know what you are thinking – “I have tried and tried so many times to launch but nothing ever happened. What makes this different?” One simple answer. The timing of God.

Before now there were realms that were not open to us. If we had of tried to do this a year ago, I really don’t think it would have worked. In fact, I tried various ways to connect people and it kind of fell flat until now. This time though, something real has started, and it’s only the beginning.

There were a couple of key things that happened at the two groups that made it very cool:

1. People felt like they had entered a heavenly atmosphere of possibility
2. God exceeded their expectations
3. Dreams were spoken into, enlarged, revived and fired up
4. Friendships and kingdom connections were made
5. Hope was restored, and healing came from disappointment
6. There were crazy levels of excitement seeing how all the dreams weaved together
7. Collaborations became a reality

Moments with God.

Going forward I am looking for the following people to contact me:
Clothing Designers/Brands + Pattern Makers
Musicians, singers and Music Producers
Chefs and those with Culinary flair
Social Media marketers and people in PR
Graphic Designers
Videographers and Photographers
Jewellery/accessories designers
Technology Designers
Hair Stylists
Make Up Artists

If you are one of the above, or any other kind of creative or entrepreneur, or you know someone who is, please do get in touch.

Looking forward to hearing about what God has placed on your heart.

Love Kate

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