A letter to future SA Cabinet on eve of inauguration — Marian Fitz-Gibbon

This message comes to you amidst the flurry and rush of protocol just before inauguration — the letters from security, drivers, designers, hairstylists, make-up artists, nail technicians, speech writers — if you’re the Speaker of the House, or contacts with the press. Then there are the notes of congratulations from family and friends, colleagues and opposition parties, contacts with embassies and so the list goes on. There’s probably even a clamouring from those who want to sponsor something just to get their names next to yours.

In the last few weeks, we, as the prophetic voice of South Africa have been thinking of you, praying a lot for you, wondering who you would be, what position you would occupy in the Cabinet. Who would pick you, would it be Mmusi Maimane or President Cyril Ramaphosa? Well, the count is in and the people, so they say, have spoken.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa and his advisors have met with you over the past weeks and like it was at school or college or varsity you waited with bated breath — “Will I be chosen?”

I’m sure you remember the tales that a man or a woman is weighed on the scales of life when it comes to high leadership positions! And now your time has come. We are confident that you will stop and pray, knowing that God Almighty has placed you in this position to carry out your offices for our beloved people with integrity and honesty that will make every citizen proud to be truly South African.

Transformation in this nation is impossible without the help and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord and King.

May you flourish with wisdom, may you have great favour with nations, and may you increase and multiply in everything you do, so help you God.

Consider reading Isaiah 54 as an encouraging prophetic insight for the days that are ahead.

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