After fears, Carman tells fans he’s cancer free

carmanOriginally published in CBN News

Christian musician Carman Domenic Licciardello, known to fans simply as Carman, says he’s cancer free.

He shared the news recently on his Facebook page, telling friends and fans that it appears the rare form of cancer he was diagnosed with last year, Multiple Myeloma, is now gone.

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“They took tests [and there will be more] P.E.T., MRI, bone biopsies, etc., and could find NO trace of cancer. That’s amazing,” he said in his Feb. 7 post. “We’re talking about drilling into your bone to search for a cancer cell and coming up empty. And I can feel the difference too.

Caman also thanked his fans for their support and prayers.

“You all have been the best friends, brothers, sisters and prayer warriors I could ever hope for in this life,” he wrote.

Carman announced his diagnosis early in 2013. Late last month, a bout with sickness prompted him to post that he was “really worried” about his health.

In his latest update, the singer said he is still healing but will be working on the release of his new album and an upcoming tour, “Live Across America.”

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